What is Commercial Redemption?

Sinking the fleet of Pirate Ships attacking Our European originated Countries is what it amounts too, and the mechanics of it I’ll explain in great detail here.I hope it explains in a clear and concise way as to why it is a redemption from Commerce.

I have been studying Commercial Redemption for about 8 – 10 years, and felt I’d mastered it after maybe 2 of those years. It is indeed a wide scope of knowledge based on sound principles that I’m yet to see challenged without rebuttal. The true history of Commercial Redemption as a process derives from a Minnesota farmer named Roger Elvick, were the IRS had made claim to his net holdings of his farm to the value of $1 million dollars. He challenged this claim and was taken to Tax Court where he recieved a four year sentence for non payment.

While in the Jailhouse he met with a Polish civil engineer who had worked on such projects as the buildings of cities and explained to Roger how an article about his case reported in the Wall Street Journal directly corresponded with an article on the opposite side of the page reporting about a voluntary bankruptcy by Orange County of California. What the civil engineer explained is that the WSJ is in fact a journal ledgering of accounts and that it looked a whole lot like Minnesota State had sold their interest to Orange County for the full value of the claim made by IRS and to which Roger was now in the jailhouse for to pay as his payment back into the society for the want of the $1 million as not recieved by the IRS.

To the untrained eye this idea claimed by the Polish civil engineer was a completely out there statement by him, but how he explained, it made perfect sense to Roger. It then reeled back in time to when Roger had joined the US Army back in the 1960’s period. It had always been to Roger’s dismay why when after signing up as a recruit with the US Army he was never stationed abroad. After leaving the jailhouse Roger sought to learn more about what he’d been educated in as regards to his specific case, as his complete farm, lock, stock and barrel had been, what is tantamount to, foreclosed upon by the IRS.

As he learned that when he’d signed in St. Paul’s, capital of the State of Minnesota, he’d only ever been drafted as a reserve, and this status as a reserve correlated exactly to the Reserve banking system of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banking Institution right there on Wall St. Well, Roger found he’d only ever been signed as a reservist because according to his Social Security details his value was too much to insure to send him overseas and that the liability held by the US Government could not carry such a liability to send him overseas due to the fact that in St. Pauls there is a bank called First National Bank and they had handled the transactions dealing with Roger’s Social security account held at both the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Roger’s past history is rather interesting in that in his home town of rural Minnesota, his grandfather had been an owner of a bank, which many farmers had borrowed mortgages from, the town’s Preacher, a farmer himself and the County recorder. Unfortunately Roger’s grandfather passed and left Roger’s father now with a decision to take on the extra workload that he knew reasonably well, but would have to run his own home and farm together with being the replacement Preacher and banker. He opted to take on all of the responsibilities as people in the community would have lost their mortgages should the bank have wound up in others hands outside of the community.

Roger was at this stage about 11 years old and helped his father as best as he could at that age. Well, many years later he started to see that notices sent to him did not correspond to the activities within the County as regards to necessary payments and found a whole plethora of pirate activity going on at the Federal level and swarming the local communities all over the States. The crux of what he found revolved in a little known law that had passed called House Joint Resolution 192 (Chapter 89) which removed gold from the United States Dollar, to which every Social Security number holder had rights, titles and interests in due to their position as being represented by the US Government. The legal position of the rights, titles and interests come about care of the Fourteenth amendment which makes every US citizen now a government office holder in a non official capacity.

The People, as per the Constitution grant the rights of the US Government to act as their representatives in Congress but do not undermine the People as the grantors of that trusted position and any overreaching by the representatives is a tax fraud in that they are drawing public monies without warrant to boss the very People who granted their role.

Well, upon the Federal Reserve dollars is the inscription “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private” that means ALL debts public and private have now been assumed by the US Treasury as part owners of the Federal Reserve note issue. This means the citizenry have the rights, titles and interests in the very thing which offsets the debts and at the waive of a pen with an acceptance can discharge the liabilities of any such debts as public representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury. The reason why this is significant is that the debts, be they public and private are now the backing of the dollars and not gold.

This makes the nature of the note different to what had been prior to 1933, which just cohencidentally coincides with the election of one Adolf Hitler over there in Germany. Roosevelt drafted a kind of mirroring dummy system called the New Deal where the value of the future labours of the People were cashed in to pay forward the needs of the US citizens for all eternity, or for when gold returned as the backing for the US Dollar, whichever came first.

As Roger had grown up looking at many different forms of money, warrants, drafts, checks, bonds, coin and federal reserve notes, he began to ask himself the authority to which the People are ruled and governed by the apparent illusion of these well printed Federal Reserve Notes, that looked a lot like the US Dollar, but were in fact not, they are now still in fact bearer bonds. So, he began to do some experimentation and started to accept everything that came through the door. Treating them as offers in commerce he accepted them and charged the liabilities of the goods, products and services to the County with the US Treasury the ones liable to make the payment, which had already occured ad infinitum with the New Deal.

Well goods started to mount up and he found he could use credit cards, promissory notes, site drafts and closed account checks as means to cover the liabilities of the charges by having his Social Security number attached and when the companies wrote back stating there was no money in the accounts, he simply accepted that and heard nothing more. If you wish to study Rogers work and findings in depth, then please watch the video here.

roger E

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