Spirituality within National Socialism

The strong development of the spiritual side of our nature cannot be encouraged more than in clean sweeps of encouraging practically applied sound philosophy. Encouraging it to be a nourishing component within the political infrastructure and one that appears impossibly alien to us in the Jewish Marxist indoctrinating political arenas the world over, with very few exceptions. The undermining of our spiritual sides within the Jewish Marxist political arena causes stagnation and toxicity in the people.

It’s a verifiable piece of our make up as spiritual beings as it is being physically well developed and caring for that, almost repugnant to todays schooling and working/social classes, except for those who tow the party line. Having time to gather thoughts, to enjoy relaxing, to ponder our minds with whimsical grace are the high priveledges of those who are deemed to be rich in perhaps a philosophical sense. What is it about the momentum of society that vitally must keep the people away from any form of renaissance? A simple and clear way of existence that could so easily be a manufactured social construct to give people a better quality of lifes experience all around. Why is that so wrong to have available, oh yes, Jewish genocidal tendencies.

To me, at least it’s a sin that the homgenisation of the cattled humans has spiralled so far out of the control of the people it’s designed to serve and is basically a runaway train, or headless horsemen. Where the society at large are kept in the dark about its destination at all costs. Maybe I can put it this way, imagine a group of people, maybe say 25, and they were all encouraged in the same spirit to say go out and have fun, at the beach, at the bar, even in the workplace, would you agree this could be something that could work, on the main of it, ten times out of ten? My answer would be a yes, and my thought is that people are willing to share in good spirits when reaching for positive aims and productive outcomes, is this not spirituality in action, albeit hypothetical?

Now, let’s run through a scenario where again there’s 25 people, but this time one or two of them have been given secret instruction to sabotage the group. This is being leveraged with extra brownie points for them in future endeavours. They fall for the bait, whatever it may be, they have gone against the spirit of the group as a group and not as the group with the instruction to folow whatever it is from the groups levelled perspective, but the spirit murdered in cold blood. Let’s someone’s getting hurt, picked on, bullied, or whatever it is, and it’s the principles that I’m conveying that are important here, and here’s why. Let’s take ten groups of 25 people and let’s say in every group the people are all different, except for the saboteurs. How long would it be before the saboteurs are starting to get quite expert in what they do? Caveat in that they’ve also been given secret information behind the scenes and have an immunity if found out. Basically the whole thing is setup for the saboteurs and not the groups to enjoy in the spirit that the thing is meant to be enjoyed in.

Now upscale this to a town or city, county or state, the permutations and variables are insurmountably ridiculous and the bank is always the winner, merely based on the fact that thery’re a non particapant, and they have the secret agenda based on the information stored behind the desk. It’s very much like the question of how long would you stay in a bent casino that you knew was hookey and just basically ripping you off. Now let’s say they’ve got you on a hamster wheel, but they didn’t grease it, they tied it, and they whip you to make shape, because your future depends on it. It may not be your future singly, it maybe your familys future, your work colleagues future, sports team however. When it’s unsustainable it’s unsutainable.

The bully in the school playground finds it easy to find a weakling to pick on, and generally bullies pick and pick and pick, until they get a smack in the chops. This is the same with the upscale in the financial world, the roulette wheel has magnets under it, the poker tables have cameras and hidden ear pieces for the croupiers. We live in a big casino and the bankers, the dealers, the security and even stooges on the tables are all weighing the odds in favour of the house. This is a way to do business, but is it susutainable? Well, when there’s an end goal in sight for the management, that sustainability no longer acts as a factor, it’s simply a case of business as usual and send the heavy mob in should anyone be asking too many questions.

Now, let’s run through the scenario where the world is celebrated and transparent and people have farming to do. Good genuine farming with beautiful foods and fresh water rivers. What a world that can be, when all the communicating around the world is for showing the wealth of the respective nations in real terms, where honesty is a virtue and cultivated in the masses. Like with the Amish peoples and others who have no need to take immunity jabs because their world is free and their immunity is high, because they follow the nature of who they are as people. Not trying to make silk purses from sow’s ears. We are, and have been for at least three meillenia, living in a construct that is increasingly toxic to life and is springboarding a counter thesis to all of the mumbo jumbo economics of the stock market circuits around the world. The markets where they’re not trading the goods per se, but betting on the packaging, delivery and cheapness the goods taken off the shelves, by the people given nought but the shelf to choose from. Missing out on all the possibilities of wild natural wholesome food, a primary example would be six thousand years ago when the Egyptians used extremely simple agricultural practices to redirect water and make the desert the paradise it became. So don’t tell me it can’t be done, anything can be done, especially when it’s been before. It’s the will to do it that gets it done, and the governments and their masters, the Jews, don’t want it for us, they want it for them and hell for us. Go look out the window for proof of this, then ask yourself what is there to be done that you can do.

The world has become the circus that the Jewish bankers have been aiming to fulfill by breeding a “religion” which is like a skeleton key set of excuses for running riot the world over. Answerable to no one and at the same time debasing the life worth of every soul on the planet. Take my instance and the template against my kind as a human, a White male, is the degrading of the family unit, the economic impossibility of creating such family units, the volatility of the societys economic growth where starvation is right next door to homelessness, and that an ever increasing issue. Further, is to flood my lands with non descript peoples from all over the shop, raise prices that match the benefits they will get for coming here, not for mine, which have been stopped, tending appeal. Travel is an impossibility, holidays, shopping, literally everything of the life that has been created by my countrymen has been withdrawn from me because of political correctness. I was schooled well, worked hard in construction, fell to a short drug problem and recovered putting myself back on track to affording a family, then boom, I found out, while in China, what Communism meant to me and my kind, it wasn’t pretty, believe me.

The romantic notions I’d had of a communist state, with fair distribution and the protection of local labour industries, even as a dream, I was prepared to chase as a shared dream that I believed bettered lifes oppurtinities for me and my kind. The whole of the human race in fact. It all unfolded that there was a much, much bigger monster with its claws in the pie, than I’d been led to believe while being the tea boy during my apprenticeship. I was told to read the ragged trousered philanthropist, join the union, take out pensions, and get a mortgage. Well, I’d been deprived, I would say, of having the kind of childhood life I wished for, such as learning music, as I do now, drawing and sketching, as I do now, encouraged to write and writing, as I do now. Many of my childhood dreams, which could have so easily been afforded me as a child, I have actively persued my whole life, and the reasons why they weren’t there for me or my class. This is all not without sacrifice, this is all with sacrifice, and I find that it just so matches the sacrifices made by many, many great people before me, and the one single orchestrated and by all accounts, far removed from the public eye, that springs is National Socialist Germany, who had built upon the great ground made up by Italy under the leadership of Il Dulce, to bring Italy back from almost unrepairable damage post world war 1. Such dreams can be realised, when people wish to cooperate.

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, gone and never forgotten.
An inspired leader, Adolf Hitler.
What have they done?
The man made leader within the spirit of the people.
“Danke Furher”

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