Architecture within architecture – Ridicule within ridicule.

So, the Jews, who have a completely different approach to any form of Multi-culturalism. Let’s look at the make up of what they wish for. I also like the way they changed the word steal to “outsource“, what wonderful benefits we’re seeing of outsourcing lately, like that’s going to change any time soon. No, the Jews always play for time, they’re the past masters of it, and they’ve caused such canyons in people’s minds that politics and having a say is way beyond anything possible to the “average” man on the street.

They are Grand Architects of Terror, of Theft, of Child Molestation, of Hypnotism and many more things besides and all nasty. What they’ve managed to construct within the social construct is a sub-construct that feeds off of what’s put in to the bona fide one. It’s like a perfect disguise mechanism for the ones that seek to benefit, and of course guard that with your life, as your life, according to the Jews, is not yours, it’s part of the Jew as a nation.

Identifying the Jews is not so difficult, but that’s what they get up to publically, who knows what they get up to in their private lives, but often times it’s wholly Jewish and no goyim allowed, at least not without Jews having leverage over them per se. Who can count the many, many different ways and means that the Jews use within the politicial structure that they so busily set themselves about. This is our job, at least while they’re allowed in Office, we must keep a close eye on them, and even stop them when obviously applicable.

If Race does exist, and Jews seem to believe that it does, and therefore play those advantages of being the ones who are eternal victims by way of threats from the majority, making them untouchable, they wish. In every single way push Judaism for Jews is the mantra, so by now they’re well versed in that and enjoy journeying on those thought trains causing as much upset as possible, because that’s the fun while they’re well insured.

Obviously insurance is a great, great way to make money from a form of gambling that’s not seen as gambling, like the Courts system, who dares wins. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Jews and demonstrate to ourselves what we can do, and where our allegiances lie in doing that. Where are the limits to the Chutzpah, as it’s not a Christian thing that’s bound by any conscience or anything like that.

Why would a Jew want to be a non Jew, when being a Jew is what they know, what they’re taught, what they have strived to be in their own networks, where with one phone call to the rabbi whatever you need is facilitated. Here’s one way to look at it, let’s say you need a loan, as an example, well, when being Jewish it’s more sort of a favour than a loan as it would be to non Jews.


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