The Inevitable Future of the Left… is Right!

This Labour Party led Jewish smokescreen of Antisemtism as per “Red Ken“is such a ridiculous piecemeal attempt to whimpishly cover over what is inevitable for England and all countries the world over, the true and truly sustainable future of abundance National Socialism. It’s inevitable, because contrary to Jewish opinion we’re actually far from sheep, far from their wish to create us in their image and certainly far from stupid.

Yes, it’s a total mind scramble to peel out of the Jewish indoctrinated mindset that England and all countries did adopt through schooling, through the medical industry, the advertising industry, the porn industry, and the media, entertainment and arts. The Emperor really is wearing nothing but a brave smile emboldened by his tailor, the Jew!

How many warning signs have been given, but their profundity lesser revealed due to the circumstances directly after World War 2 unto the present day? Counting such folklore tales as Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, The Troll under the Bridge, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, the list goes on of Jews and their lust for usury via private contracts.

Being the landless Tribe as they profess to be is like having the skeleton key to all the doors. In reading the gobbledeegook of the Constitutional Law section of Halsbury’s Laws of England how easy to spot why all lawyers are Jews or Jewish, all accountants the same, acturaies also I’d wager, and I’m no gambler.

Finding the equilibrium of balance for a sustainable life is an obvious must, and where is this in the Jew laden crackhead lifestyle of these Jewish wanker who set their stall out as any snake oil salesman would. Having convinced themselves to the nth degreee their stuff works, as of course they know it, so what have they got to lose? Chutzpah, no?

They are the univited guests to the party given grace, because who would suspect Jewish Marxist Communist Sexual Bolshevism would be the wolf they’d bring to the door? Who can suspect it at all when it’s their sacred cow? At best I think the Jews can go back to Jewish Autonomous Region where they come from and set about with their own society, get back to farming, fishing and doing whatever it is that Jews do when they feebly trying to take over the world. They may make a decent sideshow for a travelling circus, like dancing bears but instead dancing Jews.

Yes, there is utter contempt for their contemptuous race, have they not shown their contempt for all other races? The answer of course is yes. They are the poison in the well, just their presence in any up and running business will be deceitfully sabotaged. So, please take heed friends and readers of this here blog, put the word out and tell the people to spread the message Judea is falling! Things will get tighter as the Jews rally to find ways to patch up their sinking ship, and it’s simking fast, theirs is a doomed race against time.

The reasons why I’m so convinced that Judaism is failing and Judea is falling is largely owing to my upbringing in a more or less, and certainly, and very unfortunately, it became less of a Traditional Roman Catholic family household. As I was growing I was told not to tell lies, I had a vivid imagination and believed many of the things I imagined to be true, or by way of wishful thinking. This, as I perceived, innocence seemed to me to be the thing I was being told to nourish and grow, and yet at the same time hack away at it until it was nearly gone. My natural espousal towards the arts, I believe, has put me in good stead for holding to my truths and coming into contact with many others who are also holding onto their truths and the one common denominator we’re finding we’re sharing is that “The Truth is Antisemitic (Anti Judaic really!)“.

As I’m growing and liberating myself from the chains of Judaicness I’m finding sense and sensibilities are much more simple. Look at any legal speak, or political potty talk and the contradictions float everywhere. The piece missing there is the wiper with the toilet paper for such sewerage, but logic and conscience are always there to bear the torch in the mindless darkness of Jewish extremist supremacy. What exactly is spiritual about Judaism again? What thing does it offer into the society at large, try to name just one thing? What of freemasonry and what that entails as to who is the Jew behind the curtain pulling all the strings of power after rendering the monarchies the world over helpless to the scourge of murderous rabbis and their kith and kin?

