Economising for Charities.

WARNING! This article is NOT written by a charitable charity trust and therefore cannot be taken as an “Official” summing up of the mess that that Tax-Free industry is creating, because there’s no way they’re admitting to any of that, bunch of criminals.

Our omnifiscent Governments have benevolently allowed us to exist in their hamster cage where they set the rules. Our industries have been farmed out, so that’s modern day farming sorted. Fishing is what Police and other corrupted and corruptible institutions do to create crime, yet ignore the herd of elephants in the room that simply did not happen, because it’s not in the manual. Mining has become Data-Mining, where every remaining sacred cow left has been carved up and fed to the pigs. The Steel industry has become what governments do from the people, ie steal everything. And Shipbuilding has become synonomous with the pirate ship that is asset stripping the nations.

Therefore with so much “benevolence” being doled out by our elders and betters then we basically have no need to worry at all, just simply depend on the benevolent ones to eternally dig into their ever so big hearts and pour the manna from heaven from their very bosoms. Or, we could see it a different way, for example when I worked for myself, to work for another was seen as a thing of desperation, indeed it’s what Nationalising of industry really is. Yet we are now much further beyond that, now we have become a dependency upon Multi-National conglomerates who really have only the ethic of gain in their portfolio.

Now, obviously with the world’s eco-no-money being plunged into the toilet our knights in shining armour have endless loans for sale, how fantastic they are. They will even buoy the charity industry with their endless benevolent ways. Luckily the Jews own all of the Multi-National corporations by way of one mechanism, the banking industry, as there is only one form of accounting the off the books accounting isn’t for working people, it’s for Multi-National terrorist corporations to beat up, manipulate and, as they say, get creative with.

How did “Charities” become and £80 billion a year industry in UK? What about your country? Are your eco-no-monies being compromised to be bettered by perhaps the even more creative International Charities? Maybe we should have Moon Charities, or Mars Charities, Charities for retired Astronauts. Like preempt charitable needs, just in case, haha. Oh hell, what about NATO though, who’s con-trolling their antics? When we get our industries back, and only then, will the experts hold any water in my opinion, elsewise they’re merely working for the Jewish Cabal that so much of the internet is pointing to, yet never finds a platform for 99.9999% of the time on the lamestream-samestream-daydream opiate inducing jewish lantern.

A boy walks past the Soviet-era ballistic missile R-9A (NATO reporting name: SS-8 Sasin) set up at the Russia’s Armed Forces Museum in Moscow on May 31, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / VASILY MAXIMOVVASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images

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