Gideon “George” “Cocaine” Osbourne.

What a snivelly crock of crap the UK villain and economic hitman for the Jews George Osbourne is, from his Bullingdon Boy days to his prostituting coke snorting days of… well, probably last night. He is an insidious little man who sits along side others of such insidiousness of snakes, Cameron, obviously, new Party chairman Lord Feldman, Ian Livingstone  and click link.

It seems being in with the Jew crew pays dividends for some, promises for others and cuts for everybody else. As UK readies to be further away from the People by con-trolling with automation, making lucrative windfalls for some while shady “charities” go posing benevolence.


Just how top heavy in Jews does UK have to become before people realise what they’re up to is a racket? Talk about the new snooper act by Theresa May and lo and behold yet another Jew pops up, this time Matthew Gould Director of Cyber Security and Information Assurance at the Cabinet Office. Make your own minds up!

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