UK and the Brexit scam

During these twitchy times for politicians, were the information can be found all over the internet about the shenannigans they get up to, now comes plus £1 billion overborrow on the £74 billion George Osbourne planned to borrow. When the City of Londons daily turnover is plus of £2.5 trillion, why is there a need to borrow any billions? Simply tax The City, seems perfect to me.

Of course the experts tell us it’s not so simple, it’s complex, blah, blah, blah, which leads me to think “Qui Bono?” It is of course the great question of Imperial Rome that firmly points the fingers in directions that they can be pointed in, or at least seeks out where the fingers need pointing.

Here’s why I firmly believe the Brexit scam is a scam and yet another layer of smokescreen for us to suck up while the Parliamentarians play kick about with the nations worth. Where EU is a good idea, of course any solidarity is, it falls down with its deliberate mismanagement. The usual flies in the ointment I’m afraid.

Now the bugle call for the Brexit is that we can close the borders, well, I hope we offload the ones who have been brought here before that happens. But, the question I now have, is how has other EU countries managed to shut their borders and be in the EU? What we want is England out of the Union, and Wales obviously. The UK is a toxic assett ready to deflate without harm to those doing the deflating. We want an English Parliament for English people of indigenous descent, because every facet of the construct of UK Plc. is a swhizz.

Our Countys powers have been undermined by over a thousand quangoes. We don’t even have a thousand Countys, at least not last time I looked, and why is it so toxic for England to have its own country for it’s own people anyhow? Here’s what’s happening in the “Real” world, China will be the first non European country to have Special Drawing Rights in the basket for exchange with widely accepted foreign currencies. I count US as a European country as it is the New World of the Europeans.

When searching google for “England’s right to self autonomy” there are no applicable hits, it’s as if England has been wiped off the face of the Earth and the greatness of the place has been hijacked, together with the US, by a bunch of pirates.  Where I am is in the “worst economically deprived area of UK” which just happens to house UK largest profit making, non tax paying outfit Peel Holdings.

I feel England, UK, EU, whoever and however can be of course profitable for all concerned when the will is there, but what actual will is there? For example why is Syria offloading all their people as “refugees” and spending millions and billions on tourist resorts? It seems to me that the expulsion of the Jews and the ghost like jurisdiction of The City of London, who loan to monarchs, just as blaise as making a cup of tea. What we have here is cancer that is trying to become the host, I cannot for the life of me think of one building found from past ages, can you?

shlomo and shmuly

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