Whitey for President, Black Lives Won’t Matter.

The moment when Black lives won’t matter fast approaches, and the UN resettle in the African paradise that is Ghana programme continues on during the decade for the Children of Africa. Will the Black population of America be happy to resettle in paradise or be prepared to live in the Jewish slums, with the drugs brought by the Jewish mafia and allow the Jewish infiltraring of Black lives to produce the gang life that so many Black children die by?

As Hilary has pledged so much to the Blacks, and those pledges have worked a charm and the Black population have fallen hook, line and stinker. Under Obama Blacks have enjoyed an immensely generous amount of social platforming and distribution of wealth from industries that they are strongest in. With that being the case how has the money been then further distributed to the Black population at large around the US, jointly and severally.

Is it the case, as is the case in oh so many “developed” nations that Black people have come, mostly being either first or second generation Africans, to European countries and earned amounts that some countries barely boast as part of their GDP. Is this the fair distribution that Black culture brings when met with capitalism, which is Communism?

As South Africa, Rhodesia, German South West Africa bomb in the economics under Black rule, yet the resources remain the same, where’s the pattern here going? France had Sarkozy an Algerian Jew as their leader and he totally bombed the place, which his Jewish compatriot and saboteur Hollande continues to rip the very fabric of French culture by the seems.

Looking at what England and indeed Europe can bring to the table, when allowed, can be of most benefit to ALL the Nations, so why reinvent the wheel?


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