The Inevitable Future of the Left… is Right!

This Labour Party led Jewish smokescreen of Antisemtism as per “Red Ken“is such a ridiculous piecemeal attempt to whimpishly cover over what is inevitable for England and all countries the world over, the true and truly sustainable future of abundance National Socialism. It’s inevitable, because contrary to Jewish opinion we’re actually far from sheep, far from their wish to create us in their image and certainly far from stupid.

Yes, it’s a total mind scramble to peel out of the Jewish indoctrinated mindset that England and all countries did adopt through schooling, through the medical industry, the advertising industry, the porn industry, and the media, entertainment and arts. The Emperor really is wearing nothing but a brave smile emboldened by his tailor, the Jew!

How many warning signs have been given, but their profundity lesser revealed due to the circumstances directly after World War 2 unto the present day? Counting such folklore tales as Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, The Troll under the Bridge, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, the list goes on of Jews and their lust for usury via private contracts.

Being the landless Tribe as they profess to be is like having the skeleton key to all the doors. In reading the gobbledeegook of the Constitutional Law section of Halsbury’s Laws of England how easy to spot why all lawyers are Jews or Jewish, all accountants the same, acturaies also I’d wager, and I’m no gambler.

Finding the equilibrium of balance for a sustainable life is an obvious must, and where is this in the Jew laden crackhead lifestyle of these Jewish wanker who set their stall out as any snake oil salesman would. Having convinced themselves to the nth degreee their stuff works, as of course they know it, so what have they got to lose? Chutzpah, no?

They are the univited guests to the party given grace, because who would suspect Jewish Marxist Communist Sexual Bolshevism would be the wolf they’d bring to the door? Who can suspect it at all when it’s their sacred cow? At best I think the Jews can go back to Jewish Autonomous Region where they come from and set about with their own society, get back to farming, fishing and doing whatever it is that Jews do when they feebly trying to take over the world. They may make a decent sideshow for a travelling circus, like dancing bears but instead dancing Jews.

Yes, there is utter contempt for their contemptuous race, have they not shown their contempt for all other races? The answer of course is yes. They are the poison in the well, just their presence in any up and running business will be deceitfully sabotaged. So, please take heed friends and readers of this here blog, put the word out and tell the people to spread the message Judea is falling! Things will get tighter as the Jews rally to find ways to patch up their sinking ship, and it’s simking fast, theirs is a doomed race against time.

The reasons why I’m so convinced that Judaism is failing and Judea is falling is largely owing to my upbringing in a more or less, and certainly, and very unfortunately, it became less of a Traditional Roman Catholic family household. As I was growing I was told not to tell lies, I had a vivid imagination and believed many of the things I imagined to be true, or by way of wishful thinking. This, as I perceived, innocence seemed to me to be the thing I was being told to nourish and grow, and yet at the same time hack away at it until it was nearly gone. My natural espousal towards the arts, I believe, has put me in good stead for holding to my truths and coming into contact with many others who are also holding onto their truths and the one common denominator we’re finding we’re sharing is that “The Truth is Antisemitic (Anti Judaic really!)“.

As I’m growing and liberating myself from the chains of Judaicness I’m finding sense and sensibilities are much more simple. Look at any legal speak, or political potty talk and the contradictions float everywhere. The piece missing there is the wiper with the toilet paper for such sewerage, but logic and conscience are always there to bear the torch in the mindless darkness of Jewish extremist supremacy. What exactly is spiritual about Judaism again? What thing does it offer into the society at large, try to name just one thing? What of freemasonry and what that entails as to who is the Jew behind the curtain pulling all the strings of power after rendering the monarchies the world over helpless to the scourge of murderous rabbis and their kith and kin?

What of the political sphere, the one where left wing and right wing looked like and do look like shadows of what they’re supposed to look like, are we supposed not to notice. No, it’s a laughable facade led by a laughable, ridiculous non sensical race who need to now leave the building. Get busy, share the message of the Jews invisible empire falling, and look forward to, and make happen the paradise on earth we can all share. Simple solutions demonstrate the principles of brilliance and history dictates they’re easily acheivable, from the great agricultural practices of Egypt, to the paper making and printing of China. From the mapping of the Seas by the Portugese to hydron collider, making enough potatoes and sharing the water which covers 66% of the globe really shouldn’t be too much of a big deal.

Look at what people can acheive against what they are under acheiving in the Jew ridden society and how toxic and utterly detestable it all is, when people simply want to have fresh water, wholesome foods, some art, dance, music and merryment. No the Jew has to defile the pure, bend the straight, obliterate the unobliterable, well, the best laid plans of men sometimes back fire. With Judaism it’s backfiring and not much attention, as far as I can see, is being paid by the Jews to fix it, so the inevitable will occur and is occuring, that the future of the Left is Right.

It’s not right-wing in the sense of how the Jews sell their Communism, it’s Common Sense Right, like right politics, as the true nature of politics is deciding where the money goes and what laws are needed to make sure the money goes there. Well, in a wholesome, honest society rules are hardly necessary, but since the Jews are flooding the Public Offices, so the need for many, many laws become applicable. The new arrivals certainly won’t be schooled in any particular Constitutional educating so the whole place, should in the disastrous happenstance that the Jews should continue on, and turn here into United Kingdom of the Toilet, then there will be shit everywhere and no-one employable to clean it up as it will be Antisemitic to clean it up, because that’s what Judaism is, pure shit!

They say life is about choices, well, the truth is, it’s Jews versus Gentiles, because they’ve called it, no-one called it on them, did they? They’ve been given more than anyone and everyone in what’s become for everybody else a scarce world, and yet the Jews and their “Stars” live out a trashy, shell of the lives we could all be having with a little bit of effort. Let’s make it happen and outlaw Jews from Public Office and send them back to the Jewish Autonomous Region in Greater Siberia and send all the immigrants back to their respective countries that the Jews flooded here with in order to create the smokescreen that ultimately cannot be held down, because true to form smoke is not a tangible thing that can sustain in time. Ban the Jews!



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