Stephen Hawking and the Jewish Narrative.

How dare Stephen Hawking call mankind such things as he has in this article. I really don’t know how he gets platformed with such dross when we have so much work to do, oh wait yes I do. JEWS!!! What the hell do the Jews benefit at every turn put putting people down and enjoying the spoils of the guilt, Holohoax anyone? As everyone who is non Jewish is virtually economically waterboarded into financial submission, by design. Then we are also left seemingly hopeless, but we have to change that culture.

It’s a simple matter of finding our voices and using them, be who we are supposed to be, not the processed Jewish zombies on the never ending conveyor that they would have us think we are. Jews are hypnotists and cunning deceitful spies. Whe will Hawking actually come up with constructive ideas?


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