Congo’s Benevolent Jew.

I’m sure the UN, Angela Merkel and God only knows who else must have failed to get the memo on this one, it’s a run away train. This is a great example how Jews operate, or in this case just one.
(((Oy Vey!!!)))
Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler

Jewish Charities: UK Government audit decisions after investigation.

Here is a list of Jewish Charities that have been investigated for (((discrepancies in accounting))) :-
Of course it doesn’t end there Goyim, as Disgraced Ex Executive of the gutter press organisation BBC was forced out, because of his dealing with his (((Charity))) Kids ‘R us. Like baby goats the charity was given large sums of money which suddenly and without apparent reason disappeared into thin as Kids ‘R us filed for (((Bankruptcy))), another Jewish accountants favourite trick to pull to manipulate the system.
Alan Yentob, along with the Jewish married couple Richard Curtis and accused paedophile Clement Freud’s daughter Emma Freud also have been involved in children’s programming and the gutter press organisation BBC’s “Comic Relief” with such noted people as Jewish Ben Elton, Anti-White Leader Lenny Henry and Jewish Rowan Atkinson, who ridiculed the English way of living with his dire “Mr. Bean” series. Here is a list of articles about that scandal and the crazy and horrible scandal surrounding the late Clement Freud.
Alan Yentob, et al.


FEMEN is a particularly vulgar ‘radical’ feminist group founded in Ukraine in 2008 and now based in Paris. Italian magazine Il Foglio identified a Jewish businessman based in America called Jed Sun…

Source: FEMEN

Governmental Corpocracy, Leasing with Impunity.

The rip off governments who have managed to set up a one way street, where the coffers go to them directly, and the distribution goes back to them and their mates indirectly too. Where living in a magnetic current where sometimes we get in the way of them siphoning all the cash back to themselves and manage to have it in our hands for more than five minutes before returning back to them at their beck and call.

For all the monies these corporations make, and I’ll include the not for profit charitable organisations, that through accountancy methods that have become normal, squeeze through gaping loopholes that the governments put there, because all Jews are lawyers and accountants. Well, they’re not the only ones who can play the game, much to their dismay. There’s a whole load of accountability waiting for them down the line and they’re not going to like what they see then.

It’s all well and good organising accounts whereby the approximate values of exchanges warranting just returns are sustainable, but by Christ the runaway train that these cucks have made an industry out of is an absolute nightmare at very best. What mandate from God are we looking at, the chutzpah one? I’m pretty sure I didn’t get that memo, how about you? I have watched plenty of mafia and horror movies along the way, and I’m not seeing much difference in the stories, but the actors have different faces.

The societies of the nation states are being directed as one would direct a movie, the only luxury the Jews have is that they can twist and entwine various stories into others as they go by, as they have all the capital in the budget. More, they even have the keys to the safe where the money for the budget is kept, and if they need more, they just press the magic buttons and hey presto, magic money out of thin air just like that. Well, they may have made their religion out of it, but it doesn’t mean to say the natural order of things will ultimately follow their will, and we are seeing signs of their hurt from so much exposure, and keeping looking for more and more will eventually stack up and they’ll topple from sheer top heaviness.

I think continuing to be looking for ways to work around their madness is very profitable, and certainly less stressful. Keeping the pressure constantly on them is becoming an art form that many are showing great adeption in. The Jews are away from home wherever they are, and that’s a good thing, because once they’ve realised their (((minority status))) doesn’t wash any longer, then they’re automatically on the back foot. Not that they think like that anyhow, they’re so full of chutzpah with their smash and grab ideology that they carry on as a train off the rails. Well, it’s coming back to bite them, this is clear, unlike their consciences, that we bear for them. Just because they have none, doesn’t mean they’re free from conscience in the moral sense as part of what is a Christian society, based on the law system, if nothing more in the very least.

We’ve been sold pure snake poison as the remedy, but we never knew that the deals had been done in our favour for our interests, at cost to us, however much they want to charge. The hypnotic inducements of T.V., fancy cars, cheap products and all the modernism that they can muster to shove down our throats has cause the gag reflex to kick in, because t is 1000% poison. Not only can we not sustain ourselves, even if we were to carry the Jews and their pets eternally, we wouldn’t be able to anyhow. Not that that isn’t their insidious plan, it completely is, but no, I think there are far too many powerfully connected people who can simply knock these mugs out of the game, but until then, the children are going to be making Jews and their lackies a lot of money out of misery and corruption.


