Architecture within architecture – Ridicule within ridicule.

So, the Jews, who have a completely different approach to any form of Multi-culturalism. Let’s look at the make up of what they wish for. I also like the way they changed the word steal to “outsource“, what wonderful benefits we’re seeing of outsourcing lately, like that’s going to change any time soon. No, the Jews always play for time, they’re the past masters of it, and they’ve caused such canyons in people’s minds that politics and having a say is way beyond anything possible to the “average” man on the street.

They are Grand Architects of Terror, of Theft, of Child Molestation, of Hypnotism and many more things besides and all nasty. What they’ve managed to construct within the social construct is a sub-construct that feeds off of what’s put in to the bona fide one. It’s like a perfect disguise mechanism for the ones that seek to benefit, and of course guard that with your life, as your life, according to the Jews, is not yours, it’s part of the Jew as a nation.

Identifying the Jews is not so difficult, but that’s what they get up to publically, who knows what they get up to in their private lives, but often times it’s wholly Jewish and no goyim allowed, at least not without Jews having leverage over them per se. Who can count the many, many different ways and means that the Jews use within the politicial structure that they so busily set themselves about. This is our job, at least while they’re allowed in Office, we must keep a close eye on them, and even stop them when obviously applicable.

If Race does exist, and Jews seem to believe that it does, and therefore play those advantages of being the ones who are eternal victims by way of threats from the majority, making them untouchable, they wish. In every single way push Judaism for Jews is the mantra, so by now they’re well versed in that and enjoy journeying on those thought trains causing as much upset as possible, because that’s the fun while they’re well insured.

Obviously insurance is a great, great way to make money from a form of gambling that’s not seen as gambling, like the Courts system, who dares wins. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Jews and demonstrate to ourselves what we can do, and where our allegiances lie in doing that. Where are the limits to the Chutzpah, as it’s not a Christian thing that’s bound by any conscience or anything like that.

Why would a Jew want to be a non Jew, when being a Jew is what they know, what they’re taught, what they have strived to be in their own networks, where with one phone call to the rabbi whatever you need is facilitated. Here’s one way to look at it, let’s say you need a loan, as an example, well, when being Jewish it’s more sort of a favour than a loan as it would be to non Jews.


Stephen Hawking and the Jewish Narrative.

How dare Stephen Hawking call mankind such things as he has in this article. I really don’t know how he gets platformed with such dross when we have so much work to do, oh wait yes I do. JEWS!!! What the hell do the Jews benefit at every turn put putting people down and enjoying the spoils of the guilt, Holohoax anyone? As everyone who is non Jewish is virtually economically waterboarded into financial submission, by design. Then we are also left seemingly hopeless, but we have to change that culture.

It’s a simple matter of finding our voices and using them, be who we are supposed to be, not the processed Jewish zombies on the never ending conveyor that they would have us think we are. Jews are hypnotists and cunning deceitful spies. Whe will Hawking actually come up with constructive ideas?


White powder of the Dark Lords.

Cocaine is the destruction of the mind, the purse and the society. The inducements for it’s justification are truly alarming. When people’s minds need stimulating by concoctions of crystalised debris of a halucinogenic drug from the Amazon Basin of the South American jungle, then the indigenous means to supplement our thinking becomes void of all rationality. Think if you will of a particular thing that might do x or y or z to you and you take that for an independent reason, then I can see that as some sort of justification for the warranting of it. Let’s say there’s a dependency on it to do such things, then maybe that can be not so healthy to be sure.

Now, imagine paying, in fake money, for powder that will make you insane and eventually stop one from having orgasms, indefinitely, just so you can be under the illusion of having the power to think. Is that not scary? When you need a scarce resource that you can die for, be jailed for, ruin your life for? Ultimately the ones who have and are pushing the further use of the Devils Dandruff are the same types who make laws, police society, sit as a djudicators in the courts and raise prostitutes to the social hierarchy as a necessity and paid for by expenses. No wonder the masses turn to it to fall in with the apparent logic that the alledged peers and therefore pillars of the society, what a complete mess. If ever there was call for the lunatics running the asylum then this is it.

When a Psycho-analyst, think about what for a second and what it could actually mean, such as Freud, in fact, let’s look at all the Freuds and let’s see if there’s one white lie or white line that just may bind them, shall we? Emma Freud, Childrens programming producer for TV and her husbands charity Comic Relief boss and Jew, Richard Curtis. Clement Freud, MP, alledged child molester and involved with the tricky tale of Madeline Mcann. Lord Freud, Welfare Minister of UK, no doubt a thoroughly spiffing chap with absolutely zero skeletons in the closet, and a Holohoax survivor to boot!

