Subversive Espionage

These government types who do little more but to cause as much upset while robbing us all certainly have some gall. I was just writing this article prior when I was just about to finish it the hack started. The keyboard went down, the bluetooth light came on, there was funny noises coming from the speakers linked up. They’re only employed to carry laws that serve us, and distribute monies accordingly and appropriately, not more. Should Dickens be alive his very quill would struggle to keep up with the low and gutter like performances these lowest form of pirates have crowbarred themselves into at government levels the world over.

What’s worse is the types who unassumingly follow their rhetoric without a thought to the contrary of there just possibly be something not quite right in what they’re being paid to carry out in the name of England, or whichever country that they profuse to work within. Even those “without borders” types will still call a country a country as the name is of a use long before any Internationalist politics had entered into the minds of men, as men and their families were always of shared blood, and not so much mixed.

Oppurtunities given to these nonthinking type drones who function as mere conduits of ideology for the lowest level of pirates know now, more than any other time in the known history that what they’re involving themselves in is with hands covered in blood. There’s much to be said about the Unconstitutionality of much of what’s happening in the political arenas these days and how it’s all trickling down the tributaries to those who actually pay for it, or could say buying it. House of Commons et al governments, are not more than a officers duly elected to serve the best interests of the country, and I think without discrediting anyone in particular, that service, or non service now sticks out like a blind cobblers thumb to the villages most idiotic of the idiots.

As they now have spies spying on the good people, spy on their non thinkers, their Manchurian Candidates, it’s your duty to grab them by the scruff of the neck and say “What are you doing? This isn’t on” and “Stop it, you’re killing people and will be charged for it in the future!” We owe it to ourselves, neighbours and country folk and kin to at long last put a mighty spanner in their destructive works on our respective countries. Seek out who needs telling and tell them in a sensibly informed and undeniable way that the governments have been subverted and are using subersive espionage to infiltrate at grassroots level. This means people like you and people like me. The collective mindset has gained so much momentum of late that our duties have wrenched some of us back from facing going over the cliffs edge, and we need to warn others. If they won’t listen there’s plenty more who will, and need to hear it, so go forth and multiply safe in the knowledge that the truth will set you free!


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