The Twitchy Jew.

These Jews are all involved in some criminal activity or another, it’s their religion. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but you have to peel the layers back a little, they can’t breathe without criminality, it’s in their veins. It’s our job, not that we asked or voted for it, but it’s our jobs now to monitor their every move. They are only ever admitted into our societies due to manipulation of vanities to our traitorous leaders, which is a question we need to ask about ourselves as to why is that even possible, given the stakes.

Many Jews are lawyers, think manipulation training, many Jews are accountants, think creative accounting for tax evading and money laundering, many Jews are doctors, think Big Pharma. It doesn’t end there though, Jews are very active due to the training they get as Jews, it’s a military operation, their God is War and war is money. Like I’ve said before, people who don’t study what Jews are up to remain blindsided by their antics, as they have infiltrated the top of society and are working their way down. Our natural instincts are different, to work from grassroots up, based on merit and experience in working with tangibles.

Those who are studying them have seen the same template over and over again, if you can’t lead it destroy it. Simple practices for the Jews when dealing with Goyims who have no immunities to the Jewish brutal aggressiveness. They basically can’t move unless they get their own way, they have too much at stake, because they’re all up to something, so why wouldn’t it be in their best interests to pave their own way? The absolute perfect example of this paving, by this time attacking with both principles of the above. They have taken the concept of the Christian Religion and the Holy Bible and tried to lead it, Vatican Council ll as one example of Church infiltration, Schofield Bible another. They have set about destroying the reputation of the Church and the Holy Bible by deliberately misinterpreting them.

If there’s one thing about Jews, they do like their chutzpah and any chance they get to exercise the chutzpah muscle, they’re on it. As we know, the more you flex your muscles the more used to it they become, muscle memory. When not used then there is muscle atrophy, Jews know this. They have taken the independence and social natures of ourselves and morphed it into anarchic individualism and dependency. We are together much stronger, and that gives us great power, we already have immense power by ourselves, when we know how to use it. It is like anything, it can be used to do anything too, it’s not about the thing itself but about our imagination. I suggest you now to imagine can we sustain the Jewish manipulating of our minds, which is reflected in our economies, forever?

How does eating mud, if you’re lucky, sound, being stripped of all assets, as we are seeing. Imagine, right, imagine you could print off as much money as you and your friends and family needed on a whim, is that a lot of money? Well, what’s stopping the Jews, they are having their cake and eating it, it’s up to us to be good Christians, Odinists, Wodenists and Trojanists and find ways to stop the rot, because the self appointed lords and masters the Jews won’t be stopping it anytime soon.

Can we be responsible for ourselves in ways that we would wish to be, given free reign, we need to ask questions of ourselves and those answers must come from ourselves, each and every one must take responsibility, the rest will be easy. The cat is out of the bag now, so, it’s time to guide that cat onto our lap and let it purr while we stroke it happily and contentedly, and put the Jews back in the bag. Let them find other ways to exists than off of our backs. People need to start looking more at what they do, you will be astonished. Or maybe you have a good handle on what they do, well keep sharing, keep making others aware of the situation the Jews have created for themselves with their criminal actions. There will be a time when the pressure is too great and they will fold, we’re already seeing signs of this. Viva La Liberte’!

goyim know

E and U are the New Twin Towers.

The doomed to fail EU, the experiment that is continuing to collapse from more than within. It is eroding itself with lies, corruption is it’s ethos and devastation of Europe it’s erroneous goal. The jailhouses will be full when the people organise and mobilise and unite with the forces of arms, when all illusions are shattered. The fallout will not even be spectacular as the indigenous Europeans have dwelt here on these lands since before time began. The foreigners have had a spell here and they have their own lands that they can use what they have learnt from us and take home to their own countries and build their own paradises for themselves and their offspring.

