Millions unemployed, foreign workers not needed.

So many foreigners have been brought to Our shores and integrated into the workplace, while we, the Europeans remain unemployable. Universities are sucking up hundreds of thousands of foreigners drawn by the promise of a great education, and Englands best selling point is that the degree is one year less than anywhere else in the world, such is the testimony to it’s greatness. In all my life I have only ever been under the supervision of one English Doctor, and she was great, at Addenbrookes Hospital during my time in Cambridge.

Most recently I have met an Indian Hindu “Psychiatrist” who during my meeting with him explained his job is to identify the problem then administer the drugs accordingly if required. If the assessment shows no drugs are necessary no drugs will be given. Click here also:

So while we’re told that foreign workers are required, we still have millions and millions unemployed, and I say this millions and millions, because the statistics can tell the truth when we want them too also. Obvious, right? In the unemployable bracket we have 1/3 of the Nation as pensioners, school children and university students, who technically can be employed, and often are in part time jobs that undermine the full time needs for workers and they can often afford to work for less, as they have no family to support in the vast majority of cases. Then there are military service, police service and prison service, along with inmates, who, for inmates, and remember the jails are full here in UK. The number of inmates is circa 71,000, with all of these non producers being carried by the system and foreigners being paid to come here to get jobs where they will send money home for the families to come here, and so it shall mushroom.

But, at least in the medical now something seems to be being done. What irks me most is that, what training for Indigenous Citizenry? Are we really breeding such criminally minded people to warrant full jails and foreign workers brought in? Also many of the younger people of Our Home Countries have no concept of Heavy Industry and what it means for the value of the Nation as a producer of something at the end of each “working” day. Also in this 2 page document is outlined now the new rules of immigration for non EU students, so while the youth here find it terribly difficult to get places in Our “World-Class Universities, the foreigners are welcome as long as they have the money to pay, how crazy! We must give Our own a cat in hells chance too, not that that is being given, contrary, every opportunity to kill the cat is being pressed on the Citizenry, it’s illegal at best, and racketeering by a select few, bearing in mind people of England, at least, live on only 7% of the land, and the “Aristocracy” “own” the rest.

Will anything actually happen for Our People, in Our Homelands? Yes, we can wait for the “politicians” to fix it for us, or we can be getting active and, let me put this to you, let’s suppose there isn’t a war on us. That’d be fine right, and let’s look at the contrast, what if there is, what lengths would you go to to defend yourself? THIS IS A DISTRESS CALLING TO YOU!!! WE ARE AT WAR!!! REPEAT – WE ARE AT WAR!!!6367_1572852909703761_1680246203094453468_n

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