Jewish Paganist Ritualism Subversion.

The Jews as a Body Politic practice a compendium of versions of religious philosophies that need to do one thing, which is why Judaism of itself is always active. Jews, through Judaism need to cover evil, that is their main aim in their religion, which is a religion of deflection through lies. They are very good at it and they work, and need to work endlessly at it to reap the rewards they do.

Those rewards are things such as organ harvesting, blood transfusions from children, sex trafficking, drug running, porno movies, realty blockbusting and God only knows what more, traffic charges, court fines, everything you can think of goes through the Jewish banking systems. Then of course there are the endless supply of signs used as monickers for their establishments.

The questions of how and why  they do what they do are somewhat irrelevant in that they will simply morph again to whatever successful formula they can now use to cry me an industry. Forever the victim, the guilt will be amped up, this is the deflecting tactic. Why are Jews so saintly in their justifying of themselves to feed their chutzpah? Basically Jews have no concept of conscience, therefore our perceptions as “Jews are just basically White people with a different religion kind of like ours” is a most enlightened view in as much as being a sarcastic statement.

So whereas the Roman deitic system, which had sprang from the Greek deitic system, and was polytheist, as was the Norse versions of the same. I say the same, because we’re only looking at one truth here. We think in ways of living off of the land, whereas the Jews think in ways of living off of the people. Their whole race is based around the concept of manipulating all of the worlds societies for their own gains regardless of what consequences occur, which is why they have their fingers in so many pies all at one time.

So, back to truths, what truths are for us, in wanting one thing and focusing on that, and always being pointed to focus on those things. Stupidly without looking up at who is behind the push to get us focusing on the unobtainable, at least unobtainable by being free from Jewish manipulating and controlling. The problem with the Jewish training that we’ve received is that it merely often let’s us only think one dimensionally, and to open our minds can cut us off from the mass psychology momentums of the masses. This horrible fact causes one then to be outcast, depressed, feeling not needed and redundant, what an attack on the human psyche that is.

As for the Romans accepting the new monotheistic religion of Christ, I think that it was explained to them in much better ways than the Jews have been explaining to us. In fact I know so, and the deciphering of the Holy bible has been smeared by Jewry since even before Christ. As John the Baptist said before he his head was lopped off, there had been many prophets before him. Well, what is not Christianity have they been preaching? Well, whatever it was the Jews sure as hell didn’t like it, and I think just that one key brings then together the whole of Christianity in that it is not so much a Judeo-Christian movement but, and here’s the perfect Jew deflection uncovered, it is Anti-Judaic Christianity.

I was taught Latin at school, and Jews are mad for words and letters, etc, because they are sigils or runes, including commas, hyphons, semi colons etc, they mean something. Symbols have a direct line straight into the subconscious mind, and that is where the hardwiring of our DNA is. The Jews have long ago unlocked that, and it’s our jobs now to cleanse it from Jewish induced neurosis and to protect it, or we’ll also end up crucified with a crown of thorns in our heads.


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