Cross pollinating of cultures – FAIL

What a shocker that cultures don’t actually mix when forced into a hodge podge by those who seek to benefit and use a whole array of dirrent colour of guards to warrant their shadiness and all out fraudulent activities. The wild crazy reckless lifestyles of those “priviledged” to have their degrees in place, really a mark that the marxist indocrinating was successful and those minnions are subservient enough to ride upon the gravy train.

The Basket Cases people have been turned into following corporate policy is a truly disturbing thing that those hypnotised by it want to crush those not hypnotised by it. The internet has become a minefield of booby traps that want to serve up disinformation and while the minnions queue to be further indoctrinated, to the possible point of no return, ie their demise. The businessmen queue to cash further and further off of their backs in a parallel world unseen to the minnions funding the Stock Markets with their capitalist transactions that they warrant for themselves by being willfully ignorant to any problems or in that event solutions.


I’m not saying Jews are responsible in everyway for everything under the sun, but for the large part they are. The types of industries they get involved in decry the truth of their involvements as sharks in the market place, and certainly history dictates they’re an uscrupulous bunch working together almost joined at the hip.

The Multi-Kulti Super Bund Kids, Merkel, Cameron, Erdogan, Putin, Obama, the list goes on, all fail to offer the hand to European Refugees from whichever places that they have been or are being crushed to death by genocide. That’s all Jewish.


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