The Beaming Lights Out of the Invisible Darkness.

In this current pitiful societal construct comes the counter to that Anti-Human gestation system regurgitating back potent truth vomit to choke the Beast from within. The Beast of lies smothering it’s wispery whispers of confusion and mind molestation to grind the European wheels of Great Industry to an abstract of what it had been through the centuries to be. Stripping the very essence of the returns of production value to fart it back on the people, who have worked so hard to defend their equity. The stagnant and repugnant smell of it’s uselessness driving further into the complete family units values to crush them in the vices of Communist Economics.

Finding daily more and more stacks of attacks to hit people dead on their nose at their local High Street banking establishment Houses, while the same clique work to ravage the system to further squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the lifeblood from the hives of workers who queue to sign their National Insurance money vouchers to the Privateers of the Parliamentary process. Laws being shaved, as the coin-clippers of old would encourage and promote between their own circles, when most would be ignorant to those practices and more inclined to speak of folk-tales of the pretty art work and materials used for such matters of business convenience.

The arts and crafts now being tapered into the tape worm systems that eats from within and fires its belly with the woes of the tragedies it creates to reap from the carnage of  what is tantamount to the economic hitmen’s very own Manchurian Candidates, en masse.  Charging it’s foreign cavalrys to attack the flanks of the centre of civil life this military operation exhibits(tribute anon co-author) and rocket fuels the frustrations geared towards the end goal of what’s required for furthering the agenda. Defiantly and invisibly surrounding the good folk of the European and European derivative countries peoples

Smart information gathering and passing and thoughtful insights to bring solutions to the many, many problems filtered down through the system from the Parliamentary processes to smash right into the very living rooms of the unwary and unwitting. The black magic entertainment system cloaked in shiny trinkets startling with bunting and pomposity, meanwhile pushing subversive agendas that the society at large already have fallen, fallen, fallen under the spell of the  indoctrinating sorcerers weaving their mysticism into the minds of children and adults alike.

Exposing these puppets misled by their arms length puppeteers striking deep chords within the subconscious of the mass collective gathered around for family viewing of the Jewish extension to the optic nervous system. Tricking the brains into believing what is conjured is a reality by bypassing the critical factor and hitting home right at the control room of the deepest parts of the unconscious mind which is the control room for the function of understanding the world around. While the glitz and glamour lures the focus to the symbolic nature of what’s actually being said rather than the fun and buffoonery that people accept as their current version of high culture within the European psyche.

Followers of the trend are sucked into the momentum of the occupying parasite that can disguise it’s modernist form by being represented as the traditional culture. Even though the modern styling of things portrays itself as the extension to the traditional there is the impasse. In the intellectual view the literary content is in fact base, and the contrast allowed is held at base level so the realities of imaginative creativity.

While seemingly everything is hunky-dory and above board the horrors of the occupying Parliamentarians dictate their despotism via the interludes of the fun and frivolity of the declining economy by peppering in leaked reports, and that leaking is a crucial point here, because with these leaks of the raping and constant terrorism being perpetrated by the selected overt invading army trooping their arms on the women folk and children of Our home Nations. To be party to these things, local councils, mp’s police chiefs, mayors and the hierarchical infrastructure of the higher echelons of society. These echelons do not come with unaccountability but come with high responsibility, it’s as if this swift bait and switch here has become the correct position for these ghoulish individuals who are subservient to the Jewish political lobby groups that the vast majority of society really do need to start waking up to.

In simple swishes of the real power of the Nations, Germany excluded in that it merely operates the Basic Law as a Constitution and not any Constitution in fact. This is a highly precarious and dangerous position at the heart of geographical Europe. Of course the usual channels blame the victims as part of the Beasts lunatic breeding, so a slap of reality hits the face of the collective societies and quell surprise the thing is nothing but a shady ghost of what it could be there in the Halls of the Representatives of the People.

Just as I write this I become aware of the Shadow Minister Catherine McKinnel resigning from her post over the Trident issue, while on the ground the physical biological units of Jewish weaponry explode their atomic cultural vibrance over the partying people who do sincerely wish to celebrate their reasons for being alive on this planet after a years much dedicated and complex made work within the Babylon system.

Also here in UK Cameron attempts to Politically correctify his minions who dare attempt to expose the Communist agenda by implementing the Communist agenda right before the things even begun in reference to Brexit. We see daily whether it be from local public level meetings on matters of actual natural public concern being operated as private enterprise for profits the publics who actually own the things never see with the exceptions of where the private enterprises wish to disperse throughout their closed shop.. As with Parliament now in the respective countries, they’ve become nothing more than hired help for the destruction and out and out genocide, even by using the UN’s own definition they people are being displaced. Disgraceful as it all seems the mechanism in place to hijack these subversive revolutions (Cultural Marxism and Freudo-Marxism being the prominent two)was set up long in history and remains in place today as The Supreme Law of the lands which continue to respect their merits.

