The Jewish Pirates Legacy

In this ever evovling world no one evovles like the Jew. The Tribe have gone from being the most persecuted people, by their own estimations at least, to owning the most illustrious country that not one of the hundreds of other countries appears to be able to emulate as a model for success for their own countries. Jews will tell you no other people have suffered as they have throughout time, but who cares? They’re a bunch of pirates with scant regard for any law of any land that doesn’t suit them.

They don’t want to know about anything other than the promotion of Jews and Jewry. Why is it that China needs to look to Israel for advise for their aviation industry, Israel a rogue nation of six million advising a nation of 1.3 billions, does that actually make any sense?

On any pirate ship during a mutiny the overthrow is always about taking over the captains position with a portion of the crew, usually cut-throats in support of the taking of the ship.



    1. Comic article is read in over 150 countries. The Jew is evolving as a distinct sub-race. It’s it’s own non-independent mass of Jew connected by mixed bloods. The non-assimilating Jew serves as a wake up call to the host people’s of any nation that the presence of the Jew means the nation is under attack. The evolving it the Jew’s methods to suck the very life blood from pure cultures that can form without administration by the Jew, and the Jew will look to loot it through Judaism.
      A Jew, who has written one article, defending the Jew, oy vey, imagine my shock!

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