How Blogging unhooks Jewish Brainwashing.

Apart from reading through a good article, or watching a good video and even hearing a good podcast. We can be sure that as we receive so we can give, though when giving we raise our vibrational quality, if I can call it that, resonance, thought processing, however you want to call it. We shift paradigms, perhaps is a catch all phrase to sound out what has to be said.

What does to shift paradigms mean? In simple terms, and instead of thinking deeply, which is Jewish Brainwashing, I advocate and highly recommend thinking clearly and simply. It saves so much time, makes you feel lighter, allows you to “paradigm shift”, alter thought process, which overall is called learning. By doing these things, reading, listening, watching, we are putting the parts of the brain that do these things in motion. They are separate areas to where Jewish Brainwashing takes us, and the Jews know it.

Anything that causes doubt, hesitating, injury, harm or loss, either to ourselves or others is Jewish Brainwashing, and non accumulative positive thinking that we are all well capable of. We want something nice, we can acheive it, by being focused and clear. Concentrating on doing what we wish for. Unwravelling from where our thoughts came, because as even the Greek philosophers said, “All thought is second hand. All thoughts have been thought.! I’m sure when you quickly estimate that saying you can see the simplicity of nature.

Nature is basically a place of paradox, up, down, right left, in, out etc. The Jews have inverted so much that people’s heads now are upside down, wrong way round, inside out and back to front, and the people think they thought of this themselves. For so many of us who work at making the enormity of the Jewish intangible stranglehold on governmental controls and ergo our lives, more digestable, we seek common ground. We know every senses something is wrong, there is unwanted and unwarranted distress everywhere these days, and there will be a Jew behind the scenes in the mix every time. this is how Mossad works. As Roosevelt said “Nothing in government happens by accident, everything is planned to the last detail and we always get what we pay for.” He should know, he set Mossad up with Stalin, Churchill and David Ben-Gurrion. He was the then leader of the Stern Gang, who in turn became the Irgun and now Likud, the ruling party of Israel.

So, to sum up here, there are multi-levels of learning about Jews and how they kick our society around the place like a football. We certainly are far from powerless, we actually have great power, as the saying goes, “It only takes a spark to burn down the forest.”

I think I will just add that this culture of blogging while Truth seeking is something that has been born out of finding out more than anyone was supposed to know. then the internet came and gave people communicating means, and those communications have developed into many, many forms that easily transcend language barriers, and thank God for that. Hail Victory!

I wish to dedicate this article to a friends mum who unfortunately passed away just today. She was a dear lady, one who is very bright and intuitive, brought up some great kids and hopefully now is going to a better place, bless her. Bless YOU Mo. Good Night.


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