Tilting the Demography with a Taint.

The actual population of my hometown, the City of Liverpool and surrounding Counties, is predominantly White. With at least a 98% or higher pure White Celtic/Anglo-Saxon. Yet the sports teams, T.V. (Electronic Talmud) Radio, Movies, local press, advertising on billboards and inside shops such as Asda (Walmart), owned by the Communists, Lidl, apparently German, JD and almost every conceivable place. For example I was in the Courts in Vernon Street in Liverpool here, there is one African mixed race security guard and as far as I know just one real African, though he be Jamaican, “Judge” and a token Pakistani/Indian “Judge” also, who just happens to sit in Court 26 which is the Court of the County Palatine which is the Palatine of Lancaster “belonging” to Jew Prince Charles. Yet the posters on the wall, ALL, the posters on the wall had African mixed race with a pen in their hand, or opening a door, or dressed as a judge, and every White was a helpless sideshow lackey. And all the “Judges” Jewish or Freemasons, as ran by Jews.


As Jews are the landless wandering Jews from Nowhere and have their only allegiances to their own people, and solely to their own people, despite what they say. They can carry dual passports for whichever country they’re ruining and by virtue of blood, and conversion to Judaism. They can secure second passports from Israel, once proven to be a Jew. Jews are basically not only as chameleons, but also as two faced chameleons and they love to flaunt that uniqueness by bringing their hordes with them. Currently the hordes of choice are of three distinct groups, but are different in different countries that they are destroying at the moment. The LGBTQI and ISIS, together with Africans set to swarm the nations and have been swarming the nations, except nations that have not European origins, China, Japan, North Korea, though South Korea is somewhat blighted by the multi-culti a-bomb-in-nation.


The overwhelming conspiracy of the forming of ISIS appears to go back to the invasions of the Soviets into Afghanistan, where victory was never a goal, though that is the obvious perception of any who would view it. War in Asia is thousands of years old and is not something that is akin to Football matches or other competitive sports where an outright winner is proclaimed at the end. Far from it. The idea is to damage, injure, main, steal, rob and take as much as you can by inflicting with as much potency as possible to cripple the future by weakening the infrastructure.to the point where it needs help. It’s basic trickery and illusion, and what better veil to hide behind when ambushing combatively, and even where possible come away the apparent loser, even though the benefits you struck by invading far, far outweigh the apparent loss.


Obviously anyone’s mind wouldn’t be so devious, and all the while people of Europe and people from Europe have been working extremely hard to fulfill their dreams on the earth, because they can. And those ongoing dreams were always to be left as legacies to the offspring who for many, many generations the lines have been bred for their inheritances, until modernism.Modernism, Communism, Trotskyism, Bolshevism, Menshavism, Marxism, Zionism, someone’s been very, very busy for a long, long time plotting and scheming, haven’t they, I wonder who that could be?


What they’re doing is not only broadcasting their diatribe over the airwaves, which they’ve long monopolised, and it’s another Shoah when anyone dare to try to knock that despotic rule. As much as Hollywood produces, so the rest of the entertainment world is for the sole engoyment of the Jew. The Jew lavishes in his glories and slams down on any rhetoric that manages to appear within their Jewosphere. All this, from a wholly psychological view point is that they are suffering from the worst kind of narcissistic megalomaniac insecurity, and they’re not ignorant of that, hence the religion of lies, deception, deflecting and pushing blame on other by all dolphin screaming necessary. Channels that may not be open to other groups of society. #StopWhiteGenocide.


So, with the main bulk of people thinking that Jews are basically White People with a different religion, they basically get latched onto because of being part of the demography, when by their own call they are a race, a religion, a political group, a social network, a dance if need be, as long as there’s a goy being duped for a shekel that works, and the Talmud backs up those claims, whatever they maybe. It’s like an arsenal of pre-emptives aimed and triggered. Are people noticing why Jews favour the jobs they favour yet? Did you see one with a spade in their hand? Working for someone else? The hammer and sickle isn’t what people think that it’s for in the hands of Jews.In fact practically everything in the hands of Jews is held with ulterior motives that the Jews train themselves on knowing. 28_Jews_Gays_Unite-300x231

Look at the people who have exposed Jews and Communists to the highest levels post World War, President Nixon, Joe McCarthy, Tyson Fury, Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson, someone must be onto something above and beyond the paradigms of the average Joe on the street going about their daily lives. The Jewish ambushers don’t want you to know that they’re lining you up like a sitting duck, where’s the fun in that? It’s much better for them to follow the tenet of Sun Tsu’s Art of War and have already won the battles before entering. Appearing weak when strong, appearing strong when weak. The art of deception in psychological warfare and propagandising is where Jews find fun, and all to protect their shekeling ways that have crept in from every angle to squeeze the public purse in ways we neither know or understand, but they teach them to their children in Yiddish.


What’s worse is that while we fester at home the Jews are busy organising, plotting, mobilising and printing their phoney money to overcome us, the hosts to whom they are by somehow apparent guests of honours in our societies, well I for one didn’t get that memo! Did you? What did it say, P.S. Capitalism is Communism? What is Communism without Crapitalism anyhow? who’s running this show here, wasn’t Capitalism supposed to be maintained within a democracy where the majority decide on what’s best, and those not wanting to benefit can carry on as they were?

As I say to my friends, to capitalise on things is fine, but to subvertly capitalise on people and thier lives with a view to genociding their races out of existence, then someone needs to put the foot on the brake, right? I mean the momentum of the bona fide rat race fed by the psychological and sublimminal triggers, where mostly people who do get over that stuff are much the better for it, hint, hint, but don’t let me lose your head for you over that headache.


Well, I guess as the apparent majority in the countries shows the small mindedness of those who can’t see above the parapet and may or not, fear the saying if you pop your head over it, it will be knocked off, but that’s showbiz folks, and there’s no biz like the Shoah biz. There’s definitely rises in what the Jews like to class as Anti-Semitism, and they’re the cause of it. It’s not our fault we don’t understand their religiousity is it? Or am I missing something? Seems to me that putting the head in the Lions mouth suddenly becomes more than just a circus show, even though the politics of the moment is that circus.




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