Private Enterprise within National Socialism vs Jewish Hegemony.

Obviously the majority of men would prefer to have their own destinies at their own whim, and what better than having the insurance of the State actually supporting, encouraging and promoting further private entrepreneurship? With the central governmental systams being the major players the world over, it’s an obscurity to make the particular summations of how the State, who stealing so much from the people they alledge to represent, could ever in a million years be favourable of self-autonomy.

I think it’s a big surprise to find that National Socialism as a doctrine is a workable model, and certainly a successful one when allowed. Trying to push water uphill is never a clever thing, and when the government and every office working for them, as your representatives, is pulling at your heels it takes the full shape of not more than pure sabotage. This is the real deal of what we’re dealing with when private enterprise is flouted by the authorities, it’s terroristic sabotage. Of course none can be philanthropists but those given that mantle by their handlers in the chain reaction of Jewish managed Freemasonry.

The idea that the Multi-National terrorist corporations could be moving as one unified body, and that unification drafted by Jewish Overlords has been dismissed and dismissed eternally, and yet it continues and nothing else fits. We’re in the this high level technological age of communications and still we get it wrong, haha. It’s so deplorable it’s laughable, but as we’re not the Jewish Multi-National terrorist corporations or their affiliates then of course we’re wrong, right!

So, if I myself wish to continue on the legacy of say traditional brickwork, which I was part trained in, but never fully due to the nature of the industry at the time, though I have since grasped the full principals of it. At least what I have grasped are sufficient for my needs, because I won’t be going into that industry, nor will the government be supporting or encouraging me to do so, as with any private endeavour that I may wish to pursue.

And so it is the private businessman with all his passion, drive, inspired ideas and desire to create, is of the value that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Yet, the corporations have the free reign on the labour market, labour markets that are at stupid rates in most countries these days. When the money syatem is geared towards debt, and debt upon debt all deliberately mismanaged by a select few who allow themselves to put bullets in peoples heads should their applecart be even mentioned at any particular official platforming.

I think this link sums it all up, oh and he’s Jewish, what a surprise.


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