Europe is basically being dragged through the hedges with a hangover from 70 years of propaganda that has served only the victors of World War 2, the Criminal Jewish Mafia Zio Marxist Cabal. Under the guise of World Leaders our countries have been decimated from the top down. from behind closed doors has been the hidden hand of madness that has deformed our once great place to live and work, into a PTSD Rehabilitation Centre for the Criminally Deranged Jewish Pets from all over the worst affected countries due to Jewish greed within the financial structure of the One world government that they have created for themselves.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

As the Europeans are a very active and protectively organised bunch, the waking dreamworld scenario that many have of us have been born into is fading. Like the effects of a drug, the stimulus to keep us coming back for more is gone, because of the unnatural synthetic and artificial environments that have sprung up all around us. From the repealing of the Glass-Steagal so has the world further crumbled after such catastrophes as Black Wednesday, the Dot Com Bubble Collapse, The Sub-Prime Mortgage Collapse. The economy cannot, I repeat cannot continuously sustain these world wide catastrophes that are orchestrated by the banking cabals through their traders on the trade floor.

Remember the LIBOR scandal, where since as early as 1983 under Margaret Thatcher, the London Interbank Offered Rate  was fiddled everyday running up financial blackholes that the banks capitalised on, and refused to admit any problems. The monies invested in creating Alice in wonderland banking institutions would reach from here to the moon, yet in accountability, the money has not been returned. where did it go? How can every country suddenly be in enormous debt? It follows no logic that I know of, if you have anything to share, please write your answers on the back of a postage stamp as to why.

So, the crooks have been caught planning and conspiring their own agenda contrary to European interests, but as luck would have it, the EU is not an actual State. It has no constitution, but breathes life into itself by despotic governments forming allegiances between themselves with other peoples money. Nice work when you can get it. Where are the safeguard mechanisms? Where are the marshals designed to police the proper running of what must be the world’s richest amalgamating of Nation States? Do we even have either of the above. Did anyone care to think of anything preparatory ahead of time?

What kind of cowboys have running the ranch here, because they seem like a bunch of desperados taking their orders from the Israeli backed Jewish lobbys within each Nation respectively and from the invisible, yet active European Jewish Parliament. I didn’t even know Europe was Jewish, how did they get a Parliament? Too many unanswered questions soon add up to tell the tale in the end, so the Police in Brussels better start warming up those handcuffs, because the scale of this disaster needs bracing, and shiny bracelets and hemp necklaces are most befitting to the Zio Marxists that have thought they have the upper hand in conning everyone out of their hard earned cash. Enough is enough. Arrest Rothschilds, arrest Kissinger, arrest Blair, arrest soros and arrest all of the Rabbis.

Israel did 9/11 and they’re not doing it here. The place needs disbanding and they all need shipping off to Siberia where their own Jewish Autonomous Region exists and awaits. They can do what they wish as happily as pigs in mud, and good luck to them, they won’t be missed in Europe, that’s for sure. And the Arabs and Africans can go too. Fairs fair, the place has never known so much turmoil and strife. It’s not as if today’s world isn’t hectic enough without all of the problems designed to be placed on our heads by our wild psychotic lunatic fringe governments.

The chickens are coming home to roost!


My Friends Support Sweden!

I have so many friends on Facebook, over 1000 and almost 2000 soon. I have had many accounts, because Facebook has banned me in the past lots of times. I want to share my thoughts and the support for my thoughts for Sweden to be a strong self-determining autonomous country, even while belonging to EU. My friends, and I, have become very political over the years because of necessity. Much of Europe is waking up also because of necessity, and this is a good thing.

I lived in Sweden for a while before the refugees came, actually just before I left I met one, that was in 1991 Sweden for me was so magical, so natural and the people very nice and high class. I really couldn’t believe how high class and well informed. As the years have gone by so Sweden, in my eyes, has fallen because the generous nature of the Swedish people has been abused and is continuing to be abused. It has been a plan that Swedish people did not know they were a part of. A cunning and devious plan that has struck so many European countries, and also US, Canada, South Africa and Australia, who’s people are of European origins.

We are seeing terrible things happening to our lands, and it is largely because of globalism and now the immigration on top of that. So, while our mighty industries have been deconstructed or sold to China and India, now we are left fighting for our lives against slavery. It is the same battle all over the world, and the thieves continue to bounce from country to country to exploit the natural and human resources.

