460 Boer Squatter Camps in South Africa, and growing.

The fall of South African “Apartheid” was actually the substitution of common sense politics to Communism, that age old failure. Now, as with children of Japan who ask of China that no blame be laid on them for the “Rape of Nanking”, as they weren’t even born at that time. In turn this makes now the South African treatment of the Boers of South Africa Racial Discrimination in it’s crudest form, and that of hate against children.

Why would a government, and its people, find fault in children, other than what is blatantly obvious in respect to South Africa? It has echoes now of how Germans, Irish, Americans of the South, I would say China, but they killed all their Anti-Communists, but I will also say Ukraine too though. I was living in Spain last year, where it is basically forbidden to mention now Franco and the Franco regime, even though it was that regime that created a Spain where (((Everyone))) flocked to for holidaying and loved it. In Italy I experienced similar about Mussolini, France had their Vichy nationalist government, Norway had their leader Quisling and everything about these histories is toxic to the “Modernist” governemts of today, and man isn’t that telling.

Don’t even think about having a contradictory opinion, and certainly if you’re born post all of the things that are toxic to the Jewish governmental template narrative around the world currently, woe be tide you. Of course our benevolent goyvernments will never bestow on us any problems that can be fixed, as they’re already busy getting us to pay for things not necessary and never voted for. I’m sure, as with the Black children of South Africa, the Boer children were certainly never given the option to vote, right?

What this boils down to is a contrast in views in relation to Israel and Palestine, where when one State overlaps another then it’s fine, but for anyone else it’s not fine. One of the hush, hush things about South Africa is the migrating of Blacks to “Apartheid” South Africa, because Blacks wanted to be there and that situation got utilised by the Communists. The world over every non Communist government is used as a mechanism to get their man in, in this case Mandela, who is responsible for many, many thousands of deaths now. The gravity of the situation is too much now, it’s precarious at best. As was done before, the world must make greater efforts to highlight the new problems in South Africa and bring remedies so that all children may have fair and safe lives, as shall all children of the world.

Isn’t it just fitting that we can all see the needs of much work to be done, yet we’re largely powerless to help, as we perceive it, yet from small acorns great oaks do grow. “Poco a poco, dia a dia” Spanish proverb – Little by little, day by day is the interpretation, but in that saying it also alludes that it must be done, so whatever little thing you can do, please, please do it. It could be just a simple thing as send an email of this article to a friend, post it on facebook, send to your governmental representative, local and national. Talk about it to workmates, bring it up as a thing, a topic, a bit of important information that can bring positive change, if not openly apparent at least leading to something. If nothing else say a prayer or send kind thoughts. However it is that you self reflect and change the vibrational qualities in your safe space. I’m sure the children of the world deserve it, I’m sure they need it and I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Here’s a site I’ve just came across today, I can’t verify it as yet, but in the hope that it is a good charity I pass it on. http://safrpsa.org/


April, 2017: South Africa prepares for disaster – Link.


  1. What about jobs? I have little houses with shared bathroom for groom gardener and cleaning lady.
    A lot of people are looking for good reliable cleaning ladies at least. Or gardeners?

  2. Hahaha. 460 squatter camps makes you make so much noise when we have countless of black people living in such conditions. The current South Africa is not a minority white supremacy state. It takes care of all. So if there are squatter camps expect to see all races as per the country`s demographics being affected. The problem is common. Its for all South Africans to find a solution not just for white people but for all affected people. I cant believe you can be such a racist and leave the countless people of color living in squatter camps. You so disgusting.

    1. You are your own contradiction. You say there are more Blacks in camps and the government cares for all. I can’t believe you are so racist that you hate Blacks and Whites to this degree. I hope you learn fast and soon have something worthwhile to say here.