Their merits are nothing more than the constructing of the foundations of the respective countries, which by ratified treaties agreed into by the EU countries who agree to abide by the EU Human Rights Convention. The Convention, as it’s termed, is lent into UK, being England and Wales jointly and not England and Wales severally. This mechanism triggers nothing more than Civil War in the instances that they are ignored when brought up, and the feelings I have are they very much will be ignored by those who are surely signing their own death warrants on the people for which ultimately Her Majesty the Queen, although her being nothing more than a corporate puppet in the current climate. She remains in the Highest Office of the land and the Constitution operates in the names of the People as represented by Her as the figurehead. Well where is she?

“Snouts in the trough” became a tag of one DJ on Talk Radio, he was soon removed, obviously. He was very popular and gaining popularity because he was acting as the voice of the People of England. It’s a tenet of the English Constitution that the Right of Conscience is secured and protected. It’s always a measure of things perceived as to things factual that when needs must, such as calling on the Constitution for the secured protection and it’s not forthcoming, then something is missing in the running of the country. There’s a plethora… A PLETHORA of Constitutional wrongs, and these wrongs accumulate and undermine through subversion, as it’s the only common sense reason why! It needs to change and get to correct running of Order and dumping the Chaos in the bin, lest we be doomed. And I for one am not having that!

Lifting The Lid

This article is taken from Hansard Millbank, the UK parliamentary official records website, with one added extra bonus, please enjoy this lifting of the lid.

Mr. GreenwoodThis is indeed a grave moment. I believe the whole House is perturbed by the right hon. Gentleman’s statement. There is a growing feeling, I believe, in all quarters of the House that this incessant strain must end sooner or later — and, in a sense, the sooner the better. But if we are to march, I hope we shall march in complete unity, and march with France.

§Mr. McGovernYou people do not intend to march — not one of you.

§Mr. GreenwoodI am speaking under very difficult circumstances with no opportunity to think about what I should say

Mr. CocksWhy is it that when successive British Governments have always refused to publish this correspondence on the grounds of national interest, it is in the national interest that it should be published now?

§The Prime MinisterI cannot go into the reasons why successive Governments have not thought it right to publish it before, but, in regard to the last part of the question, the publication was asked for by the Arab delegates, and it was thought desirable that it should be published in answer to their request.

Mr. StewartIs the right hon. Gentleman aware that there is a good deal of dissatisfaction in the country because the War Office did not adopt the system of sub-contracts, which has been adopted with so much success and acceptance by the Air Ministry?

§Mr. CrossleyIs the Prime Minister aware that there is very great reluctance on the part of firms to approach this Panel?

§The Prime MinisterNo, Sir, I have not heard of that.

§Mr. LoganMay we take it that where cases have been brought to the right hon. Gentleman’s notice, there will be an opportunity of investigation being made?

§The Prime MinisterCases should be brought to the notice of the Panel.

§Mr. LoganI mean cases already brought to the notice of the Panel.

§The Prime MinisterIf they have already been brought to the notice of the Panel, I presume that they have paid attention to them.

§Mr. LawsonIs the Prime Minister aware that the Public Accounts Committee was informed by the War Office last year that there was a reluctance on the part of firms to accept these contracts?

§The Prime MinisterThat does not seem consistent with the suggestion that firms are complaining that they are not getting the work.

I would like to remind the Committee of some words used by the late Lord Grey of Fallodon in his book, “Twenty-Five Years,” when he said: Each Government, while resenting any suggestion that its own measures are anything more than precautions for defence, regards similar measures of another Government as a preparation for attack. Fear begets suspicion and mistrust and evil imaginings of all sorts, till each Government feels it would be criminal and a betrayal of its own country not to take every precaution, while every Government regards every precaution of every other Government as evidence of hostile intent. That seems to me to be very much the situation in which we are finding ourselves to-day, so, while I cannot consent that we should relax our armaments in any degree till we can do so by general agreement with others to do the same, I do say that I feel it our duty, the duty of this Government in particular, to watch for every opportunity that may come to try and persuade other Governments of the folly of the course that we are all pursuing, and to induce them to put an end to a situation which, if it is persisted in, must bring bankruptcy to every country in Europe.

Mr. Attlee(by Private Notice) asked the Prime Minister whether he will state when the proposals made to His Majesty’s Government by the U.S.S.R. were received, and whether His Majesty’s Government have accepted them in principle.

