Hitler’s objective of stopping suicides by the women and children, a legacy of the Weimar Republic.

The Baltic State of Germany is a cold, cold place during the winters, as they are bordered by the Alps to the South, the Baltic Sea to the North and the North Sea to the West with Russia and Poland to the East. In the Weimar Republic of Germany and under the Versailles Treaty the Germans had ridiculous amounts of levies by way of war reparations set upon them and indeed the country was divided up among other European States, States that had been under Jewish influence for many years.

Defying the Versailles Treaty is what Hitler had justified by saying that every nation had it’s right to protect itself by being armed. The army was very poor and stood at only 100,000, something which the armies of US, UK and other “First World” countries stand at, approximately. Not that people should panic just because other armies are in the millions, yet even Sudan, a country where shoes are a luxury, have bigger armies than English speaking countries.

The people who are doing the things they are doing have been doing this for eons, and so many templates that have been recorded and exposed thanks to the internet are happening again. I’m doing my very, very best to help set the record straight, so we know who’s who and why and we can move on united under (video of Chancellor Hitler pledging aid to stop the suicides the Weimar had left as a legacy>)  one banner.



Oh No, Not The White People… Again!

As Blacks jibba jabba and spread their seed and jungle culture, so the Jews broadcast the celebrating of the victory over the European Tribal Nations. The American fears that all the hard work that has been done by their forefathers and themselves is being packed up and ready for destructing. The biggest of the contrasts I’ve heard from the States that I’ve heard so far is which non European based country so far has done anything to be counted in the same bracket as European Peopled Nations. I think they have a legitimate claim for this as the standard of living that they have built up for themselves, and had built was unrivalled in the Western World post WW2.

Well, the demographics suggest that the non european People’s are still very much guests in the Host Nation of 50 States, basically 50 countries, would you put up with what US puts up with? Communism has been aslithering under the radar and entirely fixed itself in just after Vatican 2.

Meanwhile the populations of the third world countries are booming, and the European Peopled countries are suffering massive changes in their demographics with mass importation of new voting blocks, which was not on any of the political agendas for voting for or against. The next thing is why are the European countries that are suffering from the exact opposite plight of the non European countries that are having massive baby booms, suffering this pestilence?

Disclaimer: – No White People were harmed during the making of this article:

migranti jergovic

Blaxit for US

The tag lines and spin have ruled the political corridors and what decisions are made since NLP was formulated by the CIA mind control Stanford Institute, part of the Jewish Tavistock mind control factory that has its current links from the KGB directly through to Piers Morgan. The script writing for the globally governed society’s entertainment is almost akin to the worm that cleverly hangs in the waters. Dangling oh so deliciously for the sucker fish to come along and swallow that snake oil hook, line and sinker.

UK has now had its long awaited referendum on leaving the EU, and the figures show that had UK had left the thing before there’s no reason why UK could not be currently riding much higher, especially as most forecasts show the upward trend to be long term sustainable. What of the US and it’s credibility now in the market place, not even with foreign countries but within the 50 itself, would a break up in the manner that the EU appears to be doing be something of greater benefit for the States themselves as their own independent commonwealth Nations separate from the Federal jurisdiction?

Granting that every and each of the States have their own valid Constitution, and most importantly pre US, in some cases, what’s the hold up? Imagine 50 self governing states that could come down as hard as they wanted on the trouble makers now playing both sides of the Black Lives Matter deal. The unameable Jew, who is named in name alone and not for the pesky Jew that he is, and obviously blood connections that he has by rights of his Jeweyness.

What now for the US as the President leaves there, and the Black Privilege will have to go now to the back of the queue where they have largely placed themselves due to the collective dissenting of the culture they boast to be part of. The social problems of the African- Americans have trailed through the ages and the 10 years since the “BlackPresident has been the leader of the Us, what exactly has improved for the Federal region known as the US?



Whitey for President, Black Lives Won’t Matter.

The moment when Black lives won’t matter fast approaches, and the UN resettle in the African paradise that is Ghana programme continues on during the decade for the Children of Africa. Will the Black population of America be happy to resettle in paradise or be prepared to live in the Jewish slums, with the drugs brought by the Jewish mafia and allow the Jewish infiltraring of Black lives to produce the gang life that so many Black children die by?