I have been sharing things from the great Swedish group “Folkets Sverige” as I have also become more interactive in the group and I’m enjoying the new friends viewpoints that I’m seeing. There has to be defence mechanisms in our countries to stop what is happening here. I think the Jewish funded extreme left have so many incredible and disastrous influences on the youth, which is manufactured in the universities. They are terrible and we should be looking to get away from the extreme left, as that will continue to become more monstrous. The things the extreme left hope to achieve are suicidal and genocidal, two combinations that Junker and Merkel and almost all the paid for leaders of Europe encourage through Brussels. I think we need to get back to our traditional lifestyles, be firm in that. Punish the Cultural Marxists for attempting to war against the Constitutions of our nations.

I think we are in the crucial moment right now, because any further on in generations and much of the national traditional cultures will be forgotten. Right now for Europe all of my friends are awake enough to know that Poland is actually doing great things for her People and this is achievable when we be who we really are. We are Europeans, we have shared interests in Europe. Europe is our home and we must protect it by ruling it for the best interests of Europe and Europeans first. A member of the group posted this beautiful song sung live by a Polish choir, I wish to share it and hope it is inspirational for you as it was for me and my friends. The song is here.

Lycka Till Sverige! You have more support than you know. Viva Sverige!!!


Good Cop Trump, Bad Cop Hilary.

It’s easy to see the game being played, obviously Jews pull the strings and they love to play the wizard behind the green curtain. As Hilary seems weak, following the Art of War tenet of when strong appear weak, and vice versa with Good Cop Trump. The reasons for stating this play, is that Trump is not saying the full script, which means he’s hiding some, and he is. He’s a business man, oh, well who treats everything as a business? His nose knows.

For example, the perfect scenario is here,  simply close the illegal terrorist hideout they call “Israel”, a term used to ridicule religious sanctity, which they feed from. Anything that can sort their configurations of presumed saintly actions, broadcast then using NLP/Covert/Conversational Hypnosis via all of the usual Talmudic outlets. Without knowing the enemy, how can one know the enemy?

In warfare, confusion, misdirection, ambush and illusion are all extremely profound concepts that can simply be thought and many things can then chain with just the thought now in existence, In finding what the Hindus called “Dharma” do not think for one minute that this concept, and indeed similar concepts of the same nature are alien to the Jews in the Yeshivas, and from there trickle down to the Jewish Community via the Rabbinical Synagogue criminal network, because that completely is the case.

Before we go, please immune yourself, for a minute here.These Rabbi;s, who the Jews call sages from past times, have been extremely patient in their foundational plannings in what appears to be spiralling out of control for them with the advent of the internet.  The mystical, or what could be called esoteric, spiritual or varying other types of intangibles is a very interesting thing. It is, for them, to reduce the vibrational qualities of our immediate environment, primarily, also as far and wide as possible, but in concentrating on the localised attacks I think the picture can mesh as to what’s going on and how.

The minorities question is not a question when minorities are not part of the equation. The word minority is but a concept and when dealing with people, which is politics, power, money and law, then spinning the flip flops of names of groups for political game is a shrewd way to conjure. With all the emphasis placed on words now, people are certainly distracted from what’s actually happening on the field, the field of battle in warfare. It is warfare, because they’ve made it warfare, and the camps in the theatre of that war, which is not the war, but is being sold as being it, are Trump and Hilary.

As with the flip flopping of the media play, so their are analysts and observers who have taken a step back, by not having a prejudiced mind, but looking for the positives in the world of the symbolic. Now, Trump represents, paradoxically, everything that the “Conspiracy Theory” movement has been uncovering. He’s seen as White, though is actually Scots/Irish/German by blood. He’s a businessman, which he was born into and hasn’t really done much with that other than manage to fluke himself on to a popular game show and springboard from there, but wouldn’t it have been better for America to have maybe, and I say this cynically with tinges of spice for thought provocating. For me the better businessmen, if we’re accounting for trump being the best of businessmen for America, the better ones would say be the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates. Are these not the real people, and many more besides, who the average man on the street should choose for the Presidency, why is that not a sacrifice these people aren’t ahmmering the door down to apply for?

