Inflation, or Base Rate Interest is Usury.

It’s something that is very much not taught in schools around the world, indeed I was surprised when in Heogi in South Korea that the university right next to me had an International Financial School where they were taught how to draft financial instruments. It was also a thing when visiting Seville in Andalusia I met an Austrian man who had been trained in electronic engineering, but had for the last four years been an auditor for Deloitte. Currency, of course being the common denominator there.

Deloitte had been known as one of the big four, then big three, now they’re called one of the big six, after most recently the term had been the big five. This is how the finance world moves, it’s a simple thing of its nature, it’s not a static thing. It’s very, very fluid, with forces pushing hither and tither, to and frow, forwards and backwards, and all at the same time, all day everyday, what with the international markets being involved also.

We, as a group of people have been handed what in England is called, the shitty end of the stick. When lawlessness is dominating the society by the will of the society in a double banker, whereby the people don’t want a lawless society but are being forced to live that way by economic blackmail and duress, then Houston, we have a problem.

Market forces are King, and who controls the markets controls large portions of what influences people’s lives around the globe. There’d be no need for taxation in a world where supply and demand we both met with the correct lubricants of industry. The energies of the will of the people at this current time is being subverted into a huge vacuum that tributaries into the Jewish money system, which of course they call as a benefit to us, and what we pay for with… Jewish money, because that’s the only money allowed.

Putting the values on life, as actuaries do, then it becomes a magnifying glass into what reasons manufacturing at a mechanistic level becomes, where the traditional values within industry are simply lashed on the slag heap. One needle that is known in the Higher echelons is that Ghana, the beautiful country of Ghana on the African West Coast has a programme where children of Africa can live in paradise. Yet, contradictorily our so called governments tell us we must help the refugees that they have created to further lumber us with unnecessary burdens that we neither voted for, nor believe their claims warranted, and on good grounds too.

Why turn Europe and the Americas into a pseudo Afro-Asia when all along not one person who has been removed from industry has benefited, as we have seen with the Brexit vote, votes can count, but it’s early days, and I’d wager the borders are still wide open to dark peoples. Unlike to Africans of European descent who have had their countries torn to shreds and actual believable news sparse on the ground.

So all in all with the banner of the Bank of England now being this tosh –  “Promoting the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability” BS it’s more like how to rob, swindle and blind side a nation, or indeed all nations, and come up smelling of roses. The inflation rate, which is the base interest rate, which is what the Bank of England charges the nation for the use of the notes, and the same in all nations on the planet in this Jewish Rothschild Central Bank system.

This means that not only is every note that is issued charged at the interest base rate, but every purchase made in the system is chargeable, and when considering DTC clears over $1.6 quadrillion in securities each year, 1/4 of a % of 1.6 quadrillion is what Rothschilds banking House makes just on money they rent out, and that is the extent of the usury in that portion of the Jewish Empire and it’s not more than a bubble.




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