White powder of the Dark Lords.

Cocaine is the destruction of the mind, the purse and the society. The inducements for it’s justification are truly alarming. When people’s minds need stimulating by concoctions of crystalised debris of a halucinogenic drug from the Amazon Basin of the South American jungle, then the indigenous means to supplement our thinking becomes void of all rationality. Think if you will of a particular thing that might do x or y or z to you and you take that for an independent reason, then I can see that as some sort of justification for the warranting of it. Let’s say there’s a dependency on it to do such things, then maybe that can be not so healthy to be sure.

Now, imagine paying, in fake money, for powder that will make you insane and eventually stop one from having orgasms, indefinitely, just so you can be under the illusion of having the power to think. Is that not scary? When you need a scarce resource that you can die for, be jailed for, ruin your life for? Ultimately the ones who have and are pushing the further use of the Devils Dandruff are the same types who make laws, police society, sit as a djudicators in the courts and raise prostitutes to the social hierarchy as a necessity and paid for by expenses. No wonder the masses turn to it to fall in with the apparent logic that the alledged peers and therefore pillars of the society, what a complete mess. If ever there was call for the lunatics running the asylum then this is it.

When a Psycho-analyst, think about what for a second and what it could actually mean, such as Freud, in fact, let’s look at all the Freuds and let’s see if there’s one white lie or white line that just may bind them, shall we? Emma Freud, Childrens programming producer for TV and her husbands charity Comic Relief boss and Jew, Richard Curtis. Clement Freud, MP, alledged child molester and involved with the tricky tale of Madeline Mcann. Lord Freud, Welfare Minister of UK, no doubt a thoroughly spiffing chap with absolutely zero skeletons in the closet, and a Holohoax survivor to boot!

Note: If there’s anything you’re unsure about then simply research in yourself. As my friend says, “Wait till the prostitutes work out there’s no money!” Hahahaha, oh the irony!




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