What of the political sphere, the one where left wing and right wing looked like and do look like shadows of what they’re supposed to look like, are we supposed not to notice. No, it’s a laughable facade led by a laughable, ridiculous non sensical race who need to now leave the building. Get busy, share the message of the Jews invisible empire falling, and look forward to, and make happen the paradise on earth we can all share. Simple solutions demonstrate the principles of brilliance and history dictates they’re easily acheivable, from the great agricultural practices of Egypt, to the paper making and printing of China. From the mapping of the Seas by the Portugese to hydron collider, making enough potatoes and sharing the water which covers 66% of the globe really shouldn’t be too much of a big deal.

Look at what people can acheive against what they are under acheiving in the Jew ridden society and how toxic and utterly detestable it all is, when people simply want to have fresh water, wholesome foods, some art, dance, music and merryment. No the Jew has to defile the pure, bend the straight, obliterate the unobliterable, well, the best laid plans of men sometimes back fire. With Judaism it’s backfiring and not much attention, as far as I can see, is being paid by the Jews to fix it, so the inevitable will occur and is occuring, that the future of the Left is Right.

It’s not right-wing in the sense of how the Jews sell their Communism, it’s Common Sense Right, like right politics, as the true nature of politics is deciding where the money goes and what laws are needed to make sure the money goes there. Well, in a wholesome, honest society rules are hardly necessary, but since the Jews are flooding the Public Offices, so the need for many, many laws become applicable. The new arrivals certainly won’t be schooled in any particular Constitutional educating so the whole place, should in the disastrous happenstance that the Jews should continue on, and turn here into United Kingdom of the Toilet, then there will be shit everywhere and no-one employable to clean it up as it will be Antisemitic to clean it up, because that’s what Judaism is, pure shit!

They say life is about choices, well, the truth is, it’s Jews versus Gentiles, because they’ve called it, no-one called it on them, did they? They’ve been given more than anyone and everyone in what’s become for everybody else a scarce world, and yet the Jews and their “Stars” live out a trashy, shell of the lives we could all be having with a little bit of effort. Let’s make it happen and outlaw Jews from Public Office and send them back to the Jewish Autonomous Region in Greater Siberia and send all the immigrants back to their respective countries that the Jews flooded here with in order to create the smokescreen that ultimately cannot be held down, because true to form smoke is not a tangible thing that can sustain in time. Ban the Jews!



What is Commercial Redemption?

Sinking the fleet of Pirate Ships attacking Our European originated Countries is what it amounts too, and the mechanics of it I’ll explain in great detail here.I hope it explains in a clear and concise way as to why it is a redemption from Commerce.

I have been studying Commercial Redemption for about 8 – 10 years, and felt I’d mastered it after maybe 2 of those years. It is indeed a wide scope of knowledge based on sound principles that I’m yet to see challenged without rebuttal. The true history of Commercial Redemption as a process derives from a Minnesota farmer named Roger Elvick, were the IRS had made claim to his net holdings of his farm to the value of $1 million dollars. He challenged this claim and was taken to Tax Court where he recieved a four year sentence for non payment.

While in the Jailhouse he met with a Polish civil engineer who had worked on such projects as the buildings of cities and explained to Roger how an article about his case reported in the Wall Street Journal directly corresponded with an article on the opposite side of the page reporting about a voluntary bankruptcy by Orange County of California. What the civil engineer explained is that the WSJ is in fact a journal ledgering of accounts and that it looked a whole lot like Minnesota State had sold their interest to Orange County for the full value of the claim made by IRS and to which Roger was now in the jailhouse for to pay as his payment back into the society for the want of the $1 million as not recieved by the IRS.

To the untrained eye this idea claimed by the Polish civil engineer was a completely out there statement by him, but how he explained, it made perfect sense to Roger. It then reeled back in time to when Roger had joined the US Army back in the 1960’s period. It had always been to Roger’s dismay why when after signing up as a recruit with the US Army he was never stationed abroad. After leaving the jailhouse Roger sought to learn more about what he’d been educated in as regards to his specific case, as his complete farm, lock, stock and barrel had been, what is tantamount to, foreclosed upon by the IRS.

