Following what is Right, no matter what the bullshit.

Only words form opinions, it’s the only way to command thoughts specifically across a wide range of the populous. In this one size fits all lunatic asylum that has mushroomed its way across Our lands since the destruction of the German Will in 1945. The top heavy Service based eco-no-money the produces nothing now, as all the manufacturing was traded out for a cheapo imitation version of what took thousands of years to accumulate.

All that worth and value, what we in England call “Equity” is being attempted to be wiped off the face of the earth by a subversive sub-culture of Jews. All platforms are now unavailable for “politically incorrect speech” that means put up and shut up! Well, excuse me for having the balls the size of cannon balls, but I think they’re over reaching just a teeny tad there, to expect the Great British Public to put up with this as figure heads for freedom and justice.

As the veil lifts everyday and the nature of these unscrupulous merchants becomes ever more transparent do they really expect us to just sit back and not join the dots? Hahaha, I don’t think so, not on my watch – “He who laughs last, laughs longest” Englsih Proverb.

So while Twighlight might have set on england from the Nameless War there are stronger factors here in play, the factors of Blood and Soil, those binding things that carry messages for us through Our shared DNA and what Our subversive adversaries know better than we do, currently. But there is a new politics arising, one that is bold, righteous, honourable and right. One that anybody in their right mind cannot deny, it is that of Social Justice as delivered by the conscience and the Nationalist principles of tribalism.



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