National Socialist Economics.

Unlike the toxic steroid bubble throttling and strangling us currently, National Socialist Economics are a simple model to follow. First is to get to grass roots and that involves logistics, or tick boxes. So, the need for management comes to the fore and the need for experienced men meets that requirement. Simple.

With stay at home mother’s who can, as has always been the case, enjoy the life together with the nursery of the community. Community Centres can handle these nurseries as an easy function during the morning times, when the men work in production of things of value. The things of value currently we easily have, but, the current economic system is one that is based on insurance premiums. Where insurance brokers and traders look to sell to the highest bidder by making promises of having the greatest returns.

These false promises force artificial pressure on industry and the returns, whatever the amount, are never enough. It is part of the competitive mind, the Rat Race, the liberalising of national commerce as a political thing affecting all. This is the Communist/Capitalist model, where the two opposing forces juxtapose themselves by creating super wealth for some on the one side, and super wealth for some on the other side. These happen with just two grand illusions reaching the workers and the proletariat. On the Capitalist side is the illusion of Private enterprise and the illusion on the Communist side is all possessions belong to the State.

Working with agriculture is a simple thing, there are thousands of years experience in successful farming methods to draw upon. The Egyptians made a paradise out of what was a desert. Europe was full of forests as was Africa and South America. It is simply a matter of water redistribution for feeding purposes, where most often the larger rivers would be drawn from and the silt can also act as brilliant fertilisers. The cow was the more common beast, along with the horse or oxen to walk in the circles to pump the water onto long water chutes that can run for hundreds of miles as water will always find it’s own level.

Personally I cannot see a problem using animals as literally unlimited sources of power generation, as has been the case way back past the known origins of times. Obviously man power is a trick, and a healthy workforce is a happy workforce, and food with good storage is key. I lived in the forest in Sweden for one year in 1991/2 and there I met many, many people who did the same as we have always done, and it is beautiful. It is so silent, and the resulting food creations are always delicious and wholesome to eat.  No smog, no exhaust fumes, no noise, perfect luxury only. No pressure to make things as the larders are always full, because the importance is laid on food, warmth and shelter with clothing and enjoying all the natural luxuries, such as dear roaming nearby, birds twittering their beautiful songs to each other, never a bother.

The T.V. has been something that is now outdated and beyond it’s usefulness in this specific instant in time. This time right now appears to be the very start of the tipping point to National Socialism and the healthy wholesome goodness that it easily makes, and money, ha, not needed, just love, simply love!


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