As he learned that when he’d signed in St. Paul’s, capital of the State of Minnesota, he’d only ever been drafted as a reserve, and this status as a reserve correlated exactly to the Reserve banking system of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banking Institution right there on Wall St. Well, Roger found he’d only ever been signed as a reservist because according to his Social Security details his value was too much to insure to send him overseas and that the liability held by the US Government could not carry such a liability to send him overseas due to the fact that in St. Pauls there is a bank called First National Bank and they had handled the transactions dealing with Roger’s Social security account held at both the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Roger’s past history is rather interesting in that in his home town of rural Minnesota, his grandfather had been an owner of a bank, which many farmers had borrowed mortgages from, the town’s Preacher, a farmer himself and the County recorder. Unfortunately Roger’s grandfather passed and left Roger’s father now with a decision to take on the extra workload that he knew reasonably well, but would have to run his own home and farm together with being the replacement Preacher and banker. He opted to take on all of the responsibilities as people in the community would have lost their mortgages should the bank have wound up in others hands outside of the community.

Roger was at this stage about 11 years old and helped his father as best as he could at that age. Well, many years later he started to see that notices sent to him did not correspond to the activities within the County as regards to necessary payments and found a whole plethora of pirate activity going on at the Federal level and swarming the local communities all over the States. The crux of what he found revolved in a little known law that had passed called House Joint Resolution 192 (Chapter 89) which removed gold from the United States Dollar, to which every Social Security number holder had rights, titles and interests in due to their position as being represented by the US Government. The legal position of the rights, titles and interests come about care of the Fourteenth amendment which makes every US citizen now a government office holder in a non official capacity.

The People, as per the Constitution grant the rights of the US Government to act as their representatives in Congress but do not undermine the People as the grantors of that trusted position and any overreaching by the representatives is a tax fraud in that they are drawing public monies without warrant to boss the very People who granted their role.

Well, upon the Federal Reserve dollars is the inscription “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private” that means ALL debts public and private have now been assumed by the US Treasury as part owners of the Federal Reserve note issue. This means the citizenry have the rights, titles and interests in the very thing which offsets the debts and at the waive of a pen with an acceptance can discharge the liabilities of any such debts as public representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury. The reason why this is significant is that the debts, be they public and private are now the backing of the dollars and not gold.

This makes the nature of the note different to what had been prior to 1933, which just cohencidentally coincides with the election of one Adolf Hitler over there in Germany. Roosevelt drafted a kind of mirroring dummy system called the New Deal where the value of the future labours of the People were cashed in to pay forward the needs of the US citizens for all eternity, or for when gold returned as the backing for the US Dollar, whichever came first.

As Roger had grown up looking at many different forms of money, warrants, drafts, checks, bonds, coin and federal reserve notes, he began to ask himself the authority to which the People are ruled and governed by the apparent illusion of these well printed Federal Reserve Notes, that looked a lot like the US Dollar, but were in fact not, they are now still in fact bearer bonds. So, he began to do some experimentation and started to accept everything that came through the door. Treating them as offers in commerce he accepted them and charged the liabilities of the goods, products and services to the County with the US Treasury the ones liable to make the payment, which had already occured ad infinitum with the New Deal.

Well goods started to mount up and he found he could use credit cards, promissory notes, site drafts and closed account checks as means to cover the liabilities of the charges by having his Social Security number attached and when the companies wrote back stating there was no money in the accounts, he simply accepted that and heard nothing more. If you wish to study Rogers work and findings in depth, then please watch the video here.

roger E

The Jewish Pirates Legacy

In this ever evovling world no one evovles like the Jew. The Tribe have gone from being the most persecuted people, by their own estimations at least, to owning the most illustrious country that not one of the hundreds of other countries appears to be able tyo emulate as a model for success for their own countries. Jews will tell you no other people have suffered as they have throughout time, but who cares? They’re a bunch of pirates with scant regard for any law of any land that doesn’t suit them.