§The Prime MinisterAs the House is aware, conversations have been proceeding for some weeks past with the Government of the U.S.S.R. and other interested Governments. During the course of these conversations various proposals and counter-proposals have been put for- 1698ward on both sides, and discussions on them are still proceeding. I do not feel that, pending the conclusion of these discussions, it would be right for me to make public any details.

§Mr. AttleeIs the Prime Minister aware that many people are disturbed at the very slow progress of these negotiations, and it is felt that the Government are not pressing on with them as rapidly as they might?

§The Prime MinisterI cannot help if people get that sort of idea, and I hope the right hon. Gentleman will not do anything to encourage it.

Mr. Noel-BakerIs it the intention of the Government to ask Sir Nevile Henderson to come home to report on the denunciation of this treaty by the German Government?

§The Prime MinisterI do not think that is necessary.

§Lieut.-Commander FletcherMay I ask whether, on examination, any justification1851whatsoever has been found for the grounds on which Herr Hitler has denounced this treaty; and will the right hon. Gentleman reply to the latter part of my question, where I ask whether it is proposed to accept the invitation of Herr Hitler to negotiate a further naval treaty?

§The Prime MinisterAs to the first part of the question, I think that I have already made that clear in the statement which I have just made. With regard to the second part, I am not sure that the proposal of Herr Hitler is to negotiate a second treaty, but His Majesty’s Government are considering what reply they should make to the German Government.


HC Deb 06 June 1939 vol 348 c201201

§33. Mr. Kirbyasked the Prime Minister whether he has completed his inquiry into the matter of allegations made at the Manchester assizes on the 19th May to the effect that the German consul in Liverpool had, at an earlier date, assisted a man named Joseph Kelly to make contacts with foreign agents on the Continent to whom he sold plans of the Government factory at Euxton, Lancashire; what are the results of the inquiry; how far was the German consul in Liverpool and/or his staff implicated; and what steps he proposes to take to prevent a continuation or recurrence of such activities on the part of this consul and/or his staff?

§The Prime Minister (Mr. Chamberlain)If the hon. Member will repeat his question in two or three days’ time, I hope to be able to give him a reply.

Wing-Commander Jamesasked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the 2371growth of public anxiety at the constantly increasing number of Jewish and other refugees being admitted to and remaining in this counntry for a longer time and under different conditions than was originally laid down, he will allot an early day after the Summer Recess for a discussion upon this subject?


Subversive Espionage

These government types who do little more but to cause as much upset while robbing us all certainly have some gall. I was just writing this article prior when I was just about to finish it the hack started. The keyboard went down, the bluetooth light came on, there was funny noises coming from the speakers linked up. They’re only employed to carry laws that serve us, and distribute monies accordingly and appropriately, not more. Should Dickens be alive his very quill would struggle to keep up with the low and gutter like performances these lowest form of pirates have crowbarred themselves into at government levels the world over.

What’s worse is the types who unassumingly follow their rhetoric without a thought to the contrary of there just possibly be something not quite right in what they’re being paid to carry out in the name of England, or whichever country that they profuse to work within. Even those “without borders” types will still call a country a country as the name is of a use long before any Internationalist politics had entered into the minds of men, as men and their families were always of shared blood, and not so much mixed.

Oppurtunities given to these nonthinking type drones who function as mere conduits of ideology for the lowest level of pirates know now, more than any other time in the known history that what they’re involving themselves in is with hands covered in blood. There’s much to be said about the Unconstitutionality of much of what’s happening in the political arenas these days and how it’s all trickling down the tributaries to those who actually pay for it, or could say buying it. House of Commons et al governments, are not more than a officers duly elected to serve the best interests of the country, and I think without discrediting anyone in particular, that service, or non service now sticks out like a blind cobblers thumb to the villages most idiotic of the idiots.

As they now have spies spying on the good people, spy on their non thinkers, their Manchurian Candidates, it’s your duty to grab them by the scruff of the neck and say “What are you doing? This isn’t on” and “Stop it, you’re killing people and will be charged for it in the future!” We owe it to ourselves, neighbours and country folk and kin to at long last put a mighty spanner in their destructive works on our respective countries. Seek out who needs telling and tell them in a sensibly informed and undeniable way that the governments have been subverted and are using subersive espionage to infiltrate at grassroots level. This means people like you and people like me. The collective mindset has gained so much momentum of late that our duties have wrenched some of us back from facing going over the cliffs edge, and we need to warn others. If they won’t listen there’s plenty more who will, and need to hear it, so go forth and multiply safe in the knowledge that the truth will set you free!