As Hilary has pledged so much to the Blacks, and those pledges have worked a charm and the Black population have fallen hook, line and stinker. Under Obama Blacks have enjoyed an immensely generous amount of social platforming and distribution of wealth from industries that they are strongest in. With that being the case how has the money been then further distributed to the Black population at large around the US, jointly and severally.

Is it the case, as is the case in oh so many “developed” nations that Black people have come, mostly being either first or second generation Africans, to European countries and earned amounts that some countries barely boast as part of their GDP. Is this the fair distribution that Black culture brings when met with capitalism, which is Communism?

As South Africa, Rhodesia, German South West Africa bomb in the economics under Black rule, yet the resources remain the same, where’s the pattern here going? France had Sarkozy an Algerian Jew as their leader and he totally bombed the place, which his Jewish compatriot and saboteur Hollande continues to rip the very fabric of French culture by the seems.

Looking at what England and indeed Europe can bring to the table, when allowed, can be of most benefit to ALL the Nations, so why reinvent the wheel?


Is Bibi for the High Jump?

As it’s oh so apparent to just about everyone with internet access, the Jews games are up. There are many, many of these games, as they like to get their noses in as many places as they can to sniff out some shekels. Now the kingpin, until most recently has been Benjamin “Bibi” Netenyahu and it’s looking like his gig may be up as the ever growing pressure on the Jewish Mafia Race looks set to take the downward spiral. Hopefully not too quick, as they’re at dizzying heights from which to fall from and we wouldn’t like them to have a bumpy ride now would we?

Here are the latest reports as of 13.55, 11th July, 2016. Link, link, link.


Inflation, or Base Rate Interest is Usury.

It’s something that is very much not taught in schools around the world, indeed I was surprised when in Heogi in South Korea that the university right next to me had an International Financial School where they were taught how to draft financial instruments. It was also a thing when visiting Seville in Andalusia I met an Austrian man who had been trained in electronic engineering, but had for the last four years been an auditor for Deloitte. Currency, of course being the common denominator there.

Deloitte had been known as one of the big four, then big three, now they’re called one of the big six, after most recently the term had been the big five. This is how the finance world moves, it’s a simple thing of its nature, it’s not a static thing. It’s very, very fluid, with forces pushing hither and tither, to and frow, forwards and backwards, and all at the same time, all day everyday, what with the international markets being involved also.

We, as a group of people have been handed what in England is called, the shitty end of the stick. When lawlessness is dominating the society by the will of the society in a double banker, whereby the people don’t want a lawless society but are being forced to live that way by economic blackmail and duress, then Houston, we have a problem.

Market forces are King, and who controls the markets controls large portions of what influences people’s lives around the globe. There’d be no need for taxation in a world where supply and demand we both met with the correct lubricants of industry. The energies of the will of the people at this current time is being subverted into a huge vacuum that tributaries into the Jewish money system, which of course they call as a benefit to us, and what we pay for with… Jewish money, because that’s the only money allowed.

Putting the values on life, as actuaries do, then it becomes a magnifying glass into what reasons manufacturing at a mechanistic level becomes, where the traditional values within industry are simply lashed on the slag heap. One needle that is known in the Higher echelons is that Ghana, the beautiful country of Ghana on the African West Coast has a programme where children of Africa can live in paradise. Yet, contradictorily our so called governments tell us we must help the refugees that they have created to further lumber us with unnecessary burdens that we neither voted for, nor believe their claims warranted, and on good grounds too.

Why turn Europe and the Americas into a pseudo Afro-Asia when all along not one person who has been removed from industry has benefited, as we have seen with the Brexit vote, votes can count, but it’s early days, and I’d wager the borders are still wide open to dark peoples. Unlike to Africans of European descent who have had their countries torn to shreds and actual believable news sparse on the ground.

So all in all with the banner of the Bank of England now being this tosh –  “Promoting the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability” BS it’s more like how to rob, swindle and blind side a nation, or indeed all nations, and come up smelling of roses. The inflation rate, which is the base interest rate, which is what the Bank of England charges the nation for the use of the notes, and the same in all nations on the planet in this Jewish Rothschild Central Bank system.

This means that not only is every note that is issued charged at the interest base rate, but every purchase made in the system is chargeable, and when considering DTC clears over $1.6 quadrillion in securities each year, 1/4 of a % of 1.6 quadrillion is what Rothschilds banking House makes just on money they rent out, and that is the extent of the usury in that portion of the Jewish Empire and it’s not more than a bubble.




Non Mind Control Mind Control.

The Pavlov’s dog experiment is generally well known,  more clinically it is known as operant conditioning.  Obviously these pseudo sciences don’t exist, what benefit would there be, and who would benefit from them?  Of course there’s no conspiracy, no one’s out to get anyone, nothing exists, nothing is real.

Only the Jews want to be at war with everyone as it’s “Our” land, not “The” land, “Our” land. But it’s the Muslims, as they own the banks, Hollywood, they run the Federal Reserve, they run the Bank of England, it’s not the Jews! Netenyahu declares the Jews were stateless, when all the facts show the Jews were granted a State by Stalin after the Japanese had left the Korean Peninsula, allowing the Koreans to return to their lands, leaving vacated what is now the Jewish Autonomous Region.

In the Peel Commission report the father of Ben Gurrion writes to him telling him to make sure that Israel is set up, that was in 1936, but the JAO was already three years old at the time, and of course that news was not shared with the Public at the time.  At the time Adolf Hitler was voted in in a democratic vote which garnered 15 million votes for National socialism, The Jewish American President Roosevelt, and I must caveat in that the video explaining the scenario is subjected to the dialectic materialism of Jewish Bolshevik Communism, pulled all the stops.

Now the region prospers further, even though there are reportedly no people there, from Chinese investment, which we all know is Jewish anyhow. So someone’s a liar and well paid for it. There is a lot happening in Jewtown as the former Minister of Defence was replaced by a hardliner. Just remember, it’s not the Jews, repeat a few times, not the Jews, not the Jews… see, it’s not the Jews, is it? Therefore, it’s not mind control, and the US is not overloaded with Jews, like Jack Lew,  Janet Yellen and Barack Obama, of course.


The Official $100 Trillion Bond Market

Obviously one man alone is a nothing, a pfft to the mighty bonds market. That market of course is one that doesn’t exist in any particular form that the average man on the street can define in his everyday life. As I’ve said many, many times before, throw out that Jewish lantern glow ball ruining your mind and get with the real world and what’s happening in the real world.

Here’s an example of just how far away people might be from the new culture being developed for men around the world. Obviously the whole industry is backed with Jewish money and faces, which ties in just oh so cohenveniently with the whole uprooting of European cultural heritage and legacy and ergo opening it to attack with nothing more than a transient and minimalist population to defend and/or attack back. And with all the off-shore tax law abuses going on, we really need all hands to the pump, and not pumping or pimping.

The insurance market is a mad, mad world, and the actuarial science dept. one that fuels the constant regenerating of it. Obviously, again, always obviously, haha. Obviously the gobbledeegook that actuarial science is when we have to read about it from blah, blah then it’s somewhat difficult to digest. Here’s the summarised and much more understandable version, it’s about contingencies and compound interests, and it’s what the insurers need to fill their insurance bonds with.

Obviously, I’m the mad man for daring to think there can be such things, even though they do exist. It’s not for my paygrade, well go read some history about how things in politics can change like the weather, and certainly the market is ran on reputations, which the UK Govt appears to be gaining a worse and worse one. It’s the pomposity and sheer arrogance of the corrupted criminal elements splattered all over the infrastructure of all countries these days. It’s not the Jews!


New Religion – Hate Crime

As the wounds of the Jews now take them back as if it wasn’t supposed to happen that way, enter the new kingdom of the Jewish Chutzpah God of War on Europeans – Hate Crime. Obviously it’s all about the money, the only thing they ever think of, and who pays, because the Jews certainly don’t do the paying thing.

Jews do the urging thing, the get something for nothing and rinse all concerned thing, all for Jewry, Judaism and Jews thing. Not so fast Shlomo, the French, as diverse, as in real diversity, that they are from the English, they are cousins by blood and nearest neighbours on the Continent. Only the Jew wishes to break up the true natural allegiances of the natural order of cousins, brothers and sisters of the indigenous folk, by all means necessary.

With the UK in apparent tatters the Jews and their cronies gathered for more free lunches, this time at the “honouring” of the dead of the Battle of the Somme, 100 years ago. Where 75,000 people died in an orchestrated Holocaust of proportions that eventually reached to 2 million in that war. As they laboriously laboured through the motions of feigning any real concern, empathy or even knowledge of what such an atrocious thing would be like in the hell of that scenario.

The Chief Rabbi of UK was there with his sidekick Prince Charles, what a good little Jew he is.

Now the thing has been an industry for years, but it’s become a thing in the universities that pays, Oy Vey!