Bewitching the Jews

When Joan of Arc was murdered it was a result of her being tried in the first ever witch trial. The rumour that Jews had been expulsed from England is in fact a lie. Jews were hiding in the ‘Domus Conversorum’ the House of Converts. Link. I believe this article helps to unwravel many of the mysteries of how the Jew weaves it’s Devilishly evil spells in cultures that are alien from one another. From there the Jew can move forwards to dismantling the infrastructure through subversive means. This I can prove from United Kingdom of Great Britain’s own Parliamentary papers and Acts that provide, and have provided much leverage for the Jews in a subversive attack on the Societal structure of the English, Irish, Welsh, Scots and Europeans. Who are stemming from the same European roots in blood.

We all know how the Elite, as they are sometimes called, also called the Jewish Bankers, or the Banksters. The International Crime Syndicate Bankers, Murder Inc. Purple Gang etc. I hope here to bring one tiny piece of incredible evidence that has been the lumber of so many people around the world. Due to the immeasurable influencing of the British Empire around the world, albeit Jews running it from behind the scenes. I’m very sure that an enormous scale of the population have no idea whatsoever about Section 1 subsection 5 of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. It is a mazy little act, statute, that as far as I can decipher, goes right back to the very first witch trial of May 30th, 1431, where the trial of battle was accomplished this time in the battle, and it was the battle of deceit that won at that time.

Jean D'Arc Maid of Orlean, with the wrath of God behind her she tried to convince the English not too fight with the cousins the French.
Jean D’Arc Maid of Orlean, with the wrath of God behind her she tried to convince the English not too fight with their cousins the French.

As Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, it had to happen with her agreement that she had lied about her vision of God coming to her to stop the fighting. After much torture this appears to have been an illegal act of war. Stretching further back in the time of English history, we find that no other such accounts occur before this time, with the exception of the Blood libelling of English children by Jews. Joan being but a girl herself, and even proving the existence of God, who else would be keen to throw the poor maiden onto the flames? Another Jesus v Barabas.

Pictures taken in Paris 20th March 2015, inside Paris coach station.
Pictures taken in Paris 20th March 2015, inside Paris coach station.


The uncanny things about the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 all now start to become more apparent by connecting the dots over the hundreds of years that have been directly affected by the Jews. In the background of ALL wars, we can begin unwravelling it. The Act, being Repealed and changed now to a Consumer Protections Act Shedule has been looked upon, from at least 1542 by King Henry the 8th. Whose father Richard had killed his King to win the Crown, thereby making Henry the heir apparent, and eventually the future King and killer of women. Even his elder brother died in mysterious circumstances, and Henry got the kingdom and the betrothed Catherine of Aragon.  What is important to contrast here is a True English King, King Alfred, brought about an England that is a completely new kingdom in it’s day. A kingdom that has it’s terms agreed to by the prior Kings of the smaller Kingdoms, prior to the formation of England as a unified State.

England was, is, and shall remain a most magical place, as with many places here on Earth, the Nation, and her People, again along with many places on Earth, have always been the target of the Jews from at least as far back as Ancient Babylon. When the Jews,  who, yet again, have hidden themselves amongst the migrating Arabs. The preferred weapon of choice for Jews is undermining the rightful claim to land of Peoples who do not care to share what they press on others. Link. That is called the Shetar Law and is used as a means to both remove the people in the homes, and replace the ownership of the property in a situation where the immovable property can be treated as a thing, or a chattel, to use the archaic, but still legally determining word.

The Dirty Devilish Diamonds, really not a girls best friend.
The Dirty Devilish Diamonds, really not a girls best friend.

As people who have never practised Satanic rituals in the main, it follows that it’s quite difficult for them to identify a group that do. Which, no pun intended, brings us sort of full circle to the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 (Repealed), note (Repealed), so in a short spat of some five hundred years or so, we have gone from the first witch trial, that of Joan of arc, to a Consumer Protection Act. So, it begs the question as to what provisions (pro-visions) are provided by it? What the United Kingdom of Great Britain website does is serves up is a list.

This list which bears no correspondence to the section which is seated cooly in brackets here, and from there we can see the meanings of the Witchery Acts of earlier passed gone years. Now being moved to a fraudulent mediums provisio, to the new charter for the Act which simply states, taken from the bracketed part, “(with reg. 28(2)(3))” = Crown 28.— (2) The Crown is not criminally liable as a result of any provision of these Regulations.
(3) Paragraph (2) does not affect the application of any provision of these Regulations in relation to a person in the public service of the Crown.

The super quack method of the ducking stool.
The super quack method of the ducking stool.

As usual the whole thing around the Jews oozes of a stench that no other breed can muster. A sly and devious concocting that many would never see worthwhile dreaming, but the Jews do. They dream of it all day long, enhancing and refining their means to impress fear and terror as a means to rule from the wings. Hence Right wing, Left wing, and liberal can be either way.

The mechanism for such unwarranted belligerence upon the Governments rests solely in the means to produce the promissory note, and that one method, which is denied to all others who are not part of the infrastructure of the Rothschild’s Jewish Dynasty,. As it is at the moment, that one method is the key to both the locking and unlocking of the whole situation. Obviously, there are extremely lengthy mechanisms that lay behind the upholding of such a fraudulent insurance racket. The countries using the Jewish debt money as the Nation’s money, all Jewish money is debt, and all based on nothing more but faith and credit, as the guarantee (insurance policy). Whereby the money question is merely erased from the books, and therefore the minds of the People of all the Nations.

Click this link for the full extent of the mockery of the Law, when the pro-visions are nothing of the sort, and visionaries are merely fantasy cartoon figures for children. If it ain’t Jewish then it isn’t to be lauded it’s full worth and warranted value, in the ever going opium fuelled torrent of All Lice in Wonderland.

Just a few designer drugs, don't worry about culture!
Just a few designer drugs, don’t worry about culture!

meth opium mushs lsd mdma mj

There are methods of the Jews that people really do need to start taking into consideration. Like what have the Jews done for you? What contributions, outside of the promotion of Jewry, has been made by Jews to the Society at Large? What if Jews are actually culpable for a whole multitude of crimes that you have no idea even exist (White Collar Crime)? Where is your President or Prime Minister right now, being lobbied by Jews, perhaps? What if, just ask yourself, just, what if?

The main message of this article here, is that the Parliament have recently repealed a law that was formed in 1951 and technically ended the Witchery Laws, which is a strange thing that someone would bring this up at Parliament

Here is an article specifically on why the major labels brought out a lot of Witchcraft Music in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Link.


  1. What Europe has been doing for thousands of years as a solution to the jewish problem and they knew the jews have to be destabilzed from time to time to interrupt their constant scheming planning and plotting. Unfortunately Europe has stopped expelling the jews back in the ’40s and see with all that time on their hands look at the destruction they have brought onto Europe via the 3rd world arab / muslims running rampant now ? This viper jewess woman even admits to it ~ … We have got to get back to implementing this system once again ~

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