    2. I am also sure if any man worth his humanity, will take action, as I have done for the last 42 years of my life… so SIR, do not talk about it, leave the DSTV and pizzas and your lazyboy… and go out there and help …. however… the choise remains yours. .if it is B or W …. but yes.. I presume B is your choise….mine all the years was NON biased! So yes …. chew on your own sharp tongue… clearly biased you are.. so to nip the edge …. I will keep helping B and W … even if it your brothers child and him being too busy to stesal or rape… see? Who knows …. it may be your forgotten child at a previous woman… … there is idiots like me that keeps giving…. so please check your own green acres …. and GIVE …. before critisizing … as critisizing is a act of weakness to DO!

    3. At least the whites are concerned about the whites in squatter camps while yoir black government and the eff promotes and grab land to build squattercamps. What does that say to you mr Racist? Yoir own feel absolutely nothing for you.

    4. Go talk to your oldest members in the community… Ask them how they feel about life today compared to when they were younger… Ask what they had in life, food, safety etc back then to now…

      Go educate yourself with the wisdom of people who actually lived through it all.
      You can not always blame other people who weren’t even born when bad things were happening.

      Also do me a favor and stop using racism ALL the time. Seriously… it is called a hard road to repair things that are broken. Using racism as a crutch just shows that you have no interest in truly changing SA for the better.
      You ask for a hand but when it comes to help you take a whole arm instead…

    5. Bongani the fact of the matter is B squatter camps get help from the government the w squatter camps don’t ,we all know there is B squatter camps and a lot of them everyone is in need of help ,you are the one bringing race into the conversation ,when i see a child suffering i don’t see colour I see a child ,and there are children dying of malnutrition they are starving sir,no money for medicine no help from anyone only a handful of people try to contribute but it’s not enough so please ,we should contribute help to everyone ,not just some camps but all !! Have some compassion,some humanity !

    6. The reason is there is more blacks living in squatter camps is that the people are having children without taking into consideration the high population count and unemployment, but of the perception the more children the more they can claim from Government grants. If the population just stopped breeding and accept that the maximum of two children is an acceptable norm, maybe unemployment, poverty, education and housing can be reviewed, and the NATION can all look to a brighter future.

    7. How many white females has children with how many men compared to blacks. Blacks don’t have a family . They have children everywhere with everyone, why do you think you are such a big majority ,and then just to top it of, they normally don’t have the money to support the kids and thus the children on streets pursuing anything and everything to be free. You wake up and stop having children just so the government can pay you per “unit”. Otherwise they grow up just as ignorant and underdeveloped as you. Most of us only have 2 or 3 children or atleast the amount that we can take care of or afford!

  3. This is what the Jews and their New World Order want for white people. They dont want whites to be in the position to oppose them and the ANC when the ANC willingly submits to the new world order.

    1. Interesting take. Feasible I suppose that someone is in charge of the direction that this ship called Humanity is taking. I’m more of a chaos theory type guy…

  4. What I would like to know is, where were the blacks when government was formed in early Union of South Africa? Strangely, it was not the Boers that started the so called apartheid (seperate developement), but the British. The boers were just man enough to fight them. Where were the blacks when the British stole the diamond fields, the gold fields and the rest of Southern Africa? I do not see any name of a black architect of any building pre 1994. No mine was sunk, no dam was build, no whatever you want to name, was financed by a black in this country. They took what given to them by the National Party and even destroyed that……………the country. The leader of the National Party even became one of them!!

  5. We at SAFRP do allot of work in the camps and we would love to invite you to come and spend a few days with us and go out to the camps with us. Please visit our facebook page South African Family Relief Project and like the page you wil get regular updates on our projects.

  6. You are so right Joel.Suddenly whites pretend they did not know.Because it’s much easier to look the other way.To hide behind their”dop and chop” over weekends.

  7. How on earth can you still have a baby if you don’t have money and live in a squatter camp. But all that they are thinking is how to make babies. what future does the children have if they only thinking of their own pleasure. Does these people not know about birth control and use condoms.?????

  8. nice seeing people fighting for things to be free or given to them by their ancestors.. and being who we are…gives it away in 110% working condition or better. Then going back within months and seeing total gaos and distruction..why fight for something you don’t even care about.

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