Note: If there’s anything you’re unsure about then simply research in yourself. As my friend says, “Wait till the prostitutes work out there’s no money!” Hahahaha, oh the irony!



Economising for Charities.

WARNING! This article is NOT written by a charitable charity trust and therefore cannot be taken as an “Official” summing up of the mess that that Tax-Free industry is creating, because there’s no way they’re admitting to any of that, bunch of criminals.

Our omnifiscent Governments have benevolently allowed us to exist in their hamster cage where they set the rules. Our industries have been farmed out, so that’s modern day farming sorted. Fishing is what Police and other corrupted and corruptible institutions do to create crime, yet ignore the herd of elephants in the room that simply did not happen, because it’s not in the manual. Mining has become Data-Mining, where every remaining sacred cow left has been carved up and fed to the pigs. The Steel industry has become what governments do from the people, ie steal everything. And Shipbuilding has become synonomous with the pirate ship that is asset stripping the nations.

Therefore with so much “benevolence” being doled out by our elders and betters then we basically have no need to worry at all, just simply depend on the benevolent ones to eternally dig into their ever so big hearts and pour the manna from heaven from their very bosoms. Or, we could see it a different way, for example when I worked for myself, to work for another was seen as a thing of desperation, indeed it’s what Nationalising of industry really is. Yet we are now much further beyond that, now we have become a dependency upon Multi-National conglomerates who really have only the ethic of gain in their portfolio.

Now, obviously with the world’s eco-no-money being plunged into the toilet our knights in shining armour have endless loans for sale, how fantastic they are. They will even buoy the charity industry with their endless benevolent ways. Luckily the Jews own all of the Multi-National corporations by way of one mechanism, the banking industry, as there is only one form of accounting the off the books accounting isn’t for working people, it’s for Multi-National terrorist corporations to beat up, manipulate and, as they say, get creative with.

How did “Charities” become and £80 billion a year industry in UK? What about your country? Are your eco-no-monies being compromised to be bettered by perhaps the even more creative International Charities? Maybe we should have Moon Charities, or Mars Charities, Charities for retired Astronauts. Like preempt charitable needs, just in case, haha. Oh hell, what about NATO though, who’s con-trolling their antics? When we get our industries back, and only then, will the experts hold any water in my opinion, elsewise they’re merely working for the Jewish Cabal that so much of the internet is pointing to, yet never finds a platform for 99.9999% of the time on the lamestream-samestream-daydream opiate inducing jewish lantern.


A boy walks past the Soviet-era ballistic missile R-9A (NATO reporting name: SS-8 Sasin) set up at the Russia’s Armed Forces Museum in Moscow on May 31, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / VASILY MAXIMOVVASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images

Private Enterprise within National Socialism vs Jewish Hegemony.

Obviously the majority of men would prefer to have their own destinies at their own whim, and what better than having the insurance of the State actually supporting, encouraging and promoting further private entrepreneurship? With the central governmental systams being the major players the world over, it’s an obscurity to make the particular summations of how the State, who stealing so much from the people they alledge to represent, could ever in a million years be favourable of self-autonomy.

I think it’s a big surprise to find that National Socialism as a doctrine is a workable model, and certainly a successful one when allowed. Trying to push water uphill is never a clever thing, and when the government and every office working for them, as your representatives, is pulling at your heels it takes the full shape of not more than pure sabotage. This is the real deal of what we’re dealing with when private enterprise is flouted by the authorities, it’s terroristic sabotage. Of course none can be philanthropists but those given that mantle by their handlers in the chain reaction of Jewish managed Freemasonry.

The idea that the Multi-National terrorist corporations could be moving as one unified body, and that unification drafted by Jewish Overlords has been dismissed and dismissed eternally, and yet it continues and nothing else fits. We’re in the this high level technological age of communications and still we get it wrong, haha. It’s so deplorable it’s laughable, but as we’re not the Jewish Multi-National terrorist corporations or their affiliates then of course we’re wrong, right!

So, if I myself wish to continue on the legacy of say traditional brickwork, which I was part trained in, but never fully due to the nature of the industry at the time, though I have since grasped the full principals of it. At least what I have grasped are sufficient for my needs, because I won’t be going into that industry, nor will the government be supporting or encouraging me to do so, as with any private endeavour that I may wish to pursue.

And so it is the private businessman with all his passion, drive, inspired ideas and desire to create, is of the value that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Yet, the corporations have the free reign on the labour market, labour markets that are at stupid rates in most countries these days. When the money syatem is geared towards debt, and debt upon debt all deliberately mismanaged by a select few who allow themselves to put bullets in peoples heads should their applecart be even mentioned at any particular official platforming.

I think this link sums it all up, oh and he’s Jewish, what a surprise.


Malgenics, the new improved eugenics.

