Nationalism remedies Internationalism

The kept in the dark Zio-Marxists, who psychologically wander around in their own head space as to why nothing gets done, inevitably will fall into new paradigms when all of the Zio-Marxist ones have been fully explored and rendered useless due to exhaustion. Of course, this exhaustion is by design so that the faith people have in politics, something to hold onto dear life for, fails the people at every turn. It’s like comparing to Zio-Marxists why their Communism isn’t working, as explaining to a child why their balloon blew away in the wind. One has to keep a tight hold and then the thing won’t be blown away forever.


As Big Mac says there, why should he be the only one drug-free, when the politicians are on some kind of crack that defies gravity. I mean it must, because all their heads are in the air all of the times, and the arrogance they flaunt is that of a newly introduced chicken to the coup. True, new chickens may have gotten away with new tricks over and over, but that was before the internet, when everything wasn’t transparent, like this. It’s like, even a balloon understands nature, as Newton exclaimed, what goes up, must come down. I think Politicians forget much of what is remembered by the workers of the nation, in that the worker’s can soon become good accountants, auditors, lawyers, police, judges, juries and executioners. Let us not dilly dally over such things as the mental states or capacities of politicians for too long though, as there is much public ridiculing to be catching up with. There is much Zio-Marxism to re-interpret back from the dialectics that have been set-up as word traps to nudge the gullible goys on their little kosher conveyor belts of doom, and all without means to question due to lack of free speech.

This Zio-Marxist subversive plot to silence the goy while cashing in on zillions and zillions of endless monies to fund such lavish lifestyles that only those prepared to kill for it are allowed to profit from. While at everyone else’s expenses is becoming boring by anyone’s standards. What gives with all the contradictory hypocriticisms  that simply embellish the news and current affiars, such as homosexual priests preaching the gospels, married men, to each other saying they’re doing no harm by walking hand in hand together. Well, why do it, if it’s not such a big deal to do it, why not do it, is it everyone else’s fault that you’re mentally deranged or Jewish?

For instance, the Zio-Marxists are really in a conundrum here, both the Zio-Marxists (Lenins) who are among those who created it and the Zio-Marxists (Lemmings) who follow it. Here again at this link, we see crazy, crazy politics. How long they think they will be getting away with it is longer than the rope they’ll be dangling from, for sure.  Are people certain what Zio-Marxist Communism is? Do they really have enough conviction in their knowledge of what it is, what it may be and what it very definitely is not? Or may be it is, who actually knows what the Perestroika Deception can entail for Zio-Marxist leaders and followers alike and their alleged sworn enemies, the Nationalists, who actually appear when all is done and dusted to be the very ones who give a hoot about how their nation may fare. I’m very much one who believes in measuring a thing by its contrasting, and/or relative value. I like studying permutations and venturing on speculative thoughts in imaginary scenarios to deal with may or may not be at hand, but at least it’s good to dip a toe in to get a feel for how the currents are running.

When faced with just two options, slow death or quick death being one of those options, and bugger everyone along the way, or the opportunity to craft, carve and sculpt your own utopia based on sound principals that meet the needs of people like you and the same needs for people not like you, but for them in their own ways in their own countries, by their own people. Surely only by actually participating with people on the ground who are hands on, luddites, can actual progress be made. All of this dilly dallying between administrators of Nations that sit on the top in their Internationalist Ivoy Towers, the real Zio-Marxists, is nothing but logical fallacies and non sequitirs. At the end of a working day we want to see some production, otherwise what is the point?



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