The Official $100 Trillion Bond Market

Obviously one man alone is a nothing, a pfft to the mighty bonds market. That market of course is one that doesn’t exist in any particular form that the average man on the street can define in his everyday life. As I’ve said many, many times before, throw out that Jewish lantern glow ball ruining your mind and get with the real world and what’s happening in the real world.

Here’s an example of just how far away people might be from the new culture being developed for men around the world. Obviously the whole industry is backed with Jewish money and faces, which ties in just oh so cohenveniently with the whole uprooting of European cultural heritage and legacy and ergo opening it to attack with nothing more than a transient and minimalist population to defend and/or attack back. And with all the off-shore tax law abuses going on, we really need all hands to the pump, and not pumping or pimping.

The insurance market is a mad, mad world, and the actuarial science dept. one that fuels the constant regenerating of it. Obviously, again, always obviously, haha. Obviously the gobbledeegook that actuarial science is when we have to read about it from blah, blah then it’s somewhat difficult to digest. Here’s the summarised and much more understandable version, it’s about contingencies and compound interests, and it’s what the insurers need to fill their insurance bonds with.

Obviously, I’m the mad man for daring to think there can be such things, even though they do exist. It’s not for my paygrade, well go read some history about how things in politics can change like the weather, and certainly the market is ran on reputations, which the UK Govt appears to be gaining a worse and worse one. It’s the pomposity and sheer arrogance of the corrupted criminal elements splattered all over the infrastructure of all countries these days. It’s not the Jews!


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