NHS-ism, Politic-ism, Incompetent-ism. New Communism!

The Donmeh Jews, Young turks, of which  Boris Johnson is. The Revolutionary Jews of Germany, Russia, China etc…  position themselves to competently destroy this list I’m about to explain. Let’s take, for England, the NHS and bear these points in mind that contrasting the level of competence in bringing the “refugees” here in swift fashion was put into a military style operation, yet you try to get say a dental appointment and suddenly all the incompetence levers competently get switched on. The cohencidences are immaculate, there’s practically never a mistake when it comes to being competently incompetent for the destruction of what… well, here’s where it get’s weird.

I’ve sort of being following another arm of the yehudi Jews and feminism has become a prominent thing that serves the competent incompetent agenda. By simply looking out of the window and looking at the nation upon nation of buildings not built by women, basically every building standing on this planet has not been built by a woman. They have been grafted into the offices for “Administration” (Destruction really), or Ship Building, Car Manufacture, Steel Manufacture, Mining, Fishing… have I made my point about how crucial women are to the destructing of the infrastructure.

Jews love attacking the weak and vulnerable, it follows their ethic of having no morals or scruples, like the Police, or now G4S that have become mandatory in every government building for some reason, except perhaps libraries. So how they’re further using women is by giving them credit cards that they’re terriffied to not pay, even though the place is defunct of money and there’s labour to pay with in reality… To the initiated it’s really frustrating that the ignorant willfully sabotage the work of the people best placed to take the Jews down, and the irony is the Jews know the ignorant don’t know, but that can change.

So without detriment to women, who just happen to make perfect mothers, they are now occupied with being Receptionists, Secretaries, Bank Tellers, Bar Maids, Bus Drivers, Politicians, it’s not they ever could add to the workplace anyhow, there’s not really the need. Consider the conveniences made to enrich life, why exactly aren’t we being facilitated to have the large families with Pontins and Butlins style holidays that as far as I’m aware we were promised. It’s like this video here of Margaret Thatcher, she’s absolutely rotten drunk and all she has to do is raise the other hand and suggest that people can all get to the levels she wishes the “Rich” to get.


It also gets worse, as to men the types of buildings now being built has demeaned their position, not least as artisans, but also as indigenous. It’s as if the empowerment of women, as backed by the Jewish fake establishment pulling the strings, has any actual real value.

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