The Gentleman Fascist.

The Gentleman Fascist is an extraordinary fellow, not least in the heads of the People. First and foremost the tv, media and other platforms of exposure never portray the Gentleman Fascist but always the biggotted aggressive lunatic, and people buy that. Yet do the facts actually dictate any elements other than purely gentleman like qualities of the fascists when allowed to fash?

Possibly the earliest of the Fascists would be the Confederate Fascist Gentlemanly types, who were set upon by the Union, as led by the emancipator proclamator Abraham Lincoln. Traitor types would look such as this, and not that Abe wasn’t a traitor. Is a Gentlemanly Fascist a traitor for wanting the best for his country and her people?

What if someone is twisting your ear telling you this or that, when actually you should have known, has anyone not been there? What is it about the Gentlmen Fascists that can’t be explained by the press that no-one believes except when it comes to the Gentlemen Fascist? I, for one could easily say how baffled I am at this paradoxical conundrum, but I know what’s going down, and it should be getting closer to obvious to everyone, I’m no special snowflake.

What one thing could you mysteriously change with the wave of a magic wand, and how is it not what some Gentleman Fascist has done before you? If you can do the research, then you must, it’s a duty to yourself, to your family and to all. Long Live the Gentlemenly Fascists!

The model Gentleman Fascist of the 20th Century.

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