They don’t want to know about anything other than the promotion of Jews and Jewry. Why is it that China needs to look to Israel for advise for their aviation industry, Israel a rogue nation of six million advising a nation of 1.3 billions, does that actually make any sense?

On any pirate ship during a mutiny the overthrow is always about taking over the captains position with a portion of the crew, usually cut-throats in support of the taking of the ship.


UK and the Brexit scam

During these twitchy times for politicians, were the information can be found all over the internet about the shenannigans they get up to, now comes plus £1 billion overborrow on the £74 billion George Osbourne planned to borrow. When the City of Londons daily turnover is plus of £2.5 trillion, why is there a need to borrow any billions? Simply tax The City, seems perfect to me.

Of course the experts tell us it’s not so simple, it’s complex, blah, blah, blah, which leads me to think “Qui Bono?” It is of course the great question of Imperial Rome that firmly points the fingers in directions that they can be pointed in, or at least seeks out where the fingers need pointing.

Here’s why I firmly believe the Brexit scam is a scam and yet another layer of smokescreen for us to suck up while the Parliamentarians play kick about with the nations worth. Where EU is a good idea, of course any solidarity is, it falls down with its deliberate mismanagement. The usual flies in the ointment I’m afraid.

Now the bugle call for the Brexit is that we can close the borders, well, I hope we offload the ones who have been brought here before that happens. But, the question I now have, is how has other EU countries managed to shut their borders and be in the EU? What we want is England out of the Union, and Wales obviously. The UK is a toxic assett ready to deflate without harm to those doing the deflating. We want an English Parliament for English people of indigenous descent, because every facet of the construct of UK Plc. is a swhizz.

Our Countys powers have been undermined by over a thousand quangoes. We don’t even have a thousand Countys, at least not last time I looked, and why is it so toxic for England to have its own country for it’s own people anyhow? Here’s what’s happening in the “Real” world, China will be the first non European country to have Special Drawing Rights in the basket for exchange with widely accepted foreign currencies. I count US as a European country as it is the New World of the Europeans.

When searching google for “England’s right to self autonomy” there are no applicable hits, it’s as if England has been wiped off the face of the Earth and the greatness of the place has been hijacked, together with the US, by a bunch of pirates.  Where I am is in the “worst economically deprived area of UK” which just happens to house UK largest profit making, non tax paying outfit Peel Holdings.

I feel England, UK, EU, whoever and however can be of course profitable for all concerned when the will is there, but what actual will is there? For example why is Syria offloading all their people as “refugees” and spending millions and billions on tourist resorts? It seems to me that the expulsion of the Jews and the ghost like jurisdiction of The City of London, who loan to monarchs, just as blaise as making a cup of tea. What we have here is cancer that is trying to become the host, I cannot for the life of me think of one building found from past ages, can you?

shlomo and shmuly

Spirituality within National Socialism

The strong development of the spiritual side of our nature cannot be encouraged more than in clean sweeps of encouraging practically applied sound philosophy. Encouraging it to be a nourishing component within the political infrastructure and one that appears impossibly alien to us in the Jewish Marxist indoctrinating political arenas the world over, with very few exceptions. The undermining of our spiritual sides within the Jewish Marxist political arena causes stagnation and toxicity in the people.

It’s a verifiable piece of our make up as spiritual beings as it is being physically well developed and caring for that, almost repugnant to todays schooling and working/social classes, except for those who tow the party line. Having time to gather thoughts, to enjoy relaxing, to ponder our minds with whimsical grace are the high priveledges of those who are deemed to be rich in perhaps a philosophical sense. What is it about the momentum of society that vitally must keep the people away from any form of renaissance? A simple and clear way of existence that could so easily be a manufactured social construct to give people a better quality of lifes experience all around. Why is that so wrong to have available, oh yes, Jewish genocidal tendencies.

