Free-Range Communism on the Jewish Plantation

It comes to my mind that people are doing their absolute utmost to bring the solutions to the tables here and for Mankind it’s becoming a slow prcess, but nonetheless progress is being made. You will be affected in some way in how things swing politically around the world as the juggling balls become far too much to keep in the air for the limited, though rather well practised Jews, who have been at this a while.

Let’s take what may be taken as what’s not Communism in everyday society here, schools. Schools have been subverted and are teaching a very toxic version of education that is educating no one, except indoctrinating them into Communism. Action: seek out if you have a jew in your education departments somewhere, likewise the medical, the police, the military forces. I kid you not, I have labelled these things many times before in previous articles, so I won’t harp on that.

What I will harp on is the actual facts, they are that Communism is definitely becoming more transparent in everyday society when people understand that Communism, unlike Fascism, Communism will take away ALL belongings, including life, because everything belongs to the State. It’s the perfect system for Communists who run Communism, look, here’s the ball game. Naive wandering desperate people stumble upon political groups that offer what look like solutions when you’re stuck in those ruts, and I’m speaking figuratively here to get the message across.

In joining this new and exciting group that encourages the things you wish for, working for the community, for the benefit of yourself and others, giving what you can for the greater good, all that great stuff, that’s what a social minded person would wish for all day long. So, socialism is sold by Communists as Communism, one that has no answer to National Socialism by the way, funny thing isn’t it. Well that is the springing of the trap right there. Action: Go join a fascist group and see how easy or difficult it is for them to get their message out as opposed to the Communist groups.

These Communists have been extremely busy in the upper echelons of Public Office, doing things we often times don’t even know about, creating laws we’re not supposed to know let alone understand if we ever do find out they exist. Sharing money among themselves that is just going off-shore and never fairly distributed. Look at the jobs situations, service industries, come on… Just exactly how sustainable are service industries in a world that is reliant on food simply for the purposes of existing? Action: Grow foods.

There needs to be a good kick up the fanny here, because the paper ass-hole is about to meet the flaming blow torch. It’s not like there’s not enough people who are active and screaming the answer until they’re blue in the face with the answers, as they should. Where are you in this equation? Man up! Stay well clear of that which is not the answer too, that’s also Communism in it’s most deadly form, it’s most camoflauged, waiting for the prey to bite the bait and WHAMMO!!! BOSH!!! OVER!!!

When People understand Socialism and compare National Socialism and that Socialism of Communism, as has been the demonstrated for the failure that that is decades over with the Iron Curtain and the contrasting eras of then, the “Cold War” period and 1930’s Germany  and Italy where in just a very few short years the management of the country was as it can be, it’s not rocket science here. Field, house, horse and cart (car, if you will, blurgh!) food, fresh clean water, love and life with a family, what am I missing here?


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