UK Govt – People Traders!

Oh how it woes me to write this that so much information is available about those lackies in government, and not just the ruling party, but throughout the infrastructure. It’s a sad, sad day when such an article as this has to be written, but it’s only an information as to what’s wholly verifiable about the lackey pirate mercenaries who have been running the UK government and what they’ve been up to.

What’s not known, largely at least is the mechanisms of the how, not least the why’s and wherefore’s. The mechanism is through commercial paper whereby it’s a game of chase for the lackey pirate mercenaries. There’s a real swathe of people in the country now who are compelled to stand up and claim that Natural Law is being tampered with. Only the abhorrent would try to play God, try to replace God, try to subvert the people away from God using every evil means possible.

Just these past few days Iain Duncan Smith has resigned based on his morals, morals that could no longer take anymore what was being dished out and what he was volunteering to be part of.

ids noose

The lackies have done everything they can to harm UK, everything using Communism as the means to operate the govt subversively. Yes that old Jewish devil rears it’s head once again, largely because it’s been found out via the internet and people knowing what is right and what is wrong, and what govts the world have been doing for a great many years is Trade People. It’s basically works similarly to how land banking works, they build up the value of the stock for selling, where applicable, then destroy that value wantonly in order to create an illusion that the land was never actually worth anything as it was, now you get to “redevelop” which happens a whole lot in England and is a way to move money of astronomical amounts willy nilly and under the protection of govt schemes. Think about it, if you was a lackey pirate mercenary, wouldn’t running the govt be the perfect position for you to get away with everything? Who polices governments?

Listen to Jewess Luciana Berger here who so arrogantly takes the moral high ground in saying that 1 in 4 people per year will suffer with mental illness and that people struggling with their sexuality can be “helped” to become homosexual.

Of course people will suffer mental disorders in the last 40 years UK has had the guts ripped right out of it, while more and more non-indigenous get moved in to boss the indigenous around and sap more money out of .UK More frustratingly is the lack of vision in leading the country through the Information Age, not into it, it’s already here,nformation is currency.

Following what is Right, no matter what the bullshit.

Only words form opinions, it’s the only way to command thoughts specifically across a wide range of the populous. In this one size fits all lunatic asylum that has mushroomed its way across Our lands since the destruction of the German Will in 1945. The top heavy Service based eco-no-money the produces nothing now, as all the manufacturing was traded out for a cheapo imitation version of what took thousands of years to accumulate.

All that worth and value, what we in England call “Equity” is being attempted to be wiped off the face of the earth by a subversive sub-culture of Jews. All platforms are now unavailable for “politically incorrect speech” that means put up and shut up! Well, excuse me for having the balls the size of cannon balls, but I think they’re over reaching just a teeny tad there, to expect the Great British Public to put up with this as figure heads for freedom and justice.

As the veil lifts everyday and the nature of these unscrupulous merchants becomes ever more transparent do they really expect us to just sit back and not join the dots? Hahaha, I don’t think so, not on my watch – “He who laughs last, laughs longest” Englsih Proverb.

So while Twighlight might have set on england from the Nameless War there are stronger factors here in play, the factors of Blood and Soil, those binding things that carry messages for us through Our shared DNA and what Our subversive adversaries know better than we do, currently. But there is a new politics arising, one that is bold, righteous, honourable and right. One that anybody in their right mind cannot deny, it is that of Social Justice as delivered by the conscience and the Nationalist principles of tribalism.



Gideon “George” “Cocaine” Osbourne.

What a snivelly crock of crap the UK villain and economic hitman for the Jews George Osbourne is, from his Bullingdon Boy days to his prostituting coke snorting days of… well, probably last night. He is an insidious little man who sits along side others of such insidiousness of snakes, Cameron, obviously, new Party chairman Lord Feldman, Ian Livingstone  and click link.

It seems being in with the Jew crew pays dividends for some, promises for others and cuts for everybody else. As UK readies to be further away from the People by con-trolling with automation, making lucrative windfalls for some while shady “charities” go posing benevolence.


Just how top heavy in Jews does UK have to become before people realise what they’re up to is a racket? Talk about the new snooper act by Theresa May and lo and behold yet another Jew pops up, this time Matthew Gould Director of Cyber Security and Information Assurance at the Cabinet Office. Make your own minds up!

What if… Israel?

All the questions that can be asked of Israel’s amazing foreign friends are surely revolving around such things as how the heck did the Jews become so important? What gives the Jews the “God given” rights to account for land occupied? What exactly is Israel anyhow?

As Israel exists without an actual Constitution and is based on a Basic Law that serves as it’s Constitution it’s pretty difficult for me to see, after studying State Constitutions for almost 10 years now. I’t quite difficult for me to see how Israel operates as a State formed with a mere Basic Law, as with, oh, Germany, heavens to betsy, also Hong Kong, quel surprise. Yet the importance of the Constitutions in other States is absolutely fundamental to the forming of the respective nations.

Israel are allowed to come swanning in as the newest State, with clout from all over the world, and for what? For what purpose exactly does Israel need to be situated slap bang right in the hub of the three connected continents? Why would that be?

What is about there specifically the God the Almighty would choose a People that are transparently kicking up a fuss wherever they go, Russia, Germany, US, UK and Palastine, to name but a few. (See other articles for more.) My father would point out to me on TV how the “Palastinian savages” would “wreak havoc” on the Jews, and he’s not one bit religious he tells me, though I caught him out daily. Typical absurd viewpoint, as we’re all living in God, it’s just how one conceptualises things, frustratingly more and more people jump on the “aetheist” bandwagon, without realisng that’s pushed by the Godless Jewish Communism.

So what could Israel do better if it’s positioned in another local, why can’t this solution be brought? What’s the big deal for the Jews not to have a State were there’s been ongoing trouble since they blew up the British Governmental HQ in British Palestinian Mandate in 1946? There’s plenty of room in Russia, Putin even wants them to go there, what’s the problem? What solution is Israel prepared to bring and live up to, and finally live in cooperation with it’s neighbours? They just seem like a bunch of thugs to me, and I’m looking only at what takes place  in every country Israel is connected with, and not so much on the “Palestine issue” per se.

Why are the politicians so slow to apply pressure on Israel, is there a veiled threat of death looming from the Sayanim Assains? It’s about time all this muck got sorted out!

Anarchism promoted by Communism.

The Anarchists dream has been lived, albeit very shortly in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. What happened there will easily happen again should Anarchists ever manage to overcome, or rather be let win with as much destruction as possible. So you don’t teach your granny to suck eggs, and you may not like the butt hurt, but savvy up, there’s more at stake than your busted ego.

Right now we’re seeing Anarchism promoted as being the Valhalla of a Supreme State of Being, when all along behind the scenes the Communists, through every conceivable public mechanism, plot and plan the destruction from within of our already highly fractured society. You think these people give anything away… Get Real!


Con-Trolling the “Narrative”.

Being straight up about things is a blessing and also can be a folly when trying to be straight up about things when others are in on an inside joke and it makes you a part of the butt of their ongoing joke. Worse without knowing the extent of the inside joke, what may seem innocent to some, also not in on the joke, albeit by unawares proxy.

Someone starts rumours that become fashionable fast, tag words, catchphrases all manner of means to manipulate the “Narrative”. Let’s put the narrative in con-text here a little. Where are the human race going as a race? Will they maintain their own identities through political means? Will the People finally bring the rogue goy-vermins to heel?

There’s so much rhetoric to bounce around the media platforms that compare basically nothing against nothing, as with the markets. it’s all bumkum. Like Charities, what a croc, look at the amounts goes, or rather doesn’t go to Africa, the place is being bled dry, as is everywhere. Look at the Federal Reserve, now ran by Janet Yellen, from Brooklyn. The new US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is Orthodox.

Let’s imagine it’s not who is being put forth as controlling the narrative and let’#s imagine there is no narrative, what then? Anarchy, Chaos… what can people conceive from these things? Let’s imagine it is and how would the context be put forth then? What could you do about it anyhow? What if your perception of how things are are exactly aligned to what’s going on, how incredible would that be, you’d have zillions in the bank because of smart trading, right?

Well, I think I don’t know much, but what I do know is from very well hidden areas of the society at large and is done so for a reason. Why can’t questions be asked about this or that? What’s so toxic to government departments upholding the law on the side of the People who employ them for once? What more of conscience? How would you run the country you live in if given the reigns? Why aren’t you writing about that then?


They whisper White genocide!


My father said to me once when working together with him, when I’d hesitated and not met with an order – “It’s results we want, not excuses.”

It has taken a lot out of me to arrange this article, but spurred on by Scott, Peter , AZL among others. It’s really something that is unheard in Our Parliaments, where things unaddressed are being left to ruin and anarchy, so I feel as a point of urgency I must write my thoughts based on more than mere opinion. It has taken a lot of groundwork for me personally to line my ducks up in a row on this subject, but I feel I’ve accomplished something in just the title alone.

Here are some basic facts that must be acknowledged, and I’ve thought long and hard about this to bring clarity here. The lands that we have grown from represent Our Fathers and Mothers, without the land that has been vested in us, we have nothing to provide food for ourselves. That is a very unhealthy equation when one considers it is under subversive attack and one that is being supported through the main thread of all governments within EU right now, and it is a vindicative position they are taking, because they are operating, what in corporate world as countries have long since become. They are operating an “Hostile takeover.”

The World as we know it, Our civilised and advanced world is truly asleep, and it’s parts being offloaded in our catatonia. We are living in a dreamworld that we take as being something that is being created for our benefit, while the important things are left unimportant and the unimportant taken with the highest esteem. It’s a state where toxicity has become the new nourishment, and without it, to face reality would be the crippling effect, when already we are crippled comfortably into acephalus.

One thing that has become, in my observation at least, is that now being the self-righteous rebel has become iconic, and the one position supported by Government, and that support mechanism is the fungus that is eating away from the inside, while people grin smugly in the clandestine pseudo-anarchist  comfortability of the justified anarchist. To be so naive really is testament to the deep, deep coma that we are being stimulated as Frankensteins along the path of our own destruction by people who study, act on and are masters at the Art of War from generations past, not just now. The attack on us is long thought out, and being expertly administered as the surgeon uses the scalpel.