The International Jew 2

As it’s been almost a full century since the first book by the Great American motor industrialist Henry Ford, I felt it only fitting an update takes place given that he described the International Jew in the subheading of his largely exhaustive work, as the World’s Foremost Problem. Now it’s not my fault I have been born into the time and space that I’ve been born into, and I’m sure it’s the same with you. We all have eyes to see, ears to hear and what we see and hear will condition who we are as we exist in the reality of life. Unquestionably!

Many people wish to dismiss or rather ignore the Jews and their position in society as it seems something that is beyond their meagre means, actually I should say priveleged position, as it’s nearer the truth, and I don’t know about you but I feel truth is attainable and not unattainable. Now it’s long been established that Jews have a heady influence in the world, but let’s take a look see just how much Mr. Ford was referring to as is applicable to Our age of today.

Well, it is a maze to sort of knit everything together as Jews are certainly elusive when it comes to being as elevated as sports stars, entertainment stars or other household names of high reputations in todays society, so let’s just shoot the breeze a little. First that popped up in a random google search for who insures the media came this. Amazingly next the FT points in a perfect direction on just the second link of my search The Fat Jew – Superstar.

Reading through the article gives a fair impression of the persecution the poor Jews have to suffer as they do business in the worlds most expensive places, but we’re just getting started. Next I think I’ll go to the Jew who owns Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who beleives ISIS, who is Israel, can be won by what he calls “Love” and obviously another Jew will come to the aid of sensibility and be the hero of the hour putting the big wig in his place, thereby creating the mythical “Good Jew

Now I hope people don’t think I’m particularly pointing out Jewish business for some reason other than to give people a fair crack of the whip when it comes to the unseen bourgoisie who enjoy an air of immunity via the grace of their benevolence. I simply feel there is currently a soft underbelly to their despotic, yet willow the wisp style reign of terror economic, financial, psychological and religious, as well as political, education and medicinal to name other avenues of their strategic presence around the globe.

It has become something of a point of curiosity how the millions and millions of Jews held in camps throughout occupied Germany after World War 2, which were solely in the US Quadrant of the newly divided Germany per the request of the Jews, these camps were called “Displaced Persons” camps. Again, amazingly the photographs go a whole way to sort of dispell any suffering that those held in these camps, bearing in mind the article does mention a little about such camps around the world, but 90%, and certainly the remainder of the article after that concentrates on just the displacment persons camps of the Jews.

After having now just watched from the Spielberg Archive this video of Displaced Persons camps in post war Germany, austria and Czechoslovakia I’m honestly gobsmacked as to what I’ve just witness, with burly healthy men cheerily enjoying the sunshine and adolecsent teenagers playing volley ball with great joy and vitality, not to mention the younger children who must have been conceived druing the war time period. The whole debacle just flies in the face of what has been programmed into me, being on the side of the “victors“.

I hope what I’m sharing here goes a good way to furthering Henry Ford’s fine work and somehow offers in some small way to add justification as to why he, and certainly nowadays many are following this rich vein of unlearnable education. I say unlearnable in the sense that it is totally outlawed in the academic institutions per Israeli foreign policy.

Please do read my other articles past, present and future and if you have means and wish to help forward and share this type of research to an indsutrial level please do email me at: where I will be happy to receive your suggestions, opinions, invites and even donations as it has somewhat taken over my life in regards to the current urgency of the situation and the Jews are obviously amping up the ante on social media forums as there they struggle to maintain the narrative, I’d like the means to match them in at least being afforded a way to do this. Thanks! Hail to Conquering The Narrative!



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