Why Zio-Marxism?

I am sure the vast majority of normal people in their hearts really wish not for this Zio-Marxist plague that has blighted the political sphere since at least World War 2, and certainly for the modern generations it’s a fact. People wish no longer to be bullied into submission and made criminals for the most ridiculous things while the actual criminal psychos run the shop and are looting it without fear of reprisal because the whole safety mechanism of the society has also fallen prey to them.

Why would an actual normal person want a bunch of sociopathic morons running their finances, running their schools for their children, running the hospitals, transport, banking, the whole scenario is just a complete Jewish joke based on the spilling of blood and causing as much misery and suffering as is possible for shekels. What does the ballot box offer in the first instance even before we get to the nominees? Secrecy, why would people want to be (((secretive))) over the vote they make? It doesn’t make any sense. Unless of course they’re ashamed to put their name to it, and looking at the 2 shades of grey they offer, they aren’t exactly the most appealing options by any standards. In fact they’re toxic options, bona fide.

None of them are talking about National Service for our children to have a well disciplined and healthy start to their working lives, but they teach 7th Graders how to put condoms on dildos for sodomy. Where exactly is this going, because it hardly seems like the space conquering future that say President Kennedy was talking of. Did the dreams, passions and needs of the people die along with him when he was robbed of his turn. Is bullying the way of the world now? Is this the future we demand from our leaders? Africa has a now booming population and is set to rival Asia for the people it will hold, but hold on a minute, aren’t they all coming to our countries now, with the skeleton key visa “Allua Akhbar”. I know the taxis seems to take them on as efficient workers, that’s good isn’t it, give them vehicles, radio communications, money and gps, and that’s no way a military operation?

I walk around the streets and see the need for many repairs, but the jobs we won’t do, we’re doing, and the jobs we don’t need, ie taxis, because the public transport is basically in the toilet and the prices now match a taxi so it’s mose cost effective to get taxis. Who’s running the eco-no-mony again? Oh, the Zio-Marxist Communist Jews and their mad, mad lackies who need to get some smarts and savvy up to the illusions they’ve been sold and stand up to some home truths here. Houston we actually (((DO))) have a problem.


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