What if… Israel?

All the questions that can be asked of Israel’s amazing foreign friends are surely revolving around such things as how the heck did the Jews become so important? What gives the Jews the “God given” rights to account for land occupied? What exactly is Israel anyhow?

As Israel exists without an actual Constitution and is based on a Basic Law that serves as it’s Constitution it’s pretty difficult for me to see, after studying State Constitutions for almost 10 years now. I’t quite difficult for me to see how Israel operates as a State formed with a mere Basic Law, as with, oh, Germany, heavens to betsy, also Hong Kong, quel surprise. Yet the importance of the Constitutions in other States is absolutely fundamental to the forming of the respective nations.

Israel are allowed to come swanning in as the newest State, with clout from all over the world, and for what? For what purpose exactly does Israel need to be situated slap bang right in the hub of the three connected continents? Why would that be?

What is about there specifically the God the Almighty would choose a People that are transparently kicking up a fuss wherever they go, Russia, Germany, US, UK and Palastine, to name but a few. (See other articles for more.) My father would point out to me on TV how the “Palastinian savages” would “wreak havoc” on the Jews, and he’s not one bit religious he tells me, though I caught him out daily. Typical absurd viewpoint, as we’re all living in God, it’s just how one conceptualises things, frustratingly more and more people jump on the “aetheist” bandwagon, without realisng that’s pushed by the Godless Jewish Communism.

So what could Israel do better if it’s positioned in another local, why can’t this solution be brought? What’s the big deal for the Jews not to have a State were there’s been ongoing trouble since they blew up the British Governmental HQ in British Palestinian Mandate in 1946? There’s plenty of room in Russia, Putin even wants them to go there, what’s the problem? What solution is Israel prepared to bring and live up to, and finally live in cooperation with it’s neighbours? They just seem like a bunch of thugs to me, and I’m looking only at what takes place  in every country Israel is connected with, and not so much on the “Palestine issue” per se.

Why are the politicians so slow to apply pressure on Israel, is there a veiled threat of death looming from the Sayanim Assains? It’s about time all this muck got sorted out!

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