UK Govt – People Traders!

Oh how it woes me to write this that so much information is available about those lackies in government, and not just the ruling party, but throughout the infrastructure. It’s a sad, sad day when such an article as this has to be written, but it’s only an information as to what’s wholly verifiable about the lackey pirate mercenaries who have been running the UK government and what they’ve been up to.

What’s not known, largely at least is the mechanisms of the how, not least the why’s and wherefore’s. The mechanism is through commercial paper whereby it’s a game of chase for the lackey pirate mercenaries. There’s a real swathe of people in the country now who are compelled to stand up and claim that Natural Law is being tampered with. Only the abhorrent would try to play God, try to replace God, try to subvert the people away from God using every evil means possible.

Just these past few days Iain Duncan Smith has resigned based on his morals, morals that could no longer take anymore what was being dished out and what he was volunteering to be part of.

ids noose

The lackies have done everything they can to harm UK, everything using Communism as the means to operate the govt subversively. Yes that old Jewish devil rears it’s head once again, largely because it’s been found out via the internet and people knowing what is right and what is wrong, and what govts the world have been doing for a great many years is Trade People. It’s basically works similarly to how land banking works, they build up the value of the stock for selling, where applicable, then destroy that value wantonly in order to create an illusion that the land was never actually worth anything as it was, now you get to “redevelop” which happens a whole lot in England and is a way to move money of astronomical amounts willy nilly and under the protection of govt schemes. Think about it, if you was a lackey pirate mercenary, wouldn’t running the govt be the perfect position for you to get away with everything? Who polices governments?

Listen to Jewess Luciana Berger here who so arrogantly takes the moral high ground in saying that 1 in 4 people per year will suffer with mental illness and that people struggling with their sexuality can be “helped” to become homosexual.

Of course people will suffer mental disorders in the last 40 years UK has had the guts ripped right out of it, while more and more non-indigenous get moved in to boss the indigenous around and sap more money out of .UK More frustratingly is the lack of vision in leading the country through the Information Age, not into it, it’s already here,nformation is currency.

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