Of course our benevolent Jewish Globalist Multinational Corporations “should” be acting as a reserve to compliment the National industry network. Working together to fuse sustainable growth and clean healthy living for a beatifully attractive future. Let me give one example here of the reverse representation of that. About 30 years ago I had a bike stolen, and the Police said there was nothing they could do. More recently I had one stolen from outside of my house, guess what, the Police said there’s nothing they can do.

So while Our ageing populations in Europe and elswhere dwindel and increase strains on Big Pharma, all without any protection from the government bodies in place. Meanwhile in Africa, a place that has sucked up everything, by way of charitable causes, that the West has had to throw at it is now enjoying booming population growth. Not bad for 100 years spurt.

And all as if by some miracle that the Africans have become the preferred colour for sports and Hollywood, but that’s not Eugenics is it. Here are some Eugenics the Jews have conjured up for Sweden, and every other European People’s nations.

So while Europe, apparently completely without defensive policies to Jewish Wahabi “arab” attacks the place becomes a malay for false flag type incidents.


NHS-ism, Politic-ism, Incompetent-ism. New Communism!

The Donmeh Jews, Young turks, of which  Boris Johnson is. The Revolutionary Jews of Germany, Russia, China etc…  position themselves to competently destroy this list I’m about to explain. Let’s take, for England, the NHS and bear these points in mind that contrasting the level of competence in bringing the “refugees” here in swift fashion was put into a military style operation, yet you try to get say a dental appointment and suddenly all the incompetence levers competently get switched on. The cohencidences are immaculate, there’s practically never a mistake when it comes to being competently incompetent for the destruction of what… well, here’s where it get’s weird.

I’ve sort of being following another arm of the yehudi Jews and feminism has become a prominent thing that serves the competent incompetent agenda. By simply looking out of the window and looking at the nation upon nation of buildings not built by women, basically every building standing on this planet has not been built by a woman. They have been grafted into the offices for “Administration” (Destruction really), or Ship Building, Car Manufacture, Steel Manufacture, Mining, Fishing… have I made my point about how crucial women are to the destructing of the infrastructure.

Jews love attacking the weak and vulnerable, it follows their ethic of having no morals or scruples, like the Police, or now G4S that have become mandatory in every government building for some reason, except perhaps libraries. So how they’re further using women is by giving them credit cards that they’re terriffied to not pay, even though the place is defunct of money and there’s labour to pay with in reality… To the initiated it’s really frustrating that the ignorant willfully sabotage the work of the people best placed to take the Jews down, and the irony is the Jews know the ignorant don’t know, but that can change.

So without detriment to women, who just happen to make perfect mothers, they are now occupied with being Receptionists, Secretaries, Bank Tellers, Bar Maids, Bus Drivers, Politicians, it’s not they ever could add to the workplace anyhow, there’s not really the need. Consider the conveniences made to enrich life, why exactly aren’t we being facilitated to have the large families with Pontins and Butlins style holidays that as far as I’m aware we were promised. It’s like this video here of Margaret Thatcher, she’s absolutely rotten drunk and all she has to do is raise the other hand and suggest that people can all get to the levels she wishes the “Rich” to get.


It also gets worse, as to men the types of buildings now being built has demeaned their position, not least as artisans, but also as indigenous. It’s as if the empowerment of women, as backed by the Jewish fake establishment pulling the strings, has any actual real value.

Cross pollinating of cultures – FAIL

What a shocker that cultures don’t actually mix when forced into a hodge podge by those who seek to benefit and use a whole array of dirrent colour of guards to warrant their shadiness and all out fraudulent activities. The wild crazy reckless lifestyles of those “priviledged” to have their degrees in place, really a mark that the marxist indocrinating was successful and those minnions are subservient enough to ride upon the gravy train.

The Basket Cases people have been turned into following corporate policy is a truly disturbing thing that those hypnotised by it want to crush those not hypnotised by it. The internet has become a minefield of booby traps that want to serve up disinformation and while the minnions queue to be further indoctrinated, to the possible point of no return, ie their demise. The businessmen queue to cash further and further off of their backs in a parallel world unseen to the minnions funding the Stock Markets with their capitalist transactions that they warrant for themselves by being willfully ignorant to any problems or in that event solutions.


I’m not saying Jews are responsible in everyway for everything under the sun, but for the large part they are. The types of industries they get involved in decry the truth of their involvements as sharks in the market place, and certainly history dictates they’re an uscrupulous bunch working together almost joined at the hip.

The Multi-Kulti Super Bund Kids, Merkel, Cameron, Erdogan, Putin, Obama, the list goes on, all fail to offer the hand to European Refugees from whichever places that they have been or are being crushed to death by genocide. That’s all Jewish.