Millions unemployed, foreign workers not needed.

So many foreigners have been brought to Our shores and integrated into the workplace, while we, the Europeans remain unemployable. Universities are sucking up hundreds of thousands of foreigners drawn by the promise of a great education, and Englands best selling point is that the degree is one year less than anywhere else in the world, such is the testimony to it’s greatness. In all my life I have only ever been under the supervision of one English Doctor, and she was great, at Addenbrookes Hospital during my time in Cambridge.

Most recently I have met an Indian Hindu “Psychiatrist” who during my meeting with him explained his job is to identify the problem then administer the drugs accordingly if required. If the assessment shows no drugs are necessary no drugs will be given. Click here also:

So while we’re told that foreign workers are required, we still have millions and millions unemployed, and I say this millions and millions, because the statistics can tell the truth when we want them too also. Obvious, right? In the unemployable bracket we have 1/3 of the Nation as pensioners, school children and university students, who technically can be employed, and often are in part time jobs that undermine the full time needs for workers and they can often afford to work for less, as they have no family to support in the vast majority of cases. Then there are military service, police service and prison service, along with inmates, who, for inmates, and remember the jails are full here in UK. The number of inmates is circa 71,000, with all of these non producers being carried by the system and foreigners being paid to come here to get jobs where they will send money home for the families to come here, and so it shall mushroom.

But, at least in the medical now something seems to be being done. What irks me most is that, what training for Indigenous Citizenry? Are we really breeding such criminally minded people to warrant full jails and foreign workers brought in? Also many of the younger people of Our Home Countries have no concept of Heavy Industry and what it means for the value of the Nation as a producer of something at the end of each “working” day. Also in this 2 page document is outlined now the new rules of immigration for non EU students, so while the youth here find it terribly difficult to get places in Our “World-Class Universities, the foreigners are welcome as long as they have the money to pay, how crazy! We must give Our own a cat in hells chance too, not that that is being given, contrary, every opportunity to kill the cat is being pressed on the Citizenry, it’s illegal at best, and racketeering by a select few, bearing in mind people of England, at least, live on only 7% of the land, and the “Aristocracy” “own” the rest.

Will anything actually happen for Our People, in Our Homelands? Yes, we can wait for the “politicians” to fix it for us, or we can be getting active and, let me put this to you, let’s suppose there isn’t a war on us. That’d be fine right, and let’s look at the contrast, what if there is, what lengths would you go to to defend yourself? THIS IS A DISTRESS CALLING TO YOU!!! WE ARE AT WAR!!! REPEAT – WE ARE AT WAR!!!6367_1572852909703761_1680246203094453468_n

Why do we need to care?

What is it about caring for things that makes one thing more necessary to care for than another? It’s a rhetorical question, but just let me caveat this in and please ponder on the thought as you consider the contents in this article. I was watching a news show the other day and it described how 125 million women are suffering in other continents from religious ritual female genital mutilation. Now this bracket that these women have been caveated in will put them somewhere in the brackets of “Traumatised People”.

As we consider this notion of said 125 million people, women, who are being oppressed, swing open the doors of the European Nations and derivative Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, America Canada, etc, all of the Nations that were founded originally by People’s of European descent. What is largely kept out of mainstream media is that, for example, China has massive swathes of empty lands to the West in their country. Huge vast and undeveloped lands sit waiting to be developed, as in Asian Russia, huge areas three times the size of Europe sit doing nothing at all whatsoever. Africa itself has many, many places that are easily life sustaining, but the incumbent governments together with much contempt for Europe and what Europeans have achieved have decided it’s in their best interests to put problems on us that in no way we voted for or have had the chance to offer alternatives as solutions.

This ambushing is a particular style that is threading itself, without apparent reprisal on these Multi-National Corporate flunkies that have managed, through expensive lobbying, have managed to be placed in every Office of power conceivable. Nothing now is sacred or lamentable, as the needs of whole Nations now are being placed on Our doorsteps. Finding solutions has become the reverse order as the governments frequently meet, at cost to the Nations of the Home Continent, to discuss how to draw up problems and cut solutions out of the equation so the money men rule all that Human Trafficking with maximum profits and low risk. Now, this is quite an amazing scenario, because if you have fluttered on the stock markets that is exactly what you would be looking for for high yields from little risk, how amazing is that?

Just to point out a thing again largely kept out of media and a point to ponder here, when in all your life have you ever witnessed in any shape or form a benevolent politician? If yes, at what scale of benevolence compared to what we have witnessed at the bidding of the People who lobby Angela Merkel and her determined insistence that her “Refugees” enter Europe? 12249921_1529529090702810_33467748345384801_n

What if such benevolence was shown to Our Nations, what outcomes would Europe and Her derivative countries be capable of as a means to remedy the situation. Here’s what’s cooky about the whole show; in this modern world of electronic banking, ALL, yes, ALL banking transactions must go through the electronic circuit, and there’;s the wolf staring us right in the face here! The wolf is the one, even as a concerted group, the one, or ones who are controlling the money supply to the warmongers. Let me run this past you, in order for money to come into existence it must, MUST, pass through one of the National Central Banks for issue. It’s impossible for any other than a country per se to create money that can be counted into the pot, as it would be counterfeit.

More we must look at “Money Supply” as it’s easy to understand with just a short explanation. The value of the Nations GDP per year allows them to draw funds, in the International, as need be, based on that GDP being the collateral for debt money. That is one form of “Money” and there are other forms. Such as for example in the scenario a country is self-sufficient and without need of borrowing International funding, and I’ll put this to you now, however did we survive before the International banks to be so kind as to warrant us with enough debt to strangle ourselves? We probably could manage the debt and come out of it, similar to how Hungary have done with the IMF and Finland did with the World War 2 debt placed on them. Begs the question of why these matters are allowed to spiral out of control, willy nilly and with shoddy management systems to reign it all back in, no, “Refugees” are brought here, because they’re alleged to be in trouble. The proof is in the accounting, who is throwing the money at war, there’s the culprits. Now the fact that this accounting isn’t being done is the proof of the criminality, no?

Europe, Refuge for Banks and Invaders.

jewfckrsisis5Mother Europa is so disastrously being raped and pillaged in what can only be described as the most blatant Jewish Holocausting of a whole Continent in the History of Man. Since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia which took place of the prior Menshavik Revolution to World War two have the Jews slain and decimated European lands, including the outlands of the European Peoples. From Rhodesia to South Africa, from Brazil to Argentina, Australia to New Zealand the Jewish Banking system has been sucking the very life blood out of Our Nations.

In Spain and Portugal now are Jews being let back in, in Russia there is an open invite to all Jews, Israel maintains its open invitation to them also.Throughout history have the Jews being spending their time in a concerted effort targeting the Heads of States to control money supplies through the once thought efficient Central Banking system. This system wholly undermines the status of the People’s of the Nations by their governments being dependent of buying money for use by the People in wholly Unconstitutional ways.

The Constitutions of the Nations are being cast out in favour of Corporate policy makers working for Multi-National Corporations who determine the politics of the Nations. It’s a madhouse of Stock Market trading based on the Treasuries of the Nations and their worth and values in an open fest for traders with no checks of balances allowed due to the secretive nature of the Jewish Banking systems in contrast to what Peoples believe their Nations are being ruled by.

As each country is being asked to fairly distribute the refugees, who never actually look like refugees in a million years. The country then offers themselves as the insurers of the invaders, and those insurances can be traded on the bonds market. In a world of countries operating as private companies, it’s to be expected that stock, refugees, aka common stock, get what the insurances require. It’s all basically gambling and hedging bets etc. To be more acurate it’s betting on human trafficking, it’s probably why the numbers are all up in the air, as who will bet on the winner of the war they created? Click here:

Bonds are basically money, and investors seek returns, which is why it’s always difficult to get insurers to pay out. In reflection it’s why the countries promise so much, cos they’re cashing in on the whole thing, or the Jews are, something not right with the whole deal, but it all revolves around insurance.Click here: