Non Mind Control Mind Control.

The Pavlov’s dog experiment is generally well known,  more clinically it is known as operant conditioning.  Obviously these pseudo sciences don’t exist, what benefit would there be, and who would benefit from them?  Of course there’s no conspiracy, no one’s out to get anyone, nothing exists, nothing is real.

Only the Jews want to be at war with everyone as it’s “Our” land, not “The” land, “Our” land. But it’s the Muslims, as they own the banks, Hollywood, they run the Federal Reserve, they run the Bank of England, it’s not the Jews! Netenyahu declares the Jews were stateless, when all the facts show the Jews were granted a State by Stalin after the Japanese had left the Korean Peninsula, allowing the Koreans to return to their lands, leaving vacated what is now the Jewish Autonomous Region.

In the Peel Commission report the father of Ben Gurrion writes to him telling him to make sure that Israel is set up, that was in 1936, but the JAO was already three years old at the time, and of course that news was not shared with the Public at the time.  At the time Adolf Hitler was voted in in a democratic vote which garnered 15 million votes for National socialism, The Jewish American President Roosevelt, and I must caveat in that the video explaining the scenario is subjected to the dialectic materialism of Jewish Bolshevik Communism, pulled all the stops.

Now the region prospers further, even though there are reportedly no people there, from Chinese investment, which we all know is Jewish anyhow. So someone’s a liar and well paid for it. There is a lot happening in Jewtown as the former Minister of Defence was replaced by a hardliner. Just remember, it’s not the Jews, repeat a few times, not the Jews, not the Jews… see, it’s not the Jews, is it? Therefore, it’s not mind control, and the US is not overloaded with Jews, like Jack Lew,  Janet Yellen and Barack Obama, of course.


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