Con-Trolling the “Narrative”.

Being straight up about things is a blessing and also can be a folly when trying to be straight up about things when others are in on an inside joke and it makes you a part of the butt of their ongoing joke. Worse without knowing the extent of the inside joke, what may seem innocent to some, also not in on the joke, albeit by unawares proxy.

Someone starts rumours that become fashionable fast, tag words, catchphrases all manner of means to manipulate the “Narrative”. Let’s put the narrative in con-text here a little. Where are the human race going as a race? Will they maintain their own identities through political means? Will the People finally bring the rogue goy-vermins to heel?

There’s so much rhetoric to bounce around the media platforms that compare basically nothing against nothing, as with the markets. it’s all bumkum. Like Charities, what a croc, look at the amounts goes, or rather doesn’t go to Africa, the place is being bled dry, as is everywhere. Look at the Federal Reserve, now ran by Janet Yellen, from Brooklyn. The new US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is Orthodox.

Let’s imagine it’s not who is being put forth as controlling the narrative and let’#s imagine there is no narrative, what then? Anarchy, Chaos… what can people conceive from these things? Let’s imagine it is and how would the context be put forth then? What could you do about it anyhow? What if your perception of how things are are exactly aligned to what’s going on, how incredible would that be, you’d have zillions in the bank because of smart trading, right?

Well, I think I don’t know much, but what I do know is from very well hidden areas of the society at large and is done so for a reason. Why can’t questions be asked about this or that? What’s so toxic to government departments upholding the law on the side of the People who employ them for once? What more of conscience? How would you run the country you live in if given the reigns? Why aren’t you writing about that then?


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