To me, at least it’s a sin that the homgenisation of the cattled humans has spiralled so far out of the control of the people it’s designed to serve and is basically a runaway train, or headless horsemen. Where the society at large are kept in the dark about its destination at all costs. Maybe I can put it this way, imagine a group of people, maybe say 25, and they were all encouraged in the same spirit to say go out and have fun, at the beach, at the bar, even in the workplace, would you agree this could be something that could work, on the main of it, ten times out of ten? My answer would be a yes, and my thought is that people are willing to share in good spirits when reaching for positive aims and productive outcomes, is this not spirituality in action, albeit hypothetical?

Now, let’s run through a scenario where again there’s 25 people, but this time one or two of them have been given secret instruction to sabotage the group. This is being leveraged with extra brownie points for them in future endeavours. They fall for the bait, whatever it may be, they have gone against the spirit of the group as a group and not as the group with the instruction to folow whatever it is from the groups levelled perspective, but the spirit murdered in cold blood. Let’s someone’s getting hurt, picked on, bullied, or whatever it is, and it’s the principles that I’m conveying that are important here, and here’s why. Let’s take ten groups of 25 people and let’s say in every group the people are all different, except for the saboteurs. How long would it be before the saboteurs are starting to get quite expert in what they do? Caveat in that they’ve also been given secret information behind the scenes and have an immunity if found out. Basically the whole thing is setup for the saboteurs and not the groups to enjoy in the spirit that the thing is meant to be enjoyed in.

Now upscale this to a town or city, county or state, the permutations and variables are insurmountably ridiculous and the bank is always the winner, merely based on the fact that thery’re a non particapant, and they have the secret agenda based on the information stored behind the desk. It’s very much like the question of how long would you stay in a bent casino that you knew was hookey and just basically ripping you off. Now let’s say they’ve got you on a hamster wheel, but they didn’t grease it, they tied it, and they whip you to make shape, because your future depends on it. It may not be your future singly, it maybe your familys future, your work colleagues future, sports team however. When it’s unsustainable it’s unsutainable.

The bully in the school playground finds it easy to find a weakling to pick on, and generally bullies pick and pick and pick, until they get a smack in the chops. This is the same with the upscale in the financial world, the roulette wheel has magnets under it, the poker tables have cameras and hidden ear pieces for the croupiers. We live in a big casino and the bankers, the dealers, the security and even stooges on the tables are all weighing the odds in favour of the house. This is a way to do business, but is it susutainable? Well, when there’s an end goal in sight for the management, that sustainability no longer acts as a factor, it’s simply a case of business as usual and send the heavy mob in should anyone be asking too many questions.

Now, let’s run through the scenario where the world is celebrated and transparent and people have farming to do. Good genuine farming with beautiful foods and fresh water rivers. What a world that can be, when all the communicating around the world is for showing the wealth of the respective nations in real terms, where honesty is a virtue and cultivated in the masses. Like with the Amish peoples and others who have no need to take immunity jabs because their world is free and their immunity is high, because they follow the nature of who they are as people. Not trying to make silk purses from sow’s ears. We are, and have been for at least three meillenia, living in a construct that is increasingly toxic to life and is springboarding a counter thesis to all of the mumbo jumbo economics of the stock market circuits around the world. The markets where they’re not trading the goods per se, but betting on the packaging, delivery and cheapness the goods taken off the shelves, by the people given nought but the shelf to choose from. Missing out on all the possibilities of wild natural wholesome food, a primary example would be six thousand years ago when the Egyptians used extremely simple agricultural practices to redirect water and make the desert the paradise it became. So don’t tell me it can’t be done, anything can be done, especially when it’s been before. It’s the will to do it that gets it done, and the governments and their masters, the Jews, don’t want it for us, they want it for them and hell for us. Go look out the window for proof of this, then ask yourself what is there to be done that you can do.

