New Religion – Hate Crime

As the wounds of the Jews now take them back as if it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, enter the new kingdom of the Jewish Chutzpah God of War on Europeans – Hate Crime. Obviously it’s all about the money, the only thing they ever think of, and who pays, because the Jews certainly don’t do the paying thing.

Jews do the urging thing, the get something for nothing and rinse all concerned thing, all for Jewry, Judaism and Jews thing. Not so fast Shlomo, the French, as diverse, as in real diversity, that they are from the English, they are cousins by blood and nearest neighbours on the Continent. Only the Jew wishes to break up the true natural allegiances of the natural order of cousins, brothers and sisters of the indigenous folk, by all means necessary.

With the UK in apparent tatters the Jews and their cronies gathered for more free lunches, this time at the “honouring” of the dead of the Battle of the Somme, 100 years ago. Where 75,000 people died in an orchestrated Holocaust of proportions that eventually reached to 2 million in that war. As they laboriously laboured through the motions of feigning any real concern, empathy or even knowledge of what such an atrocious thing would be like in the hell of that scenario.

The Chief Rabbi of UK was there with his sidekick Prince Charles, what a good little Jew he is.

Now the thing has been an industry for years, but it’s become a thing in the universities that pays, Oy Vey!


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