Europe, Refuge for Banks and Invaders.

jewfckrsisis5Mother Europa is so disastrously being raped and pillaged in what can only be described as the most blatant Jewish Holocausting of a whole Continent in the History of Man. Since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia which took place of the prior Menshavik Revolution to World War two have the Jews slain and decimated European lands, including the outlands of the European Peoples. From Rhodesia to South Africa, from Brazil to Argentina, Australia to New Zealand the Jewish Banking system has been sucking the very life blood out of Our Nations.

In Spain and Portugal now are Jews being let back in, in Russia there is an open invite to all Jews, Israel maintains its open invitation to them also.Throughout history have the Jews being spending their time in a concerted effort targeting the Heads of States to control money supplies through the once thought efficient Central Banking system. This system wholly undermines the status of the People’s of the Nations by their governments being dependent of buying money for use by the People in wholly Unconstitutional ways.

The Constitutions of the Nations are being cast out in favour of Corporate policy makers working for Multi-National Corporations who determine the politics of the Nations. It’s a madhouse of Stock Market trading based on the Treasuries of the Nations and their worth and values in an open fest for traders with no checks of balances allowed due to the secretive nature of the Jewish Banking systems in contrast to what Peoples believe their Nations are being ruled by.

As each country is being asked to fairly distribute the refugees, who never actually look like refugees in a million years. The country then offers themselves as the insurers of the invaders, and those insurances can be traded on the bonds market. In a world of countries operating as private companies, it’s to be expected that stock, refugees, aka common stock, get what the insurances require. It’s all basically gambling and hedging bets etc. To be more acurate it’s betting on human trafficking, it’s probably why the numbers are all up in the air, as who will bet on the winner of the war they created? Click here:

Bonds are basically money, and investors seek returns, which is why it’s always difficult to get insurers to pay out. In reflection it’s why the countries promise so much, cos they’re cashing in on the whole thing, or the Jews are, something not right with the whole deal, but it all revolves around insurance.Click here:

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