The world has become the circus that the Jewish bankers have been aiming to fulfill by breeding a “religion” which is like a skeleton key set of excuses for running riot the world over. Answerable to no one and at the same time debasing the life worth of every soul on the planet. Take my instance and the template against my kind as a human, a White male, is the degrading of the family unit, the economic impossibility of creating such family units, the volatility of the societys economic growth where starvation is right next door to homelessness, and that an ever increasing issue. Further, is to flood my lands with non descript peoples from all over the shop, raise prices that match the benefits they will get for coming here, not for mine, which have been stopped, tending appeal. Travel is an impossibility, holidays, shopping, literally everything of the life that has been created by my countrymen has been withdrawn from me because of political correctness. I was schooled well, worked hard in construction, fell to a short drug problem and recovered putting myself back on track to affording a family, then boom, I found out, while in China, what Communism meant to me and my kind, it wasn’t pretty, believe me.

The romantic notions I’d had of a communist state, with fair distribution and the protection of local labour industries, even as a dream, I was prepared to chase as a shared dream that I believed bettered lifes oppurtinities for me and my kind. The whole of the human race in fact. It all unfolded that there was a much, much bigger monster with its claws in the pie, than I’d been led to believe while being the tea boy during my apprenticeship. I was told to read the ragged trousered philanthropist, join the union, take out pensions, and get a mortgage. Well, I’d been deprived, I would say, of having the kind of childhood life I wished for, such as learning music, as I do now, drawing and sketching, as I do now, encouraged to write and writing, as I do now. Many of my childhood dreams, which could have so easily been afforded me as a child, I have actively persued my whole life, and the reasons why they weren’t there for me or my class. This is all not without sacrifice, this is all with sacrifice, and I find that it just so matches the sacrifices made by many, many great people before me, and the one single orchestrated and by all accounts, far removed from the public eye, that springs is National Socialist Germany, who had built upon the great ground made up by Italy under the leadership of Il Dulce, to bring Italy back from almost unrepairable damage post world war 1. Such dreams can be realised, when people wish to cooperate.


Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler, gone and never forgotten.


An inspired leader, Adolf Hitler.


What have they done?


The man made leader within the spirit of the people.


“Danke Furher”

The Gentleman Fascist.

The Gentleman Fascist is an extraordinary fellow, not least in the heads of the People. First and foremost the tv, media and other platforms of exposure never portray the Gentleman Fascist but always the biggotted aggressive lunatic, and people buy that. Yet do the facts actually dictate any elements other than purely gentleman like qualities of the fascists when allowed to fash?

Possibly the earliest of the Fascists would be the Confederate Fascist Gentlemanly types, who were set upon by the Union, as led by the emancipator proclamator Abraham Lincoln. Traitor types would look such as this, and not that Abe wasn’t a traitor. Is a Gentlemanly Fascist a traitor for wanting the best for his country and her people?

What if someone is twisting your ear telling you this or that, when actually you should have known, has anyone not been there? What is it about the Gentlmen Fascists that can’t be explained by the press that no-one believes except when it comes to the Gentlemen Fascist? I, for one could easily say how baffled I am at this paradoxical conundrum, but I know what’s going down, and it should be getting closer to obvious to everyone, I’m no special snowflake.

What one thing could you mysteriously change with the wave of a magic wand, and how is it not what some Gentleman Fascist has done before you? If you can do the research, then you must, it’s a duty to yourself, to your family and to all. Long Live the Gentlemenly Fascists!


The model Gentleman Fascist of the 20th Century.

Leftist Capitalism – The savage dog tearing the West to shreds.

Left styled Capitalism is a completely alien concept in most people’s minds, how can it be to the left and capitalist, which in the fake left/right wing paradigm is not logical, can’t be processed, cannot function and yet here we are in the thick of it.

Where men become women, dogs marry their owners, a tree drives a bus, the whole thing is absolutely absurd and the controls to stop it have been chucked out of the window long since. We’re in a free fall were DNA has become as worthless as the dust it is obviously made from, taking away ALL of the spiritual nature of our beings and leaving us to the Glossy Magazine culture that is so well funded on the Jewish glowing lantern in ever living room around the world!.

This “Materialistic” world forced upon us by the International Jew who has no country that he will claim first allegiance, other than possibly Israel, is using the words spoken as well as written as things in fact to attack the culture and yield the masses of civilization into eternal submission. The reasons for this in whole are a mystery, but I’d suggest that the people in the hiddeen governments, the ones running the governments now, basically the Jews, all of them and not just a part of them, have inherited this life, and it’s probably all they know.

In my video here I go to great lengths to explain what I believe based on what I’d say is sound research given that these days it’s my number one priority. And it was while watching and listening to one of the many incredible Jonathan Bowden video presentations on you tube that I heard him make reference to capitalism as now being something used by the left, and how 100 years or so ago that concept would be indecipherable by the average man, as I’m sure remains the case. Perestroika Deception here.

Now, I’m sorry I haven’t the exact video, as I listen to them over and over and to many, but maybe I can re-edit this at a future time, but the idea of “Leftists Capitalism” struck a chord, and Jonathan is very good at doing it very often, may he rest in peace. So I simply wanted to make reference to this purely Jewish mind boggling construct that is leaving people running around like chickens with no heads, because they see not the solution. Well you can’t fix something that you don’t even know what the thing is, let alone what the problem with it as it pertains to you maybe, so I hope passing this message on from the aforementioned great mind, will help to deconstruct this madness and give us back our rightful lives and much, much more. Viva Normalcy!

left capitalism

Product of the Perestroika Deception – Leftist Capitalism.

Free-Range Communism on the Jewish Plantation

It comes to my mind that people are doing their absolute utmost to bring the solutions to the tables here and for Mankind it’s becoming a slow prcess, but nonetheless progress is being made. You will be affected in some way in how things swing politically around the world as the juggling balls become far too much to keep in the air for the limited, though rather well practised Jews, who have been at this a while.

Let’s take what may be taken as what’s not Communism in everyday society here, schools. Schools have been subverted and are teaching a very toxic version of education that is educating no one, except indoctrinating them into Communism. Action: seek out if you have a jew in your education departments somewhere, likewise the medical, the police, the military forces. I kid you not, I have labelled these things many times before in previous articles, so I won’t harp on that.

What I will harp on is the actual facts, they are that Communism is definitely becoming more transparent in everyday society when people understand that Communism, unlike Fascism, Communism will take away ALL belongings, including life, because everything belongs to the State. It’s the perfect system for Communists who run Communism, look, here’s the ball game. Naive wandering desperate people stumble upon political groups that offer what look like solutions when you’re stuck in those ruts, and I’m speaking figuratively here to get the message across.

In joining this new and exciting group that encourages the things you wish for, working for the community, for the benefit of yourself and others, giving what you can for the greater good, all that great stuff, that’s what a social minded person would wish for all day long. So, socialism is sold by Communists as Communism, one that has no answer to National Socialism by the way, funny thing isn’t it. Well that is the springing of the trap right there. Action: Go join a fascist group and see how easy or difficult it is for them to get their message out as opposed to the Communist groups.

These Communists have been extremely busy in the upper echelons of Public Office, doing things we often times don’t even know about, creating laws we’re not supposed to know let alone understand if we ever do find out they exist. Sharing money among themselves that is just going off-shore and never fairly distributed. Look at the jobs situations, service industries, come on… Just exactly how sustainable are service industries in a world that is reliant on food simply for the purposes of existing? Action: Grow foods.

There needs to be a good kick up the fanny here, because the paper ass-hole is about to meet the flaming blow torch. It’s not like there’s not enough people who are active and screaming the answer until they’re blue in the face with the answers, as they should. Where are you in this equation? Man up! Stay well clear of that which is not the answer too, that’s also Communism in it’s most deadly form, it’s most camoflauged, waiting for the prey to bite the bait and WHAMMO!!! BOSH!!! OVER!!!

When People understand Socialism and compare National Socialism and that Socialism of Communism, as has been the demonstrated for the failure that that is decades over with the Iron Curtain and the contrasting eras of then, the “Cold War” period and 1930’s Germany  and Italy where in just a very few short years the management of the country was as it can be, it’s not rocket science here. Field, house, horse and cart (car, if you will, blurgh!) food, fresh clean water, love and life with a family, what am I missing here?


The International Jew 2

As it’s been almost a full century since the first book by the Great American motor industrialist Henry Ford, I felt it only fitting an update takes place given that he described the International Jew in the subheading of his largely exhaustive work, as the World’s Foremost Problem. Now it’s not my fault I have been born into the time and space that I’ve been born into, and I’m sure it’s the same with you. We all have eyes to see, ears to hear and what we see and hear will condition who we are as we exist in the reality of life. Unquestionably!

Many people wish to dismiss or rather ignore the Jews and their position in society as it seems something that is beyond their meagre means, actually I should say priveleged position, as it’s nearer the truth, and I don’t know about you but I feel truth is attainable and not unattainable. Now it’s long been established that Jews have a heady influence in the world, but let’s take a look see just how much Mr. Ford was referring to as is applicable to Our age of today.

Well, it is a maze to sort of knit everything together as Jews are certainly elusive when it comes to being as elevated as sports stars, entertainment stars or other household names of high reputations in todays society, so let’s just shoot the breeze a little. First that popped up in a random google search for who insures the media came this. Amazingly next the FT points in a perfect direction on just the second link of my search The Fat Jew – Superstar.

Reading through the article gives a fair impression of the persecution the poor Jews have to suffer as they do business in the worlds most expensive places, but we’re just getting started. Next I think I’ll go to the Jew who owns Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who beleives ISIS, who is Israel, can be won by what he calls “Love” and obviously another Jew will come to the aid of sensibility and be the hero of the hour putting the big wig in his place, thereby creating the mythical “Good Jew

Now I hope people don’t think I’m particularly pointing out Jewish business for some reason other than to give people a fair crack of the whip when it comes to the unseen bourgoisie who enjoy an air of immunity via the grace of their benevolence. I simply feel there is currently a soft underbelly to their despotic, yet willow the wisp style reign of terror economic, financial, psychological and religious, as well as political, education and medicinal to name other avenues of their strategic presence around the globe.

It has become something of a point of curiosity how the millions and millions of Jews held in camps throughout occupied Germany after World War 2, which were solely in the US Quadrant of the newly divided Germany per the request of the Jews, these camps were called “Displaced Persons” camps. Again, amazingly the photographs go a whole way to sort of dispell any suffering that those held in these camps, bearing in mind the article does mention a little about such camps around the world, but 90%, and certainly the remainder of the article after that concentrates on just the displacment persons camps of the Jews.

After having now just watched from the Spielberg Archive this video of Displaced Persons camps in post war Germany, austria and Czechoslovakia I’m honestly gobsmacked as to what I’ve just witness, with burly healthy men cheerily enjoying the sunshine and adolecsent teenagers playing volley ball with great joy and vitality, not to mention the younger children who must have been conceived druing the war time period. The whole debacle just flies in the face of what has been programmed into me, being on the side of the “victors“.

I hope what I’m sharing here goes a good way to furthering Henry Ford’s fine work and somehow offers in some small way to add justification as to why he, and certainly nowadays many are following this rich vein of unlearnable education. I say unlearnable in the sense that it is totally outlawed in the academic institutions per Israeli foreign policy.

Please do read my other articles past, present and future and if you have means and wish to help forward and share this type of research to an indsutrial level please do email me at: where I will be happy to receive your suggestions, opinions, invites and even donations as it has somewhat taken over my life in regards to the current urgency of the situation and the Jews are obviously amping up the ante on social media forums as there they struggle to maintain the narrative, I’d like the means to match them in at least being afforded a way to do this. Thanks! Hail to Conquering The Narrative!