Oh No, Not The White People… Again!

As Blacks jibba jabba and spread their seed and jungle culture, so the Jews broadcast the celebrating of the victory over the European Tribal Nations. The American fears that all the hard work that has been done by their forefathers and themselves is being packed up and ready for destructing. The biggest of the contrasts I’ve heard from the States that I’ve heard so far is which non European based country so far has done anything to be counted in the same bracket as European Peopled Nations. I think they have a legitimate claim for this as the standard of living that they have built up for themselves, and had built was unrivalled in the Western World post WW2.

Well, the demographics suggest that the non european People’s are still very much guests in the Host Nation of 50 States, basically 50 countries, would you put up with what US puts up with? Communism has been aslithering under the radar and entirely fixed itself in just after Vatican 2.

Meanwhile the populations of the third world countries are booming, and the European Peopled countries are suffering massive changes in their demographics with mass importation of new voting blocks, which was not on any of the political agendas for voting for or against. The next thing is why are the European countries that are suffering from the exact opposite plight of the non European countries that are having massive baby booms, suffering this pestilence?

Disclaimer: – No White People were harmed during the making of this article:

migranti jergovic

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