Blind, Deaf and Silent Culture.

Our National and International infrastructures, be it, medical charities, military treaties, trade agreements in commerce, tourism, immigration promotion or however, they are manifestations of our will and lack of it in certain instances. It’s these instances of a lack of a will that have been prized open, generally long before we were born, and that legacy, sold to us as our original untainted legacy, which is being manipulated like a halron collider.

When cultures are bred from fear and deception then nothing is safe or sacred. There is no religion, no spirituality, no growth for a community to enjoy as a single body, with single aims moving towards single goals with simple outcomes in mind. The place turns into East Germany, U.S.S.R., Feudal Japan, and who wants these cultures of Anti-Enlightenment other than the sick twisted psychotic sociopathic lunatics who are managing very successfully to raise their flag for all to see.

Britain, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries, mediteranean countries, America, Australia, New Zealand and other nations of European stock around the world have always stood forthright and firm in their convictions to what is Right and Just, haven’t they?

Is this Blind, Deaf and Silent Culture warranted when forced on us by a group of Jewish monkeys who want nothing more than to rob us while hoodwinking the lots of us? Most of us are caught up in the momentum of the economies, and how cohenvenient that is for the Slave Masters of Jews and their lackies who wish us not, or even if we do realise what they’re up, so what? This chutzpah attitude is gonna get them such a whipping that even those with the utmost sympathy for them, them being Jews, currently will soon be chasing them down the street with a birch whip for their Jewish arses.

As Jewish Zio-Marxist Bolshevik Communism marches on all over the people and their will, so the people will rise to tear their chutzpah down. with such convictions that they won’t know what chutzpah ever meant, and they’ll be sorry and sore they ever used it here in our lands, on our people. They all think they’re so great and so safe while the money they print holds value in the minds of men, even though it is all based on illusion and the promises of young sex trafficked prostitutes and heroin or cocaine, or both.

If you’re really niave enough to think the chutzpah hasn’t reached the ballot box, the childrens classrooms, the council and parliamentary halls of power, then you need to reassess as to why exactly you, a citizen, are cramped, clamped and left bound by invisibilities that stem from political correctness that were long before designed to ram your tongue down your throat, and leave you apologising for having it. It’s a take over of the nature that is being proliferated here, where people are growing up thinking food grows on supermarket shelves and money tokens are how they ripen for picking.

The heirarchy whose job it has been to find ways to protect the serfs in our quasi-semi-feudal states of now, where they were feudal before, and left people much time for dancing, singing, drinking and merriment. Those times are sold to us as (((Ancient))), (((Outdated))), (((Antiquated))), (((Old-fashioned))) etc, etc, anything to make us think that they are not resurrectable, which is also another message of Christianity, no matter the crucifiction, the Son of God, the metaphor for nature in this very instance here, by if nothing more than my own interpretation, send me to the Gulag for having a voice here. This natural phenomena is limited to us actually being here, and maybe, just maybe, we don’t have the luck of Jesus and can’t resurrect ourselves out of the caves, then our only chances to saving our own kind waver in the wind like a butterfly clinging to a leaf in a raging storm. Only the artful can survive it, and to be artful takes dedication, knowledge, commitment, trust and loyalties to causes that wish for the betterment of society.

As God left us with Free Will, so we can actually exercise it for together our voices can move mountains, create dreams in reality, sing soft lullabies to babies whilst they sleep, we are infinite in these regards and the past holds the keys to our futures, but the Jews, currently the Jews hold those keys!

Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil


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