They whisper White genocide!


My father said to me once when working together with him, when I’d hesitated and not met with an order – “It’s results we want, not excuses.”

It has taken a lot out of me to arrange this article, but spurred on by Scott, Peter , AZL among others. It’s really something that is unheard in Our Parliaments, where things unaddressed are being left to ruin and anarchy, so I feel as a point of urgency I must write my thoughts based on more than mere opinion. It has taken a lot of groundwork for me personally to line my ducks up in a row on this subject, but I feel I’ve accomplished something in just the title alone.

Here are some basic facts that must be acknowledged, and I’ve thought long and hard about this to bring clarity here. The lands that we have grown from represent Our Fathers and Mothers, without the land that has been vested in us, we have nothing to provide food for ourselves. That is a very unhealthy equation when one considers it is under subversive attack and one that is being supported through the main thread of all governments within EU right now, and it is a vindicative position they are taking, because they are operating, what in corporate world as countries have long since become. They are operating an “Hostile takeover.”

The World as we know it, Our civilised and advanced world is truly asleep, and it’s parts being offloaded in our catatonia. We are living in a dreamworld that we take as being something that is being created for our benefit, while the important things are left unimportant and the unimportant taken with the highest esteem. It’s a state where toxicity has become the new nourishment, and without it, to face reality would be the crippling effect, when already we are crippled comfortably into acephalus.

One thing that has become, in my observation at least, is that now being the self-righteous rebel has become iconic, and the one position supported by Government, and that support mechanism is the fungus that is eating away from the inside, while people grin smugly in the clandestine pseudo-anarchist  comfortability of the justified anarchist. To be so naive really is testament to the deep, deep coma that we are being stimulated as Frankensteins along the path of our own destruction by people who study, act on and are masters at the Art of War from generations past, not just now. The attack on us is long thought out, and being expertly administered as the surgeon uses the scalpel.


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