Hitler’s objective of stopping suicides by the women and children, a legacy of the Weimar Republic.

The Baltic State of Germany is a cold, cold place during the winters, as they are bordered by the Alps to the South, the Baltic Sea to the North and the North Sea to the West with Russia and Poland to the East. In the Weimar Republic of Germany and under the Versailles Treaty the Germans had ridiculous amounts of levies by way of war reparations set upon them and indeed the country was divided up among other European States, States that had been under Jewish influence for many years.

Defying the Versailles Treaty is what Hitler had justified by saying that every nation had it’s right to protect itself by being armed. The army was very poor and stood at only 100,000, something which the armies of US, UK and other “First World” countries stand at, approximately. Not that people should panic just because other armies are in the millions, yet even Sudan, a country where shoes are a luxury, have bigger armies than English speaking countries.

The people who are doing the things they are doing have been doing this for eons, and so many templates that have been recorded and exposed thanks to the internet are happening again. I’m doing my very, very best to help set the record straight, so we know who’s who and why and we can move on united under (video of Chancellor Hitler pledging aid to stop the suicides the Weimar had left as a legacy>)  one banner.



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