There are particular reasons why the two who have been pitted against one another here, have been pitted. Symbolically Hilary would represent the mother of wisdom, of which Trump is playing the father. The usual charm of the father tends to outweigh that of the mother, and the polls are reflecting that. They’re a warring couple in a friendly, stage managed, battle. Every dramatic emotion is overplayed to a tee, Mossad training is far reaching and amidst all of its sophistication, concludes with the power of the bullet in the head, or the poison in the glass. Either way, for Mossad ultimate control is gained through this leverage is always that of accessibility to the mind control victims, which is what Hilary and Trump are, of course. Who in their right minds would choose to live how everything is being orchestrated currently? At least in the Philipines now there is a modicum of common sense with the new leader, will it be seen in the West?

As long as the voluminous hordes of people find it in their hearts and souls, which make up their conscience, as long as they continue to dismiss the importance of their place in society, then the spinal column of the human kind cannot form as it should. As the earth spins, so the space makes way for our journey, and it’s the same space that we breathe, this universe is infinite in some respects, but our immediate surroundings are not. And this means that we can dominate over the things around prosperously and with accumulating wealth for all, but not down the roads that the politicians are leading us. Ultimately will come the crunch, where the politicians and their Jewish paymasters will need to be apprehended, or they will basically find ways to do more of what they’re doing now in streamlined fashion. Hassle free, no more nuisance, just free energy as served by the goyims.



Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Or as the great orator Jonathan Bowden said how liberals would correct the title of this article – “Cleanliness is two steps away from fascism.” I look around and see so many fooled by the ones fooling the masses. When it’s pointed out to them, as they protest being fooled, they’re being fooled again when they say, “No, I’m fighting against that.” they really can sometimes miss the point.

We’re all looking for answers here, and to think they’ll fall out of the sky is absurd, but at least they do, or can exist. Nothing is new under the sun, is a saying that must hold some water, I mean what’s it’s origin. Why would people use that, or any other saying if they weren’t tried and tested? Which leads to the subject of cognitive dissonance, or living a lie, depending on how naive or conniving one may be.

I just heard a short video by E Michael Jones, who is coming out with great stuff, though I’m not 100% with him on his DNA issue, which hopefully he will expand on. The thing that struck me of what he said was that during a particular time of the Reagan administration that rocked the U.S., because they allowed Japanese cars in. It’s a fair point. But the thing even more striking was that he mentioned the have’s kept capitalism for themselves and have allowed Zio-Marxist-Socialism to be festered upon the remaining members of society. Basically to leave everyone else to fight for the crumbs what spill from the table, while the have’s feast to their fill, and waste as much as they can, as to not spoil the equilibrium for them.

So, when we see them on the make believe tv shows (talmudic video) smiling gaily, laughing and joking about how life is good. Then, they’re right, they’re having a whale of a time, at everyone else’s expense, but the accountant (jew) and the lawyer (jew) cover their tracks as long as they’re kept in service. Now they have created a fair few religions out of this, and it’s for not more than division. The Church of the Homosexual being an overarching Church that accepts anyone. These overlaps, Church of Banking, Church of Charities, Church of Warfare are all justified by the Rabbinical teachings that have morphed from nowhere into the Christian churches, and how they sing their praises.

Every societal clash now can be seen as something of an ambush on traditional institutes of Tribal Nations, pitted against Modernism. The tv implants the subliminal suggestions during times of watching, the media is the chosen companion to the workplace for commuters, drugs are laid on cheaply to the workers. It’s all very snug and benevolent. When a hiccup comes, one can simply not watch, as the media likes to say when they fill the Public Service Vehicles with their degenerate and sanctimonious claptrap. All of the groundwork for the Zio-Marxist Jews has been done in advance, now we are merely seeing the implementing of it.

What can be done? Well, they have not even hit home run with anything as yet, and they’re meeting much resistance, and that resistance is becoming fiercer and fiercer, but not aggressive. The resistance to the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, taken from E Michael Jones’s book title, is matching on all levels and people are locking onto it as the finer points get raised. These finer points are the broad strokes of the Zio-Marxists that they thought they would get away with. well, it will only take a few trips to the moon and they’ll all be off this planet. I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes, I wouldn’t like to be in their anything, because they have nothing… NOTHING!!! Nothing that hasn’t come from death, cheating, looting and robbery. Bullies always come to sticky ends.