Malgenics, the new improved eugenics.

Of course our benevolent Jewish Globalist Multinational Corporations “should” be acting as a reserve to compliment the National industry network. Working together to fuse sustainable growth and clean healthy living for a beatifully attractive future. Let me give one example here of the reverse representation of that. About 30 years ago I had a bike stolen, and the Police said there was nothing they could do. More recently I had one stolen from outside of my house, guess what, the Police said there’s nothing they can do.

So while Our ageing populations in Europe and elswhere dwindel and increase strains on Big Pharma, all without any protection from the government bodies in place. Meanwhile in Africa, a place that has sucked up everything, by way of charitable causes, that the West has had to throw at it is now enjoying booming population growth. Not bad for 100 years spurt.

And all as if by some miracle that the Africans have become the preferred colour for sports and Hollywood, but that’s not Eugenics is it. Here are some Eugenics the Jews have conjured up for Sweden, and every other European People’s nations.

So while Europe, apparently completely without defensive policies to Jewish Wahabi “arab” attacks the place becomes a malay for false flag type incidents.


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