Leftist Capitalism – The savage dog tearing the West to shreds.

Left styled Capitalism is a completely alien concept in most people’s minds, how can it be to the left and capitalist, which in the fake left/right wing paradigm is not logical, can’t be processed, cannot function and yet here we are in the thick of it.

Where men become women, dogs marry their owners, a tree drives a bus, the whole thing is absolutely absurd and the controls to stop it have been chucked out of the window long since. We’re in a free fall were DNA has become as worthless as the dust it is obviously made from, taking away ALL of the spiritual nature of our beings and leaving us to the Glossy Magazine culture that is so well funded on the Jewish glowing lantern in ever living room around the world!.

This “Materialistic” world forced upon us by the International Jew who has no country that he will claim first allegiance, other than possibly Israel, is using the words spoken as well as written as things in fact to attack the culture and yield the masses of civilization into eternal submission. The reasons for this in whole are a mystery, but I’d suggest that the people in the hiddeen governments, the ones running the governments now, basically the Jews, all of them and not just a part of them, have inherited this life, and it’s probably all they know.

In my video here I go to great lengths to explain what I believe based on what I’d say is sound research given that these days it’s my number one priority. And it was while watching and listening to one of the many incredible Jonathan Bowden video presentations on you tube that I heard him make reference to capitalism as now being something used by the left, and how 100 years or so ago that concept would be indecipherable by the average man, as I’m sure remains the case. Perestroika Deception here.

Now, I’m sorry I haven’t the exact video, as I listen to them over and over and to many, but maybe I can re-edit this at a future time, but the idea of “Leftists Capitalism” struck a chord, and Jonathan is very good at doing it very often, may he rest in peace. So I simply wanted to make reference to this purely Jewish mind boggling construct that is leaving people running around like chickens with no heads, because they see not the solution. Well you can’t fix something that you don’t even know what the thing is, let alone what the problem with it as it pertains to you maybe, so I hope passing this message on from the aforementioned great mind, will help to deconstruct this madness and give us back our rightful lives and much, much more. Viva Normalcy!

left capitalism
Product of the Perestroika Deception – Leftist Capitalism.


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