Blaxit for US

The tag lines and spin have ruled the political corridors and what decisions are made since NLP was formulated by the CIA mind control Stanford Institute, part of the Jewish Tavistock mind control factory that has its current links from the KGB directly through to Piers Morgan. The script writing for the globally governed society’s entertainment is almost akin to the worm that cleverly hangs in the waters. Dangling oh so deliciously for the sucker fish to come along and swallow that snake oil hook, line and sinker.

UK has now had its long awaited referendum on leaving the EU, and the figures show that had UK had left the thing before there’s no reason why UK could not be currently riding much higher, especially as most forecasts show the upward trend to be long term sustainable. What of the US and it’s credibility now in the market place, not even with foreign countries but within the 50 itself, would a break up in the manner that the EU appears to be doing be something of greater benefit for the States themselves as their own independent commonwealth Nations separate from the Federal jurisdiction?

Granting that every and each of the States have their own valid Constitution, and most importantly pre US, in some cases, what’s the hold up? Imagine 50 self governing states that could come down as hard as they wanted on the trouble makers now playing both sides of the Black Lives Matter deal. The unameable Jew, who is named in name alone and not for the pesky Jew that he is, and obviously blood connections that he has by rights of his Jeweyness.

What now for the US as the President leaves there, and the Black Privilege will have to go now to the back of the queue where they have largely placed themselves due to the collective dissenting of the culture they boast to be part of. The social problems of the African- Americans have trailed through the ages and the 10 years since the “BlackPresident has been the leader of the Us, what exactly has improved for